Each Person, a World

Jewish lives lost to the coronavirus

Yaakov AbayevSchneur Zalman Aber, 82, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Henri (Machlouf) Abergel, Paris , France ● Michel Abikzer: Singer in Kinor David Maroc choir, ‘a sweet and generous man’ ● Mati Aboud, Deal, N.J. ● Shmuel Zev AbrahamowitzStanley Abrahams, 83, Johannesburg, South Africa: Loved and respected by all who knew him ● Avraham Shmuel Abramowitz, 100 ● Binyomin Abramowitz, 42, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Baltimore native, member of the Stuchin Chassidic community ● Wolf Abramowitz, 100, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor, owned and operated iconic grocery store ● Loretts Adelstein, 96, New York, N.Y.: Known as "Yetta", she fled Poland at a young age to rebuild in America and was known for promoting healthy habits ● Sara Adest, 89, Long Island, N.Y. ● Arthur Adler, 94, Teaneck, N.J.: Lived ‘quin tessential American life’ after escaping Nazi Germany on Kindertransport ● John Adler, Bristol, England: Descendant of Chassidic master who rediscovered Judaism at Chabad ● Moshe Ezra AdlerShlomo Adler, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Longtime volunteer with Hatzalah, ran hardware store ● Semyon Borisovich Agirunov, 62, Moscow, Russia ● Boris Mikhailovich Aizenshtein, 85, Moscow, Russia ● Maryla AlbinSamuel Theodore (Teddy) Alcus III, 84, New Orleans, La. ● Nicholas Alexander, London, England ● Carol Allen, 81, Baltimore, Md.: Known for her love of theater and long legal career ● Rochel Altein, 95, Brooklyn, N.Y.: An energetic leader and personal mentor to hundreds, she worked under the Rebbe’s guidance for decades; Pioneering educator, activist and editor ● Rabbi Chaim Baruch Amar, 49, Neviot, Israel: Te acher who volunteered with multiple emergency services and distributed food to the needy ● Henry (Aharon) Amiel, Paris, France ● Elbrus Shimovich Amirgulov, 53, Moscow, Russia ● Dr. Ruimy Amram, Casablanca, Morocco: Medical services and support to generations of families ● Rabbi Refael Yitzchok Aranoff, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Mordi Arazi, Milan, Italy: Successful businessman born in Lebanon ● Rosa Arbel Sherman, 84, Jerusalem, Israel: Proud mother and grandmother ● Rabbi Hyman (Herb) Arbesfeld, 88, Queens, N.Y.: Hotelier who endowed scholarships, cherished Yeshiva University ● Chana ArellanoGavriel AronovRichard Aronson, 94, Philadelphia, Pa.: Veteran and athlete, dedicated to his family ● Avraham Aroshas, 93, Beersheva, Israel: Palmach fighter who loved his country ● Beverly Artz, 72, Long Island, N.Y.: Honored son’s memory with support group for those who had lost loved ones to addiction ● Marcus Ashkenazi, Mexico City, Mexico ● Rabbi Shmuel Ashkenazi, 98, Jerusalem, Israel: Legendary scholar and bibliographer who bought a book every day ● Rabbi Uri Ashkenazi, 76, London, England: Chassidic rebbe and veteran mohel ● Tamilla Avramovna Ashurova, 65, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Mordechai Assouoline, Sarcelles, France: ‘Gabbai’ and teacher in Chabad school ● Chaim Oshri Asulin, 26, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Yosef Moshe Aufrichtig, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Moshe Yosef AugensteinChaya Ausband, 96, Cleveland , Ohio: Founded a seminary, imbuing her students with a love for Torah and Judaism ● Tamaz Karlovich Avdeev , 65, Moscow, Russia ● Avi Aviner, 70, Teaneck, N.J.: Jewish communal leader in Tokyo ● Julia and Danny Avrahami, 80 ● Helene Aylon, 89, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Award-winning artist and advocate for women’s rights ● Efry Levy Azizoff, 66, Milan, Italy: Known as the man with the ‘warm smile’ at Noam synagogue ● Rabbi Meir Yisroel Azrylewitz, 60, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Passionate schoolteacher and role model ● Daniel Azulay, 72, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Artist and educator in Brazil ● Esther Babad, 84: Survived as child in Siberia to become respected scientist and patent holder ● Pazit Babiyan, 50, Rishon Letzion, Israel: ‘A true lioness,’ mother of three ● Yehuda (Yuda) Backer, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Crown Heights philanthropist, financed Hatzalah ambulance ● Tovah BainIrwin and Theodora Balaban, 87, 88, Woodbury, N.Y.: Couple devoted to each other and their heritage, passed weeks apart ● Eliyohu Meir Ballabon, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Familiar face behind counter at Goldberg’s Freshmarket ● Yaakov Yehuda Bam, 55, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yitzchok Banash, 52, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Chassidic father and fishmonger ● Tova BaneIrving Barash, 93, New York, N.Y.: Engaging and involved history teacher, with passion for culture ● Chaya Barber: Kind and modest, made everyone feel comfortable ● Rachel BarberYehuda Barkan , 75, Jerusalem, Israel: A wellspring of joy', long and steady return to Jewish observance following a dollar from the Rebbe ● Nathan Barrett, 94, New Orleans, La. ● Shaindel BarrosRabbi Eliyahu Bashki-Doron, 79, Jerusalem, Israel: Remembered as a wise scholar and ‘man of the people’; Former Chief Rabbi of Israel ● Serafima Abramovna Basina , Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Yaakov Rafael Batitio, Bnei Brak, Israel: Studied and prayed with sincere devotion, always pleasant ● Mayer Baum: Holocaust survivor who never missed a day of tefillin ● Yisroel Moshe Baum, 60, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Gracious Shabbat host and student of Torah ● Bea BaumanJake Bauman: "Everybody's Uncle Jake', who wore his suffering with a smile ● Ronald David Bayfield, 95, London , England: Heroic British veteran of World War II ● Rabbi Tuvyah Bayles, 84, Lakewood, N.J. : Torah scholar and talented musician who put Judaism above all else ● Valery Bayshtok, M.D., New York, N.Y.: Physician and loving family man ● Rabbi Yehuda Becher, 59, Bnei Brak, Israel: Halachic scholar who encouraged responsibility during pandemic ● Carolyn Becker, 83, Long Island, N.Y.: Loving mother and doting grandmother ● Ira Beer, 82, Oceanside, N.Y.: Retired from business to focus on Torah study, completing the Talmud twice ● David Behrbom, 47, New York, N.Y.: Physical-education teacher, taught health and math ● Yerachmiel Beiles, 52, Chicago, Ill.: Father of four young children ● Ruth Bekritsky, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Gedalya Belz, 84, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Michel Ben Ibgi, Casablanca, Morocco ● Mordechai Ben Michael, 92, Jerusalem, Israel: Served in the Hagan ah and IDF veteran ● Rabbi Saadia Ben-Chiyun, 75, Marseille, France: Head of ‘Sages of Provence’ yeshivah ● Michel BenibguiYamine BenloloSimcha Benshai, 75, Tel Aviv , Israel ● David Chai Yisrael Guy Benshimon, Sarcelles, France ● Rabbi Yosef Yerucham Bensinger, 70s, North Miami Beach, Fla. ● Ruben Bercovich, 59, Resistencia, Chaco Province,: Competitive athlete and successful businessman ● Dovid Berg, 50s, Lakewood, N.J.: Beacon of help in the community ● Beirish Berger, 80, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Iconic wedding-hall manager ● Doris S. Berger, 94, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Eliezer (Lazer) BergerHugh Malcolm Berger, 88, Mobile, Ala.: Affectionately known as "Cutie", he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Is rael at the age of 81 ● Maurice Berger, 63, New York, N.Y.: Art historian and curator, focused on race relations ● Rabbi Meir BergerMoishe Berger, West Hempstead, N.Y. ● Betty Berglas, Montreal, Canada ● Marilyn BerkovitsMoshe Berkowitz, 98, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Generous businessman, cornerstone of the Spinka Chassidic dynasty ● Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yosef Chaim Berkowitz, 77, Bnei Brak, Israel: Kosher supervisor for 40 years; personal attendant of Viznitz Rebbe ● Rabbi Yaakov Berliner, 54, Lakewood, N.J.: ‘Pillar of support and kindness,’ loved the Torah ● Lev Benyaminovich Berman, 90, Moscow, Russia ● Susan Berman Levine, 79, Queens, N.Y. ● Beryl Bernay, 94, New York, N.Y.: Actress, writer, designer who worked on children’s programming ● Nosson Gavriel BerneyRabbi Chaim Yosef Berniker , Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Jean Luc (Aharon) Berrebi, Paris, France ● Selma BerryBetzalel Bertram, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Kosher-food king ● Jacqueline Lucille Biber, 89, Des Moines , Iowa ● Rabbi Naftali Biller, 39, Bnei Brak, Israel: American Slominer Chassid who settled in Israel ● Grigory Abramovich Binyaminov , 58, Moscow, Russia ● Shmuel Birlyant, 76, Monsey, N.Y. ● Ruchama Biton, Netanya, Israel ● Raphael Bitton, Paris , France ● Shira Blackstein, 59, Lakewood, N.J.: Hatzolah and other organizational volunteer, well-versed in Tanach ● Felice (Rochel) Blau, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Creative and kind educator, talented musician ● Hyla BleichBoruch Yaakov Block, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Esra Block, 49, Manchester, England ● Cecil Bloom, 93, Leeds, England ● Bentzion Blum, 66, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Efraim Nachman Blum, 41, Jerusalem, Israel ● Mark Blum, 69, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Matis Blum, 60s, Queens , N.Y.: Taught Torah to thousands; wrote and distributed Torah thoughts for four decades ● Rabbi Zishe Blum, 80s, Queens, N.Y.: Congregational rabbi, educator, master shofar-blower ● Rabbi Elish Bochner, 65, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Respected member of the Chassidic community ● A.S. Boekdrukke, 79, Amsterdam, Netherlands ● Rabbi Yosef Bokchin, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Studied with Ger R ebbe in Israel, ran woodcraft business ● Dr. Itshak Bokobza, 70, Paris, France: Family doctor known for his kindness and care ● Leona BomzerEsta BookYossi Borenstein, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Long-term synagogue president ● Esfir Girshevna Borina , 99, Moscow, Russia ● Marcel Botbol, 75: Renowned singer and actor who traveled the world performing ● Eli Botknecht, 60, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Co-owner of Linnick’s toy store ● Chaim Alter BrachEliyahu Chaim Brach, 72, Brooklyn , N.Y.: Satmar Chassid made charity a priority ● Golda Brach, 94, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yoni Bradin, 36, Hauppauge , N.Y.: Adventurous and curious, loved his family and friends ● Elizabeth Br asalvski, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Dovid Leib BraunRabbi Wolf (Volf) Braun, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Zev BraunRabbi Moshe Avraham Braverman, 86, Bnei Brak, Israel: Talmudic scholar who served on board of Jewish newspaper ● Rabbi Shimon Brecher, 58, Lakewood, N.J.: Communal activist who maintained close relationships with Torah leaders ● Raymond Brenner, 89, Chicago, Ill. ● Rabbi Avraham Levi Bresler, 58, Lakewood, N.J.: Noted Talmudic scholar ● Liba Leah (Lillian) BrevdaRabbi Yehoshua Heschel Brim, 84, Jerusalem, Israel: Dean of the 'Bohush' yeshivah ● Aaron BrismanYaakov Brochardt, 59 ● Libby BrodyAhuva BronerSiman and Mary Bronshtyn, 90 and 83, Brooklyn, N.Y.: ‘Mayor of Kingston Avenue’ and beloved babysitter ● Rabbi Menachem Bronstein, 72, Brooklyn, N .Y. ● Avraham Aaron Brook, 74, Lakewood, N.J.: Chabad Chassid and longtime Flatbush resident, ‘straight shooter’ ● Carole Brookins, 76, New York, N.Y. ● Gila Brownstein, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Valiantly fought health battles until her passing ● Shelley BrownsteinRabbi Dr. Shalom BuchbinderAidel Buchinger, 99, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Esther BuchwaldDoreatha Buschell, 82, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yaakov Busel, Edison, N.J.: Longtime Torah teacher and Yeshivah dean ● Dr. Irving Buterman, New York, N.Y. ● Shimon and Yamin Buzgalo, Ashdod, Israel: Bothers who tragically passed within an hour of each other ● Rabbi Yechiel Buzguzlo, 73 ● Rabbi Shlomo Cabessa, Monsey, N.Y. ● Natalie Caplin, 98, Chicago, Ill. ● Irving Carter, 76, London, England: Benefactor of Israel’s emergency medical corps ● Immanuel Chanukah, 84, Copenhagen, Denmark: Beloved Danish Jew who visited the sick ● Eric Chasanoff, 69, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Mottel Chein, 81, Brooklyn, N.Y.: A printer by trade, and a lover of G‑d and the Jewish people by inclination; Chassidic mentor and community activist ● Stanley Chera, 77, New York/Deal, N.J., USA: Manhattan real estate tycoon and Jewish philanthropist ● Marina Danilovna Chertova, Moscow, Russia ● Louis Shaul Chouraqui, 78, Nice, France: Aspiring artist and world traveler, worked for French National Railway ● Levi CieselskiSteven CizmaRabbi Mordechai Leib Cofnas, 76, Liverpool, England ● Aharon Roni Cohen, Sao Paulo, Brazil ● Rabbi Avraham Cohen, 81 ● Av raham Nissim Cohen, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchok Cohen, 55, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Dedicated scholar, communal activist and family man ● David and Muriel Cohen, Longmeadow, Mass.: Liberated concentration camps, married for 78 years, passed away hours apart ● David Azar CohenEly Robert Cohen, 88, New York, N.Y.: Army veteran, educator honored for ‘commitment to lifelong learning’ ● Evelyne Cohen, 93, Paris, France ● Hal Stuart Cohen, 54, New York, N.Y.: Comedian and theater actor ● Ikey CohenJerry Cohen, Paris, France ● Meryl Cohen, 84, Somerville, N.Y. ● Meyer CohenRabbi Mikhael Cohen, 58, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Catered to N.Y.’s French-speaking Jewish population ● Pearl CohenRa ymond (Shmuel Ber) Cohen, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Romi Cohen, 91, Staten Island, N.Y.: Circumcised tens of thousands at no cost to others ● Sarah Gittel Cohen, Lakewood, N.J. ● Shalom CohenStanley Cohen, 86, Chevy Chase, Md.: A journalist and devoted public servant for more than four decades ● Stu Cohen, 66 ● Stuart Cohen, 73, New York, N.Y.: Longtime cab driver with a passion for books ● Yekusiel Yehuda Zalman Cohen, Bnei Brak , Israel: Well known adherent of the Viznitz dynasty ● Loretta Coleman, 85, New York, N.Y. ● Harvey ColtonRabbi Nachum Cooper, 58, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Teacher par excellance ● Leonard Jack Cooperman, 79, Washington, N.C.: Goofball' offset pressman and motor-cyclist who loved to do kind deeds, proud of his Jewish heritage ● Sura Chana Cymereman, 83, London, England: Offered a smile and kind word for everyone ● Rabbi Yosef Tzvi (Yossel) Czapnik, 70, Lakewood, N.J.: ‘A fountain of knowledge’ and a gifted writer ● Yosef Dachuch, 80, Bnei Brak, Israel: Much-loved teacher who 'never got angry' ● Rabbi Binyomin DahanRabbi Chaim Yechezkel Shraga Dahan, 56, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Taught Torah to young and old alike ● Mazal Dalal, 53, Beit Shemesh, Israel: Mother of nine, Special-education teacher ● Dr. Sol (Zalman) Dan, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Elimelech DanierovYulianna Borisovna Danilova , 48, Moscow, Russia ● Yaakov Darfman, 63, Moscow, Russia ● Ruchama Tzipora Shoshana Davidovich, 64, Rosh Pina, Israel: Much-loved wife of rabbi in Rosh Pina ● Gladys (Gabi) Davis, West Bloomfield, Mi ch. ● Reah DavisShoshana Davis, 35, Park Ridge, N.J.: Nonprofit professional who liked to travel ● Moshe DayanJustice Noach Dear, 66, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Longtime N.Y. councilman, judge on state supreme court ● Lea DeutschRivka Yoecheved (Rifky) Deutsch, 52, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Beloved member of Satmar community, cherished Shabbat preparations ● Zev Matisyahu Deutsch, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor and ‘gabbai’ of Kozlov shul for a half-century ● Jack DiamondYvette DiamondRabbi Nachum Dick, 85, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Aided and taught Jewish refugees from former Soviet Union ● Feigie (Fay) Dicker, 88, Lakewood, N.J. ● Shmuel DietelUri Digmi Daniel, Tel Aviv, Israel ● Rabb i Chaim Menashe Diltitzki, 62 ● Chaim Menashe DiltitzkyMarcelle DinerAlvin Donald, 92, Randallstown, Md. ● Mendel Drizin, 83, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Realtor helped develop community and organizations ● Yitzchak DrorRabbi Ozer Drori, 67, Bnei Brak, Israel: Tremendous scholar and author who ran free-loan society ● Rabbi Shalom Drori, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Lester EckmanMeir Eckstein, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Remembered for scholarship, piety and kindness ● Michael Edelman, 72, New York, N.Y.: Educator dedicated to equality, social justice ● Dalia Edelsborg, 76, Ramat Gan, Israel: Cultured traveler, was ‘larger than life’ ● Rosa Efrati, Rome, Italy ● Saadya Ehrenpreis, 35, Brooklyn, N.Y .: He didn't let his special needs define him, loved his studies ● Joni Eichenbaum Berry, 89, Los Angeles , Calif. ● Chana Feige Eichler, 79, Jerusalem, Israel ● Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Eichorn, 98, Brooklyn, N.Y.: ‘Polishe Iluy’ mentored and taught hundreds of students ● Rabbi Sholom Eidelman, 83, Casablanca, Morocco: Devoted educator was among the longest-serving Chabad emissaries in the world; Served Moroccan Jewry for more than 60 Years ● Rabbi Yechezkel Sharaga EidlisRabbi Avraham Eliyahu Einhorn, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Ernest Einzig, 97, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yechezkel Eisenberg, 89, Bnei Brak, Israel: Survived the war despite being made to dig his own grave, became a well known Chassid of the Ger dynasty in Israel ● Rabbi Chaim Shaul Eisenshtadt, 85, Jerusalem, Israel: Dedicated philanthropist and chassid who was close to t he Slonimer Rebbes, blessed with a prodigous voice ● Jacques (Yaakov) Elbase, Paris, France ● Avraham Gedalya Elbaum, 98 ● Avrohom Gedalya ElbaumMazal Elbaz, 52, Jerusalem, Israel ● Simy Simcha Elhadad, 83, Paris, France: Devoted matriarch, ‘epitome of goodness’ ● Leonid Khlivnovich Elif , 84, Moscow, Russia ● Muarry Ellman, 75, Bronx, N.Y.: Retired police officer, a true credit to 'New York's Finest' ● Meir Mishka Elyashkov, 64, Antwerp, Belgium: First Jewish coronavirus victim in Belgium ● Michael EngelRabbi Yeshaya Englard, 66, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Scholar and scion of Chassidic dynasties ● Richard Erlichman, 88, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Stanley Esofsky, 88, Gatehead, England: Longtime secretary of the Gateshead Talmudical College ● Mordechai EsulinYakkov EttingerAryeh Even, 88, Jerusalem, Israel: Holocaust survivor who worked to rebuild Jewish life ● Shlomo Ezagui, London, England: Kosher inspector and communal volunteer, always ready to do a mitzvah ● Viviane EzeirDr. Raymond V. Failer, 87, Surfside, Fla.: Caring family doctor and Jewish communal leader ● Hinda Faivelson, Monsey, N.Y.: Mother of seven established a home focused on Torah study ● Chaim Yehuda Aryeh FalikJack Farber, 73, The Bronx, N.Y. ● Shaul Farhi, 73, Haifa, Israel: Engineer, beloved teacher and devoted father ● Rabbi Dovid Farkash, 71, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Esther Fasten, 97 ● Rabbi Boruch Hersh Feder, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Taught Torah to young children ● Basha Silka Feffer, 88, Seagate, N.Y. ● Shmuel Zanvil FeigenbaumLinda FeilerNorman Feinberg, 89, Westchester, N.Y.: Founder of men’s fashion company, donated to Jewish causes ● Joseph Feingold, 97, The Bronx, N.Y.: Survived Siberian labor camp and Kielce pogrom, became architect who cherished music ● Lilly FeitSandra FeldFraida Feldman, 97, London, England ● Harvey and Margit Feldman, 91 and 90, Somerset , N.J. ● Judith FeldmanMargit Feldman, 90, Bridgewater, N.J. ● Dr . Mark Feldman, 77, Lakewood, N.J.: Orthopedic surgeon and familiar face at synagogue ● Paul (Pesach) FeldmanBradley Feldstein, 68, Washington, Wash.: Magician who entertained kids and adults alike in 50-year career ● Donald Feldstein, 88, Riverdale, N.Y. ● Rabbi Zalman Hillel Fendel, 61, Lakewood , N.J.: Accountant, cantor, author on the Talmud and Jewish law ● Rabbi Michel Tzvi Fettman, 39, Lakewood, N.J.: Young father of nine who ‘kept our community going’ ● Sarah Feuerwerker, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Alan Finder, 72, Ridgewood, N.J.: Longtime journalist, mentor at N.Y.-area newspapers ● Albert Fine, 95, New York, N.Y. ● Eli FinkAndrea Finzi, Milan, Italy: Energetic and helpful, he enjoyed people and the outdoors ● Moshe FischofRuthie FishbeinDavid FisherDr. Elihu Fishman, 92, Bloomfie ld, Conn.: Caring doctor, doting family man who loved to travel ● Fradel Fishman, 94, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Naftali Fishman, 76, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Respected member of Boyan Chassidic community ● Miriam (Huguette) Fitoussi Nevat, Nice, France ● Georgy Zakharovich Fizitsky, Moscow, Russia ● Martin Flazebaum, 88, Staten Island, N.Y. ● Sidney Fleischer, 102, Boston, Mass.: Born during the 1918 Flu Epidemic, devoted his life to his country and civil rights ● Rabbi Avraham Chaim Fleishman, 65, Monsey, N.Y. ● Mazal Flikenstein, 85, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Active member of the Brighton Beach community ● Giuseppe Foà, Rome, Italy ● Yisroel (Izzy) Fogel, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yochanan Follman, 84, Lakewood, N.J.: Served as a mentor with a warm, welcoming demeanor ● Sidn ey Forman, 95, Boston, Mass.: Loved to sing and wrote an original musical, married for 73 years ● Jeffrey David FoxMartin Fox, 95, Greater MetroWest, N.J. ● Avraham FrankelYehuda FrankelYaakov Shmuel Freilach, 66, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Yeshiva administrator in Williamsburg ● Arthur B. Freiman, 68, Teaneck , N.J. ● Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua FreundYitzchok Chaim FreundShlomie "Bundy" Freundlich, 46, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Devoted to the Rebbe, organized local communal gatherings ● Rabbi Shlomo Zev FriedAdam (Yitz) Friedman, 75, New York, N.Y.: PR professional and adjunct professor with zeal for Torah study ● Aliza Friedman, 80, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Rabbi Alter Avraham Simcha Friedman, 64, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Learned Chassid known for his faith, sense of humor ● Rabbi Avraham Friedman, 77, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Avrohom FriedmanEda FriedmanEve Friedman, Five Towns, N.Y. ● Freida Friedman, 94, New York, N.Y. ● Gitty FriedmanHersh Meilech Friedman, 77 ● Malka (Maxine) FriedmanSosya Reizel Friedman, 64, Queens , N.Y. ● Yehoshua FriedmanRabbi Yisroel Friedman, 84, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Master Torah teacher of extraordinary scholarship and spirit, taughter tens of thousands of students ● Yitzchak FriedmanYitzchok FriedmanZvi Hershl FriedmanLipa Friedrich, 39, New York, N.Y.: Bus driver, husband and father of six ● Menachem Mendel Fugatch, 29, Mazkeret Batya, Israel ● Elizabeth Fulop, 95 ● Sara Rivka FulopSara Rivka Fulop, 69, Kiryas Joel, N.Y. XX X Salomon GabbayDavid Galente, 94, Buenos Aires, Argentina ● M.A.S. Gans, 72, Amsterdam, Netherlands ● Chaim Meir GantzAllen Garfield, 80, Los Angeles, Calif. ● Doniel Garfinkel, 46, New York, N.Y. ● Donny GarfinkelEfraim Garfinkel, 66, New York, N.Y. ● Ephraim GarfinkelGruna Faiga GarfinkelLenora GarfinkelLenora Garfinkel, 89, New York, N.Y. ● Yigal GarmaStanley GartensteinElya Gelbardt, 97, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Chassidic elder and Holocaust survivor ● Yitzchok Uziel Gelbman, 39, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Boruch Aharon Gelfand, 87, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Student of the famed Mir yeshivah ● Naftali Gelman, Montreal, Canada ● Fanny Gelpieryn, 81, Bronx, N.Y.: Beloved mother and grandmother who was loving and open-min ded ● Rochelle GemalEugene Gendel, 74, New York, N.Y.: Engineer and poet, devoted father ● Mark Lowell Gerstein, 71, Skokie, Ill. ● Rabbi Moshe Getter, 70, London, Engand: Kind and hospitable, devoted to the Rebbe of Boyan and the Ruzhin Chassidic dynasty ● Yaakov Getz, 97, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● God Botuilovich Gililov , 68, Moscow, Russia ● Henry GinsburgPeter Gitzis, New York, N.Y. ● David Glante, 96, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Overcame his pain to become a defiant Holocaust educator ● Dorothy Glass, 86, Johannesburg, South Africa ● Sylvia Glenn, 98, Nashua, N.H. ● Menachem Mendel Glick, 69 ● Ruth Glosser, 97, Los Angeles, Calif. ● Chaya Sarah Gluck, 94, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rachel GluckChaim Goldberg, 106, Vladivostok, Russia ● Malka GoldbergStanley Goldberg, 89, Fairlawn , N.J. ● Yaakov Mordechai Goldberg , 87, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Charitable and generous in nature ● Shlome Goldberger, 99, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Frances Goldin, 95, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Bruce Goldman, 86, New York, N.Y. ● Michael Goldmeier, 72, London, England ● Rabbi Pinchos Tzvi Elimelech Goldminzer, New Square, N.Y. ● Jonah GoldschmidtRabbi Yehoshua Goldschmidt, 71, Jerusalem, Israel ● Rabbi Moshe Goldshevsky, 46, London, England: Author and teacher in Chassidic community ● William 'Bill' Goldsmith, 92, New Orleans, La. ● Abe Goldstein, 101, Queens, N.Y.: World War II veteran, lecturer, dedicated ‘gabbai’ ● Alice Goldstein, 102, Worcester, Mass. ● Professor Harvey Goldstein, 80, London, England ● Mordechai Goldstein, 68, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yitzchok GoldstoneGrigory B orisovich Golfeld, 66, Moscow, Russia ● Yitzchok (Irving) GolombeckBobbie Gomer, 79, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Roy Gomer, 83, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Leonid Borukhovich Goodis , 85, Moscow, Russia ● Sylvia Goodman, 98, Philadelphia, Pa.: A real jokester and ‘people person’ ● Rabbi Avrohom Eliezer Gordon, Monsey, N.Y.: Beloved schoolteacher, taught thousands for five decades ● Chana Tzivia Gordon, 90 ● Earl Lowell Gordon, 87, Sarasota, Fla. ● Susan Gordon, 77, Santa Rosa, Calif. ● Rivky Gottlieb , 44, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Mother of three known for her laughter ● Rabbi Zelig Gottlieb, 71, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Quiet and unassuming, humble and learned Chassid ● Shulem Graidy, 67, Monsey, N.Y. ● Natalie Grauer, 91, Palm Harbor, USA: Surivived the Holo caust after witnessing unspeakable horrors, spent thousands of hours volunteering with the elderly ● Rabbi Moshe (Moshie) Green, 86, Monsey, N.Y.: Longtime rosh yeshivah, world-renowned lecturer, father of 17 ● Rabbi Avraham Greenberg, 72, Bnei Brak, Israel: Studied teachings of famed rabbis; regular visitor to Uman, Ukraine ● Mayer GreenbergShoshana Chaya GreenbergRabbi Yaakov GreenbergChaim Ber Greenfeld, 85, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yenta Frumit Greenfeld, 94, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Dave Greenfield, 71: Musician, keyboardist who played with punk-rock band ● Tziporah Greenfield, 69, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Moshe GreenwaldNatan Menachem Greenwald, 75, Zurich , Switzerland ● Shoshana Greenwald, 78: Rebuilt her life after surviving the Holocaust ● < b> Yaakov Yechiel Greenwald, 66, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Zev Volf (Velvel) Greenwald, 84, Jerusalem, Israel: Jerusalem Chassid and veteran teacher ● Estelle Greenwald Kestenbaum, 91, Leonia , N.J.: Warm and personable, with an ear for languages, she worked until age 80 ● Alexis Gregory, 83, New York, N.Y.: World-renowned art collector, publisher, writer and traveler ● Gitty GrobKaren Grodin, Beachwood, Ohio ● Avraham Grohman, 85, London, England ● Rabbi Yehuda Leib Groner, 88, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Sought to ease the Rebbe’s burden and facilitate his work however possible; Aided the Rebbe for more than four decades ● Mechel GrossNorman GrossRabbi Shimon Yoel Gross, 40, Jerusalem, Israel ● Rabbi Yechiel (Mic hel) Shraga Gross, 66, Seagate, N.Y. ● Gloria GrossmanYosef Yitzchok Grossman, 65, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Dedicated Chabad Chassid ● Hershel Gruber, Jerusalem, Israel ● Chaim Mordechai (Harry) Gruen, 74, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Sari GruenzweigRabbi Yisroel Chaim Yehuda Grumer, 87, Cleveland, Ohio ● Zachary GrumetShimon GrunbaumGoldie GrunbergerTzippy GrunfeldRabbi Moshe Grunwald, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Auschwitz survivor, scion of Hungarian rabbinic greatness ● Menachem Mendel GubermanRabbi Moshe Yehuda Gubitch, 94, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor and scholar steeped in Torah learning ● Rabbi Mordechai Gurary, 84, Brooklyn, N.Y.: His classes in Talmud and Chassidic Phil osophy were attended by all ages; Congregational leader and torah scholar ● Shalom Gurewicz, 56, Pomona, N.Y. ● Michoel Gurewitz, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Mordechai Mendel Gutman , 55, Brooklyn, N.J.: Schoolteacher in Satmar community ● Reuben Gutoff, 93, New York, N.Y.: Worked for General Electric and founded a business, fan of sports and travel ● Chavie Guttman, Manchester, England ● Bentzion Eliezer Hackner, 81, London, England: Chabad activist in London, ‘gabbai’ at synagogue ● Rabbi Dovid Shimon Hadad, 65, Migdal Ha'Emek, Israel: Grew close to Chabad in his native Tunis, built a beautiful family in Israel ● Tziporah Hadjadj, Yerres, France ● Calvin HaimsShlomo (Moni) Halabi, Bnei Brak , Israel ● Sanz-Klausenburg Rebbetzin Chaya Nechama Halberstam, 96: She survived the Holocaust to become the matriarch of a Chassidic dynasty ● Rabbi Mordechai Zev (Zevi) Halberstam, 42, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Always happy and willing to help another ● Rabbi Usher Halberstam, 86, Brooklyn, N.Y.: From a family of generations of Chassidic leaders ● Rabbi Lazer Halbrecht, 31, Monsey, N.Y.: Torah scholar and family man ● Rabbi Zvi Halevi, 65, Bnei Brak, Israel: Gabbai’ dedicated to Sadigura Chassidic court ● Rabbi Nachman Dov Haller, 70, Bnei Brak, Israel: Student of the Viznitz Rebbe, ran multiples businesses, including hotel ● Aron Halpern, 92, Hollywood, Fla.: Holocaust survivor who h elped Jewish life flourish in South Fla. ● Ethel Hamburger, 92, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Rabbi Masoud Hamou, 72, Paris, France: Pre-eminent Parisian rabbi, dedicated his life to his community ● Dr. Fred Philip Handler, 95, St. Louis, Mo. ● Wynn Handman, 97, New York, N.Y.: Theater maven who worked in the industry for 65 years ● Faani Harafi-Assayag, Lod, Israel ● Rabbi Moshe Harari, 46, Lakewood, N.J. ● Rabbi Moshe Shaul Harfenes, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Zissy HasenfeldNechama Hass, 46, Lakewood, N.J.: Mother of 10, raised money for couples getting married ● Baruch Haviv, 82, New York, N.Y.: Self-made man who became commercial-airline pilot, building-owner ● Rabbi Asher Yehuda Heber, 81, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Y eshaya Heber, 55, Jerusalem , Israel ● Rabbi Yaakov Michel Heilbrunn, 64, Bnei Brak, Israel: Prominent member of local Satmar community ● Rabbi Moshe HellerWilliam Helmreich, 74, New York, N.Y.: Prominent Manhattan professor and sociologist ● Juda (Yidel) HerbstDavid HermanShimon HermanRabbi Meshulem Isser HershkoRabbi Moshe Aryeh Hershkowitz, 74, Monsey, N.Y. ● Rudya Hershkowitz, 68, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Chana Leah Hershler, Jerusalem, Israel ● Mordechai Hertz, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Enrique Mugica Herzog, 88, Madrid, Spain ● Rabbi Shmuel Binyomin Herzog, 68, Lakewood, N.J. ● Moshe Hillel, 76, Yehud, Israel: Perpetual optimist, ‘always had a wide smile’ ● Chaya Breindel Hiller, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Dr. Harvey Hirsch, 68, Lakewood, N.J. ● Ra bbi Mordechai Zeev Hirsch, 78: A philanthropic scholar, who strove to do mitzvot in the best way possible ● Usher Lemel Hirsch, 59, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yosef Hirsch, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Member of Chassidic community of Borough Park ● Robert J. (Bob) Hirschhaut, 90, Springfield, Mass. ● Shmuel HochYochanon Hochauser, 43, London, England ● Dolly Hodara, Milan, Italy ● Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Hoenig, 48 ● Harold Hoffman, St. Louis, Mo.: Everyone’s ‘Uncle Harold,’ owned women’s coat stores ● Handil Sara Hofman, 70, London, England ● Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Homnick, 88 and 82, Lakewood, N.J.: Therapist and Marriage Counselor, Torah Scholar and Mentor ● Arlene Horowitz, 78, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Arlene M. Horowitz, 78, Wynnewood, Okla. ● Rabbi Avraham Yitzchok Horowitz, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Edward Horowitz, 81, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz, 91, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Life of learning and spirituality, dedicated to Bobover Chassidic dynasty ● Rabbi Yisroel Horowitz, 72, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Guide and mentor to students, was preparing his second book ● Lazer Hucheizer, 90, London, England ● Herschel Huld, 77, Monsey, N.Y.: Founder of iconic seltzer brand Mayim Chaim Beverages ● Alan Hurwitz, 79, Detroit, Mich.: Decades-long educator who became bank robber ‘Zombie Bandit’ ● Rabbi Chaim Hyman, Rochester, N.Y. ● Paul Erick Hyman, 71, New Orleans, La. ● Rabbi Gavriel Iflach, 75, Paris, France ● Yitzchak Ilan, 64, Ashdod, Israel: Deputy Director of the Shin Bet, who bravely fought terror on the frontlines XX X Eliyahu (Ilya) Ilyavev, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Michael IsmachBernard Israel, 90, Highland Park, N.J. ● Rabbi Jacob Israel, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Asher Anshil Issac, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Joyful father and new grandfather ● Reeva Issacs, 95, Princeton, N.J.: Immersed in Jewish culture and passionate social justice advocate ● Alla Vladimirovna Issaeva , Moscow, Russia ● Polya Shamailovna Istakharova , 81, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Tzvi Dov Itkowitz, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Hirschel ItzingerIrving JabitskyRabbi Yosef Ezriel Jacobowitz, 72, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Dovid Meyer JacobsRabbi Yehuda Jacobs, 85, Lakewood, N.J.: Beloved mentor of thousands ● Shloimy Jacobson, 33, Brooklyn , N.Y. ● Ethel Jacobson Hamburger, 92, Elkins Park, Pa. ● Rabbi Yehoshua Jacobwitz, 102, 97, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor, visited Chassidic rebbes and historic sites ● Shalom JaradiRabbi Dovid Jemal, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Beirut-born teacher and mohel, passed along Sephardic customs ● Gada Tuva (Toiba) Jungreis, 67, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Backbone of the Techenger Chassidic dynasty ● Rabbi Yonason Binyomin Jungreis, 80s, Brooklyn , N.Y.: Holocaust survivor on ‘Kastner train,’ served as rabbi of Ateres Yisroel yeshivah of Carnasie for decades ● Shalom KahalaniBetzalel Kahan, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Kristallnacht and Holocaust survivor, longtime school administrator ● Avraham Moshe KahanaRabbi Tzvi Elimelech KahanaRabbi Chaim Osher Kahanov, 96, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Philip Kahn, 100, Long Island, N.Y.: Decorated World War II veteran, survived the Spanish flu pandemic ● Hinda KaismanRabbi Yosef Kalish, 63, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Amshinover Rebbe of Borough Park ● Malka Kalmanowitz, 94, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Supportive wife and mother, worked as bookkeeper ● Esther Kanelsky-Munter, 79 ● Rabbi Yosef Meir Kantor, Monsey, N.Y.: Rabbi of ‘Agudah Shul’ ● Deborah Kantor Price-Nagler, Newton, Mass.: Dedicated educator, staunch advocate of breast-cancer awareness ● Alan Kaplan, 69, Coral Springs, Fla.: Accountant known for his laugh and love of family ● Susana Kaplan, Barcelona, Spain ● Rabbi Yitzchok Kaplinsky< /b>, 83, Queens, N.Y.: Veteran teacher and leader of neighborhood synagogue ● Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak KarmelRivka Karp, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Became an anchor of Montreal’s Jewish community after fleeing the Soviet Union ● Lea KarpfAlby Kass, 89, Santa Rosa, Calif. ● Freida Odette KassabGladys KassinRabbi Avraham Yaakov Katz, 73, Linden, N.J. ● Faygele (Anye) KatzGregory Katz, 67, London, England ● Leah KatzRabbi Leibel Katz, 77, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Rabbinic decisor and author of popular handbook on Jewish law ● Rabbi Motty Katz, Lakewood, N.J.: Head chaplain at NYU Langone Medical Center ● Reuven Katz, San Paulo, Brazil: Inspired by family, work, Israeli culture ● < b> Yisroel Katz ● Penina Katzberg, 70, Bnei Brak, Israel: Devoted communal leader who spearheaded efforts to help those in need ● Sara KaufmanRabbi Yaakov (Yankel) Kaufman, 71, Gateshead, England: Community leader, teacher and volunteer with local ‘chevra kadisha’ ● Stephen Kay, Beziers, France ● Irvin Kean, 95, Sarasota, Fla. ● Rabbi Chaim Dov Keller, 90, Lakewood, N.J. ● Fradel Keller, London, England ● Chana Kenig, Shikun Chabad, Israel: Matriarch of large Chabad family in Israel ● Malka Keva, 67, Bat Yam, Israel: Worked in Wolfson Hospital, ‘took life easy’ ● Henri Kichka, 94, Brussels, Belgium: Survived Auschwitz and a death march to survive and build a large family ● Chaim KiffelEugene Kiner, Cleveland, Ohio: Prized family above a ll else ● Lewis Kirsch, 57, Morgansville, N.J.: Beloved social-studies teacher ● Norma KirschnerSheila Kirschner, 90, New York, N.Y. ● Marica Klapper, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Beloved mother who passed away after battling prior health concerns ● Mordechai Klapper, 35, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Perpetually happy son and brother ● Aharon Dov Klaristenfeld, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Melva Klebanoff, 95, Langhorne , Pa. ● Alex Klein, 70, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Avrohom Klein, 94, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Leah Klein, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Miriam KleinMoshe Shmiel Klein, 69, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Grocery-store owner, never turned anyone in need away ● Rabbi Nochum Klein, 70s, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Ruchel Klein, 91, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Sara KleinSuri KleinSurie KleinTzila Klein, 67, Haifa, Israel: Special-education teacher and doting grandmother ● Yechezkel Klein, 83, Monsey, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Klein, New York, N.Y.: Teacher and Torah scholar, volunteer for multiple charities ● Yosef Tzvi Klein, 50, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Devoted Bobov Chassid and practicing accountant ● Charles Kleinberg, 71, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Federal prosecutor for nearly four decades, held multiple degrees ● Rivka Kleinberg, 81 ● Rabbi Aron Hersh Kleinman, 60, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Led a life based on doing good deeds ● Gerald (Yaakov Yoel) Kleinman, London, England ● Sarah Mindel Knopfler, 83 ● Rabbi Chaim Yeshaya KoenigRabbi Shlomo Tzvi K oenig, 75, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Inspirational Chassidic leader and lecturer ● Sophie KoenigYosef Chaim Koenigsberg, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Klara Lvovna Kogan, 81, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Eliezer Kohanim, 82, Bnei Brak, Israel: Successful businessman who lived modestly, established yeshivahs to bring fellow Jews closer to Torah ● Yankel KohenRabbi Aharon Kohn , 69, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Leader of Divrei Emunah synagogue, taught students in Kiryas Joel ● Rabbi Berl Kohn, 95, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Phyllis KohnRabbi Yisroel Yaakov Kohn, 68, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Prominent face of the Bobov dynasty ● Yoel Kohn, 39, Kiryas Joel, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yaakov KolodetskyRabbi Chaim Tzvi Konikov, 58, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Torah reader and educator of elementary-school c hildren ● Lee Konitz, 92 ● Leon Konitz, 92, New York, N.Y. ● Eve Konrad Hawkins, 90, New York, N.Y.: Hungarian Holocaust survivor who became biology professor in America ● Rabbi Motty Kopman, 34, Buffalo, N.Y.: Jerusalem native inspired many in Buffalo, N.Y. area; Faced cancer, COVID and death with invincible joy ● Rabbi Yisroel Aharon Kopschitz, 89, Jerusalem, USA ● Rabbi Yechezkel Koren, 68, Jersualem, Israel: Dean of two yeshivas who was devoted to the personal needs of his students ● Faiga Korenblit, 96, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust Survivor and Quintessential Rebbetzin ● Gedalia Korf, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y.: A leader of Chabad’s Lishkas Ezras Achim for decades; Soviet Jewry activist 'said little, did much’ ● Rabbi Yanky (Aharon Yaakov) Korf, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Bertram Wallace Korn, 64, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Goldy KornYitzchok Kosofsky, 89, Chicago, The CPA Behind Kosher Milk for Chicago: He was a dedicated volunteer for many projects to spread Judaism ● Dina Koth, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rivka Kotlyarevskaya, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Matriach of Crown Heights family ● Shmuel Kowalsky, New York, N.Y. ● Lee Kozol, 87, Boston, Mass.: Perpetually happy son and brother ● Rabbi Neil Kraft, 69, London, England ● Sandra Krakow, 69, Wakefield, Mass. ● Marcia KrammerCarl Krampf, 81, Newark, N.J. ● Rabbi Avraham Yechiel Kraus, 67, Montreal, Canada: Exceptionally nice and pleasant person ● Elimelech Krauss, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Devorah Krausz, 91, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Nila Kr avetz, 89, Beersheva, Israel: Surgeon and anesthetist at Soroka Medical Center ● Chana KreitmanRivka KreitmanNeil Krieger, 78, Boston, Mass.: Biochemist who actively fought racism and discrimination ● Rabbi Shmuel Krimlovsky, 78, Bnei Brak, Israel: Longtime educator, film producer and advertising executive ● Roza Krochmalnek, 92, Berlin, Germany: Holocaust survivor who helped young children escape ● Reuven (Randy) Krumbein, 48, Fort Worth, Texas ● Evelyn KrupnickMalka KrystalElisheva KugielskyRafael Kugielsky, 90, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Established Agudath Israel in Argentina, community servant and newspaper owner ● Dr. Yerachmiel KugielskyIsaiah Kuperstein, 70, Indianapolis, Ind. ● Bentzion Kuperstock, 63, Jerusalem, USA: ‘Father of Meron’: Fed pilgrims and maintained holy sites ● Joel Kupperman, 83 ● Freida Milka Kuptchik, 67, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rochel (Shelly) KurlandRefael Chaim Yeshaya LabowitzMaurice Laffer, 80, Johannesburg, South Africa ● Elkhan Iosifovitch Lalaev, 60, Moscow, Russia ● Mindella (Mindy) Lamm, 88, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Educator renowned for her work supporting students ● Dr. Eli Landau, 63, Queens, N.Y.: Dentist described as a ‘consummate professional’ ● Rabbi Ephraim LandauShmuel Landau, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Elder in Bobov Chassidic court ● Nachum LangsnerRobert Lappin, 98, Boston, Mass.: Philanthropist who promoted Jewish values and identity ● Henya Lasky, 98, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Crown Heights Holocaust survivor who lived through war in hiding ● Yaakov Lasri, Paris, USA ● Chaim Laufer, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Channa Gittel Lazar, 69 ● Yosef Yida LazarMargueritte (Margalit) Lazimi, Paris, France ● Yitzchok LebowitzChana Lederer, 71, Monsey, N.Y. ● Leibel Lederman, 70, Seagate, N.Y. ● James Leek, 75, London, England ● Rachel LehmanEphraim Lehr, 72, Aventura, Fla.: Passionate about physical and mental health, beloved Synagogue 'Candy Man' ● Shloimy LeibelRabbi Yechiel Leibowitz, 79, Monsey, N.Y.: Beloved member of Viznitz community ● Fradel Leifer, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Sister of Tosh Rebbe ● Rabbi Mordechai Mottel Yissachar Leifer, 64, Ashdod, Israel: Revered Rebbe of Pittsburger Chassidic dynasty ● Mo she Tzvi LeiferShaya Leitman, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Tzvi Abba Lerman, 87, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Shmuel Yechiel Lerner, 96: Studied in the fame pre-war yeshivot of Lublin and Munkatch ● Rabbi Dovid Lev, 87, Ashdod, Israel: Chassidic engineer, builder of homes and Synagogues ● Rabbi Avrohom LevinBenjamin Levin, 93, Westchester, N.Y. ● Cynthia Levin, Johannesburg, South Africa ● Eliot Levin, 73, Sandwich, Mass. ● Professor Solly Levin, Johannesburg, South Africa ● Rabbi Yoel Levin, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Anna Levine, 91, Little Neck, N.Y. ● Gennady Ruvimovich Levinson , 80, Moscow, Russia ● Vladimir Chaskelevich Levinson, 80, Moscow, Russia ● Paula LevitanRabbi Don Yoel Levy, 72, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Head of OK Kosher was universally respected for principles and scholarship; International leader in kosher s upervision ● Michoel Levy, 55, Tel Aviv, Israel: Police commander who raised a Torah-true family ● Sorah Rifka (Ruth) LevySuzy Levy, 66, Tel Aviv, Israel ● Thelma Levy, 95, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Wife and mother of OK Kosher leaders worked with Soviet underground; Behind-the-scenes force in kosher supervision ● Yoely LevyRabbi Yosef Levy, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Elaine B. Liberman, 93, Milwaukee, Wis. ● Esther Liebb, Lakewood, N.J. ● Claire (Chaya Gittel) Lieberman, 88, Lakewood, N.J.: Preschool principal for more than 50 years ● Rabbi Sholom Lifchetz: Field supervisor for OU Kashrus Department for more than 40 years ● Rivkah Lifshitz, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Dovid Lindenfeld, 71, Bnei Brak, Israel: Learning Torah was his life ● Lipa Lipkowitz , 50 ● Jerome Lipnick, 76, Houston, Texas ● Motty (Mordechai) Lipschitz, 77, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Special-needs individual who doted on others ● Sara LisouerSara (Sura) Lissauer, 97 ● Sarah Lisser, 96, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Littman, 71, Monsey, N.Y.: Senior educator known for his scholarship ● Ilya Grigoryevich Livshits, 68, Moscow, Russia ● Meir LobinsteinRabbi Chaim Loeffler, 74, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Menachem Loefler, 63, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Chassid of Pupa dynasty, ran family’s namesake furniture store ● Yaakov Aharon LordBarbara Loreck, 90, Baltimore, Md.: Recovered from a stroke at 39 to return to teaching career and earning a master's in education ● Steven LoveMartin Lovett, 93, London, England: Worl d-renowned cellist, part of Amadeus Quartet and chamber music teacher ● Rochel Nechama LowenthalJudith Lowin, 76, Riverdale, N.Y.: Surgical nurse and college educator ● Shlomie LowingerRabbi Binyomin LubinMiriam Lucas, Long Island, N.Y. ● Miriam Lur, 76, Jerusalem, Israel : Pious and devout, known for her sincere prayers ● Lev Abramovich Lvov , Moscow, Russia ● Elina Elizaveta Lvovna, Moscow, Russia ● Avraham Shlomo MacConnell, 72, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Lily MadebPnina Madmon Spiegel, Herzliya, Israel ● Rabbi Lawrence Nash (Larry) Mahrer, 88, Egg Harbour Township, N.J. ● Efraim Dovber Majeski, 74, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Torah scholar who always had time for family ● Rabbi Aharon Daniel Malach, 60, Kiryas Joel, N.Y.: Expert ritual slaughterer for more than four decades ● Sam Malbin, 86, Johannesburg, South Africa ● Leah Malka, 91, Bnei Brak, Israel: Matriarch of family devoted to study of Talmud and Sephardic tradition ● Robert Maller, 74, Brooklyn, N.Y.: A beloved Spanish teacher who passionate about his faith ● Hennie Mandelbaum, Lakewood, N.J. ● Judy MandelbaumRiva Shlemovna Mandelman, 85, Moscow, Russia ● Renee Mansheim, Chicago, Ill.: A quick wit and loving smile, he cherished friends and family ● Bill Mantell, 68, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Selfless' pharmacist and loving father, uncle ● Rabbi Velvel Marasow, 84, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Mordechai Marcus, 78, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Editor of ArtScroll Talmud project, known for his scholarship and values ● Philip Sidney Marcus, Baltimore, Md.: World War II veteran, married for 73 years ● Yakov Yusufovich Mardakhaev , 69, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Mendel Margulies, 65, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Teacher sought out for counsel, inspiring cantor ● Shlomo MarkowitzDr. Jay Marlin, 78 ● Reuven Maroth, 68, Hackensack, N.J. ● Irsil Natanovich Mashiakiev, 62, Moscow, Russia ● Elias Masri, 91, New York, N.Y. ● Harvey Mathason, 79, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Miriam MayerWilliam Bill McCaulleyZinaida Anatolevna Medinskaya , 79, Moscow, Russia ● Isidore MehlYossi MehlerEvelyn Meier, River Vale, N.J. ● Gershon Meir, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor and Torah student, worked at Federal Reserve ● Tzipora MeirRabbi Yehuda Michoel Meisels, 80s, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Head of girls school with focus on teacher training, special education ● Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Meislish, 80, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Chaim Shia Heshil Meizels, 49, Monsey, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yaakov Meizlish, 86, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Yaakov Meltzer, 60, Queens, N.Y.: Physician’s assistant and Torah scholar ● Elazar Mordechai MencerMichael and Polina Mendeleyev, Boston, Mass.: Fled persecution in Russia to become popular community member in Boston ● Rabbi Yaakov Elazar Mendelowitz, 53, Kiryas Joel, N.Y.: Led Halacha Berurah synagogue, rabbinic judge and ‘halachic’ decisor ● Rabbi Moshe Mendel Mendlowitz, 77, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yaakov Mendlowitz, Lakewood, N.J. ● Efrahim Kopel Meniuk, 82, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ● Efrahim Kopel Meniuk, 82, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ● Avraham Merlin, 61, London, England: Remembered for his kind and charitable ways ● Heshy MermelsteinSara Mermelstein, 91, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Alan Merrill, 69, New York, N.Y.: Musician and composer who rose to fame in the 1970s ● Rabbi Chaim Mertz, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Baila Rivka Mertzbach, 42, Monsey, N.Y. ● Allyson Mestel-Schapira, 48, Queens, N.Y.: Speech teacher at PS 229 for more than 25 years ● Rabbi Stanley Michaels, 73, London, England ● Danny Michaelson, 76, London, England ● Jacob MillerMiriam Miller, 78, Lakewood, N.J.: Pillar of support for her family ● Frederick Miner, 84, Memphis, Tenn. ● Miriam MintzSara Mishulovin, 89, Los Angeles, Calif. ● Yehudis MobshevitzRabbi Nachman Morgan, 60s, Los Angeles, Calif.: Taught Talmud in Los Angeles for decades ● Faiga MorgensternMoshe Moscowitz, 90s, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor who helped feed and care for ill, elderly ● Stanley and Marilyn Moser, 88 and 86, Fort Lee, N.J.: Encyclopedia maven and accountant, husband and wife for nearly seven decades ● Tuvia MosesEmmanuel Moshe, 67, Gan Yavneh, Israel ● Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Moskovitz, 69: Educator and mentor to thousands for decades, passed during trip to United States ● Gloria Moskowitz, 88, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Moshe Avraham Moskowitz, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Tammy MosseriChaya Motchkin, 75, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Worked to keep Judaism alive in the Soviet Union ● Yosef Zundel Motzen, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Brooklyn Holocaust survivor ● Rabbi Ezekiel Musleah , 92, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Samuel MyaraBarbara Myers, 82, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Bruce Myers, 78, Paris, France: British-born actor of the stage and screen ● Maxine Myers, 84, Maplewood, N.J. ● Shemuel NassimihaRabbi Benaya Nebenzahl, 57, Jerusalem, Israel : Beloved Talmudic teacher and inspiring shofar-blower ● Rabbi Yidah Yochonon Neihozer, 45, Monsey, N.Y. ● Rochel Leah Neiman, 81, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Legendary educator of thousands at Beis Rivkah ● Yitzchok and Ayala Neiman, Beitar Illit , Israel: Couple beloved in Beitar community ● Lezer NeuhauserLeah Chaya NeumanFiega NewmanLorraine NewmanRabbi Naftali Nirenberger, 65, Modi’in Illit, Israel ● Isaac Chaimovich Nisanov , 82, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Menachem Nissim , 69, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Pio us and learned shopkeeper, offered guidance on Jewish law ● Nisu Pikhasovich Nisuev, 74, Moscow, Russia ● Aaron Nodel, 72, Kfar Chabad, Israel ● Aryeh NorensbergBella NorowitzRabbi Chanoch Rafael Nussbaum, 63 ● Eila Nussbaum, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Hinda Ayala NussbaumRabbi Dovid Oberlander, 33, Ashdod, Israel ● Rabbi Moshe Oberlander, 60 ● Rabbi Yechiel Oberlander, 58, Jerusalem, Israel ● Feliks and Dr. Luzia Ogorodnik, 88 and 84, Skokie, Ill.: Career-oriented husband and wife originally from Ukraine ● Rabbi Yitzhak Ohana, Sarcelles, France: Torah teacher who inspired hundreds back to their roots, known as the 'Tzadik of Sarcelles' ● Rabbi Dovid Olevski, 70s, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Dean of American branch of Ger Yeshivah ● Marvin OppenheimChanie (Arlene) OrbachMoshe Orenstein, 87, Jerusalem, Israel: Holocaust survivor and Israeli war veteran ● Helen Orlow, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Eliezer Ostreicher, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor and Belzer Chassid, played violin at celebrations ● Yaakov Yida Ostreicher, 80, London , England ● Elie Ouakinine, Jean Les Pins, France ● Rabbi Baruch Ouaknine, 62, Paris, France ● Alexander and Fradel Charna (Norma) Pacifico, Lakewood, N.J.: Los Angeles couple who were regulars at synagogue ● Leiby Pal, New Square, N.Y. ● Abraham Palatnik, 92, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ● Louis PalgonElizabeth PapermanLeah ParnesRichard Passman, 94, Silver Spring, Md.: Aeronautical engineer with 40-year career, honored by Smit hsonian Museum ● Alexis Pavoncello , Rome, Italy ● Emil PeretzRabbi Nissim Yitzchak Peretz, 79, Bnei Brak, Israel: Popular speaker and stalwart of Sephardic tradition ● Yamin, Simone and Ari Peretz, 75, 52, Casablanca, Morocco: Father, mother and son exposed to virus at wedding ● Tamar Peretz-Levi, 49, Lod, Israel: Mother of 4-year-old twins ● Rabbi Yosef Hersh and Toba Hersh Perl, 89 and 83: Couple were stalwarts of the Viznitz community ● Rabbi Moshe Chaim Mordechai Perlberg, 59, Lakewood, N.J.: Devoted educator and scholar ● Yaakov Mordechai PerlmanRabbi Yaakov Perlow, 89, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Agudath Israel head remembered for his scholarship, personal touch and warm relationships ● Chana PerlsteinAkiva Pe trokovski, 72, Lakewood, N.J. ● Jack PietruszkaRoy Pikser, 59, Queens, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yisrael Pinchasi, 77, Bnei Brak, Israel: A leader of the Sephardic community and highly respected teacher of Jewish mysticism ● Rabbi Avraham Pinter, 70, London, England`: Principal of Yesodey HaTorah Senior Girls’ School, former Hackney councillor ● Nettie PivovozMarjorie Cerf Platt, 98, Los Angeles , Calif. ● Avrohom Plotkin, 73, Los Angeles, Calif. ● Judith Plotkin-Goldberg, 88, Springfield, Mass. ● Rabbi Yisroel Yechezkel Plutchok, High 70's, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Passionate educator, built yeshivah from ground up ● Stephen Podgursky, 84, Louisville, N.J. ● Adam PollackBaruch PollackRabbi Eliezer Pollak, 79, Monsey, N.Y.: ‘Gabbai’ of ‘St olin Shul’ in Brooklyn for 50 years ● Selma Pollak, 90, Farmingham, Mass. ● Chava Rochel (Chavie) Pomerantz, 71, Monsey, N.Y. ● Rabbi Hilel Porges, 49, Kriyas Joel, N.Y. ● Tzvi Hirsch and Baila Porush, 52 and 52, Jerusalem, Israel ● Avraham Yaakov PosenRabbi Avraham Yaakov Posen, 72, Kiryas Joel, N.Y. ● Rickel Posen, 52, London, England ● Nechama Posner, 89, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Sharon Claire Post, 73, Danbury, Conn. ● Judith Preschel, 60, Teaneck , N.J. ● Fred Pressner, 73 ● Sandra Marion Price, Aventura, Fla.: Trendsetting leader in fashion industry, always there for her family ● Martha PruceMarjorie Pryves, 88, Old Bethpage, N.Y. ● Shmiel Yitzchok RabiPhilip Rabin, 80, New York, N.Y.: Medic in the IDF, graduate of MIT ● Nachum Eliezer Rabinovitch, Maale Adumim, Israel ● Harry Ra binowitzRabbi Menachem Mendel Rabinowitz, Lakewood, N.J. ● Osnat RachamimovBoris Dmitrievich Rafailov , 68, Moscow, Russia ● Solomon Ruvinovich Rafailov, 85, Moscow, Russia ● Stephen and Jane Raitt, 84 and 76, Bloomfield, Mich.: Devoted couple passed away two weeks from one another ● Avraham Ezriel Meir Rapaport, 63, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Larry Rasky, 69, Boston, Mass.: Democratic Party and public-relations powerhouse, Jewish philanthropist ● Chaim Alexander Ratenov, 60, Kiryas Joel, N.Y. ● Bernard Ratner, 93, Minneapolis, Minn.: Decorated World War II veteran, grandfather of Chabad emissaries ● Ben RaymondRabbi Yehuda Refson, 73, Leeds, England: He served the local Jewish community for 44 years, ta ught popular ‘Soul Talk’ course; Senior rabbi in Leeds, England ● Lea (Lilly) ReichRabbi Mutty ReichSarah Chana Pessil Reich, 71, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Nesanel ReichmanShimon Reinzilber, 97, Beersheva, Israel: Holocaust survivor and pioneering Beersheva settler ● Chaim Reisner, 78, Pittsburgh, Pa.: Master craftsman and chef, pioneering promoter of Seven Noahide Laws ● Rabbi Dovid Don Reiss, 77, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Prominent member of the Belz Chassidic group ● Shabsi Reiss , 89, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● William (Menachem Zev) Reitzfeld, 95, New York, N.Y. ● Dr. Mark Allen Respler, 66, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Brooklyn urologist, sports fan, respected community member ● Joel Rezven, 74, New York, N.Y.: Award-winning conductor and artistic director, dual-degree Juilliard graduate ● Judy Richheimer, 70, New York, N.Y. ● Larisa Aleksandrovna Riminashvili, 78, Moscow, Russia ● Baila Ringel, 97 ● Hilda RingelHarris RismanRabbi Meyer Rispler, 70, Brooklyn, USA: President of the Satmar community of Williamsburg, whose generosity to people and the community was legendary ● Zishe Ritterman, 54, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Dusia Rivkin, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y.: A New Orleans ‘Bubby’ who lived in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Chassidic matriarch, leaves hundreds of descendants ● Moanna Kakibovna Rizhinashvili, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Moshe Rochelson, Jerusalem, Israel: Helped introduce newcomers to their heritage ● Rabbi Yisroel Rochlitz, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Alter Mordechai Rochwarger, Lakewood, N. J. ● Estella Rodin-Kamil, 86, Stockholm, Sweden: Holocaust survivor who became a respected doctor ● Aharon Rokeach, 75, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Son and brother of Kozlover Rebbe ● Rabbi Meir Rokeach, 78, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Kozlover Rebbe of Borough Park ● Bud Rose, 77, Wellesely, Mass. ● Rabbi Laibel Rosenberg, 84 ● Moshe Leib Rosenberg, 68, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Shimshon Rosenberg, 65, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Father of 10 ● Rabbi Shlomo Meir Rosenberg, 72 ● Stanley Rosenberg, 90, West Milford, N.J.: A proud veteran turned family man ● Rabbi Yisroel Menachem Rosenberg, 70, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Pillar of ‘Swan Lake’ synagogue ● Sholem Rosenblum, 80, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Devoted to his serv ice of G‑d ● Alejandro Rosenfeld, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Beloved member of Chabad community in Caracas before moving to America ● Norman Rosenfeld, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Proud and protective of his family ● Rabbi Yechiel Michel RosenfeldRabbi Yehuda Michoel RosenfeldRabbi Shmuel Rosengarten, 89, Jerusalem, Israel ● Rabbi Shmuel RosengartenHerschel RosenhanAbraham RosenholtzShlomo RosenkranzRabbi Kenneth Rosenman, 80 ● Perry Rosenstein, 94 ● Rabbi Dovid Rosenteller, 72, Jerusalem, Israel: Ran free-help societies with kindness and sensitivity ● Bob Rosenthal, 91 ● Jane Rosenthal, 78, New York, N.Y.: Cared for elderly at Menorah Home and Hospital for 30-plus years ● Ruchel Rosentzveig, 68, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Avishalom Rosilio, 33, Migdal HaEmek, Israel ● Betty RotenbergRabbi Aryeh Roth, 91, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Longtime resident of Bnei Brak, dedicated chassid ● Refael Aharon Roth, 72, Bnei Brak, Israel: Rebbe of Shomrei Emunim Chassidic dynasty ● Shlome RothRabbi Yeshaya Roth, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor, helped build Chassidic life in Williamsburg ● Yechiel Yosef (YY) Rothschild, 20, London, England ● Ze’ev Rothschild, 63, Lakewood, N.J.: Epitome of kindness and charity ● Dr. Jack Rotstein, 86, Ormond Beach, Fla. ● Reb Avraham Aaron Rubashkin, 92, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Model of joyful Jewish life and faith ● Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Yitzchok Rubin, 67, Brooklyn, USA: Gologover Rebbe of Borough Park for 45 years ● Beatrice Rubin, 96, Jersey City, N.J. ● Chaya Rubin, 91, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Me yer Rubin, 96, Manassas, Va. ● Milton Rubin, 92, Monroe, N.Y. ● Rabbi Mordechai Dovid Rubin, 95, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Elder Chassidic Rebbe and Holocaust survivor, compiled encyclopedia of Talmud verses ● Sara Rubin, 97, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Shlomo Rubin, Brooklyn , N.Y. ● Yitzchok Rubin, 66, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yitzchok Tuvia Rubin, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi David Rubinfeld, London, England ● Rabbi Yehoshua Rubinfeld, 71, Zurich , Switzerland: Learned member of the Ger Chassidic community ● Eve Rudin, 103, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Hannah Ruditzky, 88, Johannesburg, South Africa ● Ted Ruskin, 78, Denver, Colo. ● Shmiel (Sidney) Russ, 88, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Korean War veteran, fixure in Crown Heights community ● Rabbi G ershon Sabol, 64, Monsey, N.Y.: Helped children with special needs and their families ● Jan Sachs, 52, Cape Town, South Africa: Larger than life' character who will be remembered for his contribution to all those around him ● Miriam Sacks, Jerusalem, Israel ● Barry Harold Saevitzon, Johannesburg, South Africa: Dedicated provider with healthy sense of humor ● Eddie SafdieRuth SafrinAvraham Sakoun, 35, Paris, France: Talented singer and diligent Talmudic scholar ● Rabbi Moshe Salama, 55, Buenos Aires, Argentina ● Avraham SalomonGedalya and Genesha Salomon, 89, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Arlettle SamamaDr. Elliott (Yisroel) Samet, 69, Passaic, N.J.: Devoted to his patients, Hatzolah emergency service ● Yoel Sandel, 39, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Electrical engineer who devoted his free time to helping others ● Jeffery Sanderson, 62, Boston, Mass.: The most beautiful neshama' who simply loved ● Mendel Saull, 69, Baltimore, Md.: Passionate Chassid in Baltimore's Chabad community ● Dora SchachneBenjamin Schaeffer, 58, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Heroic railway conductor who fought for his right to religious practice ● Harry Scharf, 90, Cleveland, Ohio: U.S. Navy veteran; business, newspaper and family man ● Shifra Scharf, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Tuvia SchauderBarbara SchechterRabbi Meyer Scheinberg, 70s, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Synagogue leader, expert on Talmud and Jewish law ● Herschel Scheiner, 80, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Gabbai of ‘The Upstairs Minyan,’ raised money for orphanages ● Rabbi Raphael Elchanan Scheinfeld , 59, Bnei Brak, Israel: Senior emergency services volunteer and helped families who had lost loved ones ● Rabbi Yosef Schiff, Jerusalem, Israel : Judaica salesman and highly regarded Belz Chassid ● Rabbis Yosef and Menashe Schiff, Ashdod, Israel : Father-son, beloved pillars of the Belz Chassidic community ● Chaim SchlafrigEsther Myriam Schlanger, 56, Paris, Israel: Teacher and member of Chabad community ● Menachem Mendel Schleisinger, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Adam Schlesinger, 52, Upstate New York, N.Y.: Award-winning singer and songwriter ● Gedalya Schmalberg, 64, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Retired computer engineer and Tiferes Bachurim alumnus ● Malka Schmeltzer, 74, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Zvi Yehuda Schmidt, 71, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Iconic cand y manufacturer ● Rabbi Aharon Leib SchneidShalom SchneiderJoel SchnurCalvin Schoenfeld, 83, Parsippany, N.J.: Loving father who loved joking, talking and spending time with his family ● Dr. Nachman Schorr, 60, Queens, N.Y.: Humble community optometrist who gave back,"the Crown Jewel" of Far Rockaway ● Sondra SchragAliza SchuckMorton SchulmanVera Schulman, 95, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor ● Izzy Schuman, Los Angeles, Calif. ● Stanley W. Schursterman, 91, Little Neck, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yitzchok Schwardon, 83, Jerusalem, Israel: Yeshivah dean, popular lecturer on Jewish ethics ● Abraham SchwartzAharon Moshe Schwartz, 80, Jerusalem, Israel ● Alison Schwartz, 29, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Arish Schwartz, 62, Kiryas Joel, N.Y. : Satmar communit y member ● Avraham Mordechai Schwartz, 64, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Berl Schwartz, 77, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Blima Schwartz, 96, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Chaim SchwartzRabbi Dovid Aaron Schwartz, Montreal, Canada ● Jerry SchwartzProf. Judah L. Schwartz , 86, Boston, MA: Professor at Harvard and MIT, prize-winning software developer and author ● Ruchel Gitel Schwartz, 75, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Sara (Sura) Schwartz, 96: Survived five concentration camps to rebuild her life ● Professor Stephen Schwartz, 78, Seattle, Wash.: Pathologist, researcher and expert in vascular biology ● Rabbi Yaakov Schwei, 86, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Scholar, teacher and member of rabbinic court known for his kindness ● Elaine (Rochel) SchwobMichele Sciama, 79, Milan, Italy: Community leader in Italy ● Daniel Scully, 69, Las Vegas, Nev.: Chicago Cubs fan and all-around happy person ● Ava Susan Sebastian, 69, Rockvile, Md.: Able to make the most with the little she had ● Maurice (Moshe) Sebban, Paris, France ● Meyer Sebban, Paris, France ● Goldie SegalBlanche Septimus, 103, Five Towns, N.Y. ● Tzipora ShacharRabbi Moshe Shaikevitz, 61, Milan, Italy: Devoted Chabad emissary to Milan, Italy ● Rabbi Meir Shalom, 70, Bnei Brak, Israel: Scholarly leader of Yemenite community, extraordinarily personable and humble ● Sidney ShamahMargarita Shotovna Shamelashvili , 60, Moscow, Russia ● Sarah Shames, Somerset, N.J.: Traditional, loving Jewish mother who became a baalas teshuvah at 70 ● Annie Shapiro, 91, Springfield, Mass. ● Guta Shapiro, 99, Brooklyn, N .Y.: Survived many struggles in the Soviet Union to establish a large family in America; Chassidic matriarch ● Rabbi Nosson Dovid Shapiro, 81, Jerusalem, Israel ● Yossi Shaprio, 71, Lakewood, N.J.: ‘Happy, smiling and kind to others’ ● Klara SharpPaul Sheldon, 79, Long Island , N.Y. ● Lionel Charles Sher, Johannesburg, South Africa ● Lucille Sher, 77, Pretoria, South Africa ● Alan Shestack, 81, Washington, Washington, D.C. ● Goldie Shifrin, 73, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Kind mother and grandmother who volunteered in chevra kadisha, taught young brides ● Avraham Shmaka, 53, Moshav Achisamach, Israel ● Eliyahu Shmaka, 77, Moshav Achisamach, Israel ● Rachamim Shmaka, 58, Moshav Achisamach, Israel ● Frimet ShmidmanDovid Aryeh Shor, 66, Brookl yn, N.Y.: Prolific writer and Chassid of the Stoliner dynasty ● Rabbi Daniel Shore, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Dr. Arthur Shrebin, 90, West Windsor, N.J. ● Chaim ShrootNinel Borisovna Shteinberg , 81, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Shternkuker, 71, Bnei Brak, Israel: Expert scribe, cantor and close chassid of the Rebbe of Kretchnif ● Steven Shulman, 67, Seattle, Wash. ● Hyman Siegal, 90: Enjoyed his Judaism, taught Leonard Nimoy photography ● Hyman Siegal, 90, Boston, Mass.: Veteran and accountant who loved spending time with his friends and family ● Sidney Siegel, 92, Long Island, N.Y.: Advertising executive who focused on product and creativity ● Shmuel Sifri, 82, Haifa, Israel: Married for 56 years, traveled the world ● Rabbi Avraham Silber, London, England ● Lea Sil berMilicent Silbermintz, 88, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Camp mother and head counselor at Camp Munk ● Rabbi Aaron Silberstein, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Berl Silberstein, 96, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yisroel Silberstein, 69, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Bernice Silver, 106, New York, N.Y.: Enjoyed puppetry and people, dedicated to social justice ● Claire Mae Silverman, 91, Margate, N.J.: Built successful automotive company, deeply involved in Jewish causes ● Shilmu Mikhailovich Simailov, 63, Moscow, Russia ● Ovadia SimhaRabbi Naftali Simon, 62, Jerusalem, Israel: Leader of Jerusalem's Yemenite community, known for his piety ● Larry Singer, 89, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Leibel Singer, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yehuda Leib Singer, 50s, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Singer, 53, Monsey, N.Y. ● Giorgio Chaim Sinigaglia, 54, Milan, Italy ● Morton Jay Skirboll, 82, Sarasota, Fla. ● Rabbi Rievan Slavkin, 85, Commack , N.Y. ● Rabbi Chaim Shaul Small, 87, London, England: Led Beit Avraham Synagogue, taught daily Torah classes ● Bentzion SmithRobert Alan Smith, 75, Wilks Barre, Pa. ● Sidney SmithJudith SmokeDr. Norton (Binyomin) Sokol, 83, Lakewood, N.J.: Internal-medicine specialist who analyzed ethics, Jewish law ● Herman Sokolow, Marblehead, Mass.: Veteran known for sage counsel and inquisitiveness ● Marilyn Solberg, Wheatly Heights, N.Y. ● Alvin Solomon, The Bronx, N.Y. ● Melvin Aaron (Mel) Solomon, 83, Roseland , N.J. ● Marnin Soltes, 76, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Brunella Sonnino, Rome, Italy ● Rachamim Rami SoosiMichael Sorkin, 71, New York, N.Y.: Renowned architect, envisioned social change via urban design ● Eduard Naftalievich Sosunov, 67, Moscow, Russia ● Bilgo Ilyaevna Sosunova, Moscow, Russia ● Daniel Spector, 68, Memphis, Tenn. ● Jerome Spector, 79, New York, N.Y.: Engaged community member, friendly owner of Big Dipper Candles ● Chana Shulkovna Spektor , 94, Moscow, Russia ● Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Spiegel, 88, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Ostrov-Kalushin Rebbe and kosher expert ● Safra Spilman, 78, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Community activist and Chassidic elder ● Reizy Spira, Monsey, N.Y. ● Meir Zev Spitzer, 95, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor, ‘epitome of modesty,’ used free time to study Torah ● Yisrael Spitzer, 32: Known for his diligence and sterling character ● Lillian SprungPinchos Shlomo SrebroLeo Sreebny, 98, Seattle, Wash. ● Moshe Stamm, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Starik, 58, Jerusalem, Israel ● Brandy Steif, Monsey, N.Y.: Health-care worker and loving family matriarch ● E.W Stein , 90, Amsterdam, Netherlands ● Hal Stein , 87, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Jason Gregg Stein, 46, Coral Springs, Fla.: Passionate sports fan and popular coach J.P. Taravella High School ● Avraham Simcha Steinberg, 88, Lakewood, N.J.: Escaped Europe and rose to save Jewish souls, becoming close with Torah giants ● Rabbi Yitzchok Steinberg, 60, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Master educator for three decades ● Noel Steinberger, 81, Piermont, Pa. ● Professor Mark Steiner, 77, Jerusalem, Israel ● Steve Steiner, 75, New York, N.Y.: PR director for Orthodox Union, beloved by colleagues ● David SteinmetzBlima StengelEsther Stern, 75, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Writer and longtime Crown Heights matriarch ● Ira Stern, 60's, New York, N.Y. ● W. David Stern, 93, Mill Valley, Calif.: Fled Germany as youth, creative type who loved Jewish history ● Ze'ev (Willi) Stern, 88, London, England: British philanthropist, survived Bergen-Belsen ● Norbet SternbergRabbi Chaim Moshe Strulovics, 73, Lakewood, N.J.: Philanthropist known for kindness and positivity ● Steven Alan StulbergerJudy StulbergerRabbi Shimon Susholtz, 84, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Talmudic and ‘halachic’ scholar ● Rivka Su sman, London, England ● Stephen Susman, 79, Houston, Texas ● Dorothy Swartz, 96, Worcester, Mass. ● Chana Taback, 80, Monsey, N.Y. ● Channa Miriam Tarshish, 71, North Miami Beach, Fla. ● Jack Tarzik, 73, Long Beach, N.Y.: Director of Jewish summer camp revered by campers ● Rabbi Heshy TausStanley Teich, 80, New York, N.Y. ● Menachem Moshe Teitelbaum, 81, New York, N.Y.: A brilliant programmer and family historian who co-founded the Torah Communication Network ● Yeshaya Shalom Teitelbaum, 72, Monsey, N.Y. ● Bernice Teller, 94, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Shaindel Templer, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Sidney J. Tendler, 98, Sun City, Ariz. ● Herman TeperRabbi Zvi Aryeh Leib Tomback, 85, Jerusalem, Israel ● Michel Tordjman, 62, Casablanca, Morocco: Maintained Benarroch Synagogue, welcomed community members and dignitaries ● David Toren, 94, New York, N.Y.: Patent attorney and art collector, part of Kindertransport to Sweden ● Yaakov Torjmane, Paris, France ● Rabbi Masoud Touboul, 60, Paris, France: Principal of French girls school succumbs to coronavirus; Beloved Jewish educator in Paris ● Rabbi Chaim TubiGolda Tultz'inski, 59, St. Petersburg, Fla. ● Rabbi Yonah Reuven Turchin, 72, Ramat Shlomo, Israel: Spiritual mentor for lost youth who maintained his strength and hope despite his suffering, passed six months after losing his son to COVID-19 ● Dr. Arthur S. Turetsky, New York, N.Y.: Brilliant pulmonary, internal-medicine physician; dedicated to Torah study ● Moshe Chaim Turgeman, 55, Ashkelon, Israel: Found Chabad as a young man and became a pillar of his community ● Rabbi Chaim Aharon Tu rtzin, 48, Bnei Brak, Israel: Yeshivah head and loving father of 14 ● Rabbi Yitzchok Tuti, Paris, France ● Rabbi Chaim Yitzchok Twersky, 68, Bnei Brak, Israel: Elder in the Chernobyl Chassidic community ● Rabbi Shimon Tzadok, Bnei Brak, Israel ● Pinchus Tzitronenbaum, 97, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Avraham Tziv, 94, Montreal , Canada ● Reuven Udem, Paterson , N.J. ● Robert Ullian, 75, Boston, Mass.: Passionate and principled, wanted a lasting peace ● Pinchos Boruch Unger, 23, New York, N.Y.: Rare young COVID-19 victim, new father and husband ● Tedje van der Sluis, 93, Amsterdam, Netherlands ● Rabbi Eliyahu Vankin, 52, Elad, Israel: Gave over his business to others to commit himself to Torah ● Aron VeryanskiyOleg Mikhailovich Vivat , Moscow, Russia ● Yechezkel Shraga Wagshal, 95, Brookl yn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor who maintained ties with Chassidic rebbes ● Marcia Waitzman, 88, West Orange, N.J.: Involved with her synagogue and community affairs ● Rabbi Yehoshua Waldman, 48, Bnei Brak, Israel : Enagaging teacher and passionate Chassid ● Rabbi Pinchas Waldstein, Yerucham, Israel : Diligent scholar, bore the loss of his son with stoic faith ● Rabbi Aharon Walkin, 54, Lakewood, N.J.: Dean and lifelong Torah student ● Rabbi Yitzchak Warman, 91, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor, championed adults with special needs ● Frida Wattenberg, 95, Paris, France: ‘Indefatigible fighter’: Holocaust heroine, rescued Jewish children ● Lester Wax, 74, Boston, Mass. ● Rabbi Pinchas Gershon (PG) Waxman, 60, Lakewood, N.J.: Communal leader an d philantrophic realtor who served as Lakewood's Deputy Mayor ● Ron Waxman, 88, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Ari Weichbrod, 43, Lakewood, N.J.: Saved lives of others as emergency responder ● Rabbi Shmuel Dovid WeichbrodRabbi Refoel Zevulun Weichleder, 36, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Chaim Weil, 88, Lakewood, N.J.: Humble Torah scholar originally from Baltimore ● Joel Weinberg, 74: Heroic firefighter in Philadelphia, part of rare group of Jewish lieutenants ● Rabbi Yosef Weinberg, 65, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Yeshivah Dean, committed to Torah learning despite his many challenges ● Hena Chana Weinberger, 97, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Yaakov Mordechai Weinberger, 72, Brooklyn, N.Y. : Longtime mohel in the Satmar community ● Rabbi Yosef Weinberger, 63 ● Yuta Sosa Weinberger, 99, Montreal, Canada ● Mordechai (Mordy) Weiner, 57, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Larger than life, he looked out for orphan and dignitary alike ● Fay WeingartenEsther Kaila WeinstockAvraham Gedalia WeintraubRobert M. Weintraub, 96, New York, N.Y.: Self-made businessman and benefactor, World War II vet and Yankees fan ● Chava Weisberger, 84, Lakewood, N.J.: Innovative communal leader, dedicated to serving others ● Moshe Leib Weiser, 77, London, England: Rare-book collecter and dealer, who shared his knowledge with the masses ● Aharon WeissRabbi Aharon Moshe Weiss, 93, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Alter Boruch Weiss, 60s, New Square, N.Y.: Skver Chassid and schoolteacher ● Aron WeissRabbi Beirish Weiss, 90, Manches ter, England: Caring and devoted Yeshivah dean and communal rabbi ● Lucille Weiss, 93, Concord, Mass. ● Peter Weiss, 71, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Devoted to Torah study post-retirement ● Esther WeissmanChaya Rivky WeiszZelda WeiszLeah Weitzberg, 100, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Dr. Robert Harris Weitzman, 79, Linden, N.J.: Cardiovascular and pulmonary-disease specialist, served as medic in Vietnam ● Dr. Ray Weitzmann, 78, Philadelphia, Pa. ● Martin Wenick, 80: Fought for Soviet Jews after lengthy career at State Department ● Nechama (Karla) WertheimRabbi Osher Westheim, 71, Manchester, England: Leading kosher expert, a ‘rabbi’s rabbi’ ● Cyril Wick , 90, London, England ● Mordechai Mendel Wieder, 90, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Chaya (Helen) Wiesel< b> Perel Wiesel, 94, Rechovot, Israel: Holocaust survivor and matriarch of family ● Hal Wilner, 64, New York, N.Y. ● Irving Winkour, 97, Westfield, N.J.: Served his country proudly, family was his everything ● Irving Winokur, 97: Focused on family after serving in World War II ● Rivka WitriolShmuel Wolf, Lakewood, N.J. ● William Wolf, 94, New York, N.Y. ● Rabbi Binyomin Tzvi Wolmark, Monsey, N.Y.: Taught for 50 years in day schools, yeshivah in Memphis ● Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Wosner, 80, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Erudite scholar born into a family of rabbinic leadership ● Rabbi Shlomo Elazar (Solomon) Wulliger, 81, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Jump-started Jewish institutions, defended the disabled ● Rabbi Gavriel Meir Yabra , 55, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Leading kosher expert in South America ● Roberto Yabra, 85, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Supplied kosher food to local Jewish community ● Joel Yachzel, Los Angeles, Calif. ● Mikhail Shamilovich Yagunov, 66, Moscow, Russia ● Dovid Meir Yakov, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yechiel Asafovich Yakubov, 63, Moscow, Russia ● Samuel Iosifovich Yakubovich, 106, Moscow, Russia ● Shirley YoselovskyBarry YoungAron Shulem Yunovsky, 48, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rabbi Shaiall Zachariash, 87, Detroit, Mich. ● Rochel Leah Zahler, 84, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Avrohom (Avremy) Zakon, 55, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Longtime resident of Crown Heights who lifted spirits of others ● Shalva Zalfreind, 64, Petach Tikvah, Israel ● Daniel Zane, 94, White Plains, N.Y. ● Valerie Zane, 91, White P lains, N.Y. ● Ruti Zayig: Valiantly battled ALS until her COVID diagnosis ● Mira Lvovna Zazerskaya , 78, Moscow, Russia ● Ruth ZehnwirthDovid Tzvi Zellermaier, 68, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Yankel (Jack) ZelmanowitzLois Zendler Ginsburg: Synagogue president, pharmacist and matriarch ● Avraham (Abe) ZichermanRabbi Boruch Aharon Zilberman, 63, Montreal, Canada: Member of Skver Chassidic community ● Aaron Zilberstein, 62, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Liba Ettel Zilberstein, 102, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Holocaust survivor with 1,200 descendants, five generations ● Yisroel Zilberstein, 69, Brooklyn, N.Y. ● Rivka Chaya ZimbergAltamiro Zimerfogel, 80, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ● Dr. Nathan Zimmerman, 93, Louisville, Ky.: US Navy veteran who became a caring family doctor for 57 years, loving family ma n ● Beny Zlochisty, 58: A lifetime dedicated to his community and Israel ● Dr. Jack Steckler Zoller, 91, New Orleans, La. ● Arlette ZrihenYitzchok Zylberminc, 56, Far Rockaway, N.Y.: Courageous volunteer medic ●

In Jewish tradition, an individual’s death is the entire community’s loss and so is communally mourned. The Chevra Kadisha burial society prepares the deceased; Kaddish is recited with a prayer quorum minimum of 10; shiva brings together family, friends and neighbors. The coronavirus has made so much of this impossible. In many places, members of the Chevra Kadisha now wear Hazmat suits; Kaddish has been postponed; shiva calls come via Zoom.

Yet the loss remains the same. Every soul, the Torah teaches, is an entire world. It is the duty of the living to remember the deceased and all the good they did. Memories must be recorded, obituaries written, and headstones erected. Most importantly, we must take to heart lessons from the way those now gone led their lives during the time allotted them by G‑d.

In response to a family requesting guidance on the language for their deceased father’s gravestone, the Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory—wrote, in Hebrew, that this was important, but above all, they must remember that the monument and the words inscribed were but of stone. For “the offspring of the departed are a living monument. Their deeds and behavior in their everyday lives … act as a living inscription on a living monument; the wording of this inscription is in their hands, and only theirs.”

The losses have hit the entire Jewish people, no matter which community, level of observance or socio-economic status, underlining the intrinsic unity of the Jewish nation. Since Passover of 2020, Chabad.org has been working on an ambitious project to record and recall every member of the Jewish community who has perished during this plague.

If you have lost someone dear to you or know someone who has, we invite you to share their story here.

If you are unable to recite Kaddish for a loved one, visit the Coronavirus Quarantine Kaddish Service page here.

To learn more about the story behind “Each Person, a World,” click here.

To have a name added click here. For corrections, please leave a comment below.

May the memory of those who have passed be a blessing for the Jewish people and all humankind, and their stories a living legacy for all.