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Rabbis Tweet Pre-Yom Kippur Inspiration
Holiday Watch
Preparing their communities, online and off
The Heart and Soul of the Rebbe’s Teachings, Now in English
Book Bag
‘Bereishit’ the 728-page first volume of six-volume set of Likkutei Sichot
In Israel’s Holy City of Tiberias, a New Couple Arrives in Time for a New Year
Rosh Hashanah meal draws 50 people; 2,000 residents and visitors hear shofar
Gunman Kills 2 Outside German Synagogue During Yom Kippur Services
Some 80 worshippers barricade themselves inside; killer live-streams anti-Semitic diatribe
Reno Hebrew School Makes House Calls
Nevada kids get customized lessons at convenient times
Legacy Donors Ensure Chabad House Futures
$70 million international program spurs planned giving
Rabbi Shmarya Katzen, 76, Dedicated and Beloved Teacher of Generations
Engineering student found a lifelong calling teaching Jewish children
Readying for Rosh Hashanah 5780 Around the World
Holiday Watch
High Holidays are a time for renewed spirituality
A Bee-Keeping Rabbi Explains What the Buzz Is All About
Holiday Watch
The complex world of honey bees has correlations to Judaism, and not just at High Holiday time
A Look at 5779’s Most Formative Stories
From hatred to hope, and from loss to resolve
The Sights and Sounds of Prepping for Rosh Hashanah
Holiday Watch
Pre-holiday activities at Chabad centers around the globe
Two Men From Worlds Apart Fulfill the Same Dream: To Chant the Torah
Separate Jewish journeys culminate in a difficult, but rewarding, effort
Historic Home to Khazars and Cantonists, Astrakhan Gets a Mikvah
Former Soviet Union
City’s first ritual bath in 90 years a certain sign of Jewish revival
Jewish College Students Bond at Hundreds of ‘Welcome Back’ Dinners and Barbecues
Campus Life
Connecting at Chabad on Campus
Flagstaff Chabad Opens $7 Million Jewish Community Center
North America
From a Torah scroll in an Arizona living room to a 12,500-square-foot full-service facility
California Enacts Landmark ‘Mezuzah Bill,’ Enhancing Religious Liberty
North America
New law gives boost to public Jewish observance in response to growing anti-Semitism
Rabbi With ALS Travels 3,000 Miles for Son’s Bar Mitzvah in New York
North America
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz celebrates with family and friends; visits resting place of Rebbe in Queens
Rabbi Brings Supplies and Hope to Devastated Bahamas Island
Chabad of Bahamas is supervising shipments of aid from U.S. Jewish communities
Crowd Surpassing 2,200 Attends Dedication of LifeTown in New Jersey
North America
State-of-the-art center sets new standards in treatment and inclusion for people with special needs
Shofar and Tefillin Tailgate Brings Some Spirituality to NFL Opening Day
North America
As league begins its 100th season, Jewish Jets fans prepare for the world’s 5780th
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