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Where to Get Kosher-for-Passover Food Way Off the Beaten Track
Holiday Watch
From the middle of Canada to the middle of China, it’s possible with some planning
Last-Minute Prepping as Millions Worldwide Get Ready for Passover
Holiday Watch
Public seders, chametz sales and inspiration still available at Chabad.org
Passover Preparation in Venezuela Includes Praying for Electricity
South America
For the Jews of Venezuela, a difficult situation gets even harder
In Donetsk, There Will Be Matzah Once Again
Holiday Watch
Passover amid eastern Ukraine’s frozen war
Sales of ‘Chametz’ Soar as Passover Tradition Is Observed Digitally
Holiday Watch
Chabad.org makes it easy to participate in the age-old tradition
President Trump Proclaims ‘Education Day’ for Rebbe’s Date of Birth
Proclamation emphasizes connection between ‘knowledge, character and freedom’
The Charity Box in the Texas Legislature: States Mark ‘Education Day’ 2019
How the Rebbe’s vision on education united lawmakers, educators and rabbis to bring ethics into the classroom
Rabbi Aharon Serebryanski, 86, Humble Builder of Judaism in Australia
Soviet-born Chassidic rabbi dedicated seven decades to spreading Jewish life in Australia
The Thousands From All Walks of Jewish Life Named After the Rebbe
Book Bag
‘And These Are the Names: Menachem Mendel’ chronicles 10,000 boys and young men
‘And These are the Names: Menachem Mendel’ chronicles 10,000 boys and young men
Bonanza in a Box: How a Passover Tradition Became a Hollywood Hit
Holiday Watch
In 1948, almost nobody in L.A. knew about shmurah matzah; now everybody wants it
A Combat Officer’s Passover in the Sands of Kuwait
Holiday Watch
Aleph Institute helps military lay leaders and chaplains at bases around the world
Israeli Spacecraft Fails to Land on the Moon
Organizers say they will try again within two years
The 1929 Struggle to Send Matzah Into the Soviet Union
Holiday Watch
Marking 90 years since Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn’s international campaign
Will Thailand Top Nepal as Site of World’s Biggest Passover Seder?
Holiday Watch
Koh Samui giving Kathmandu a friendly run for biggest crowd of matzah-eaters
How a New World of Consumers Discovered Handmade Matzah
Holiday Watch
Traditional shmurah matzah was still a rarity in post-World War II New York
30 Years in Kathmandu: How World’s Largest Seder Transformed Jewish Life in Asia
Holiday Watch
2,000 backpackers in Nepal and thousands more worldwide to attend Chabad seders
Tiny Flinders Island, Tasmania, Hosts a Rabbi for the First Time
Australia & New Zealand
Rabbi Yochanan Gordon resolves to visit every Jew on Tasmania’s 334 islands
Rabbi Yisroel Avrohom Portugal, 95, the Last American Rebbe Born in Pre-War Europe
He was charged with treason in Romania
First Mikvah on Korean Peninsula Opens in Seoul
North America
Ritual bath to accommodate a thriving Jewish community
1 Million Pounds of Shmurah Matzah: How Passover Production Continues to Rise
Holiday Watch
A rarity in the 1950s has become a national food trend
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