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Chabad-Lubavitch News

Whether it’s features or late-breaking news, Chabad-Lubavitch makes headlines here

Father of Four Murdered by Terrorist in Jerusalem’s Old City Is Laid to Rest
Stabbed after leaving work at archeological digs in the City of David
Jewish Backpackers Explore Their Heritage in Alaskan Wilds
North America
Bonding, trekking, learning Torah, praying and cooking as part of an outdoor adventure
Following a Rabbi’s Legendary Matzah Trail Through Western Massachusetts
Holiday Watch
A shmurah matzah route stretches from New England all the way to the White House
1 Million Pounds of Shmurah Matzah: How Passover Production Continues to Rise
Holiday Watch
A rarity in the 1950s has become a national food trend
Safed Yeshivah for Returnees to Tradition Comes of Age
New Torah scroll in a historic spiritual setting
‘Soul Talk’ Online Course Reveals the Spiritual Reality Behind All Existence
Four lessons examine human challenges, internally and externally
 From Bahrain to Puerto Rico, Online School Offers Jewish Lifeline for Kids
Easing feelings of isolation for families around the globe
A Small Day School Makes a Big Impact in Tennessee
Nicknamed ‘the lab school,’ it’s known for academics and fostering Jewish identity
At SXSW, Hundreds to Find a Shabbat Oasis
North America
TechTribe events to bring Jewish spirituality and networking to festival that begins March 9
Festivity Prevails as World Preps for Purim
Holiday Watch
Chabad centers everywhere set for holiday, which begins on Wednesday night
This Rabbi’s Picture Is Worth 10,000 Mitzvahs
North America
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz receives a unique gift for his 46th birthday
Holiday Watch
19th-century rabbi’s great-great-grandson comes to help for the holiday and dig into his roots
In Times Square, a New Torah Scroll Is Dedicated to Parkland Victims
North America
2,500 teens at 10th annual Shabbaton
Rabbi With ALS Gets 10,000 Birthday Presents From 15 Countries
North America
Mitzvah campaign marks a beloved teacher and friend’s 46th birthday
Parkland Survivors Join CTeen Weekend in New York
North America
They will be among a record 2,500 teens from 436 cities at 10th international Shabbaton
Parkland-Area Rabbis Urge Florida Governor on ‘Moment of Silence’
North America
Discussing a time-tested measure to teach positive values to students
In Parkland and Coral Springs, an Area-Wide Shiva for the Fallen
North America
Two grief-stricken towns remember their children, hoping to channel anguish into positive change
Parkland Tragedy Strikes Deep Among Teens Nationwide
North America
CTeen gatherings give young people an opportunity to express their grief
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