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An Unforgettable Yom Kippur for Wilmington Flood Victims
North America
Holidays provides a time and place for a reeling community to gather and reflect
In France, It’s Sukkot for Visitors to the Ryder Cup
Growing Jewish life in suburban Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Rabbi Shmuel Fogelman, 88, Principal and Teacher
Known for his unending belief in the potential of each child
Aaron Was Behind Bars This Yom Kippur, but His Handiwork Was in Synagogue
Holiday Watch
Inmate thanks a visiting rabbi who helped turn his life around
Rabbis Seek Helicopter to Bring Kosher Food to Wilmington Before Yom Kippur
North America
Despite floodwaters from Hurricane Florence, Chabad will hold services on the High Holiday
With 14 Dead and Florence Flood Waters Still Rising, Chabad Marshals Resources
North America
Covering the disaster, one Emmy-nominated reporter is grateful for a special Shabbat delivery
Terror Victim Ari Fuld, 45, Remembered as an Ardent Defender of Israel
Dual U.S.-Israeli citizen advocated for IDF troops
The Last Jewish Presence in the Ghost Town That Was Myrtle Beach, S.C.
North America
Chabad provides help from just outside Florence mandatory evacuation area
Chabad Poised to Help as More Than 1 Million Flee Florence
North America
Catastrophic flooding predicted in the Carolinas
UMass Medical Students Get a Much-Needed Dose of Judaism
Campus Life
Chabad couple brings programs and learning to Jewish staff and future doctors
Rosh Hashanah on 9/11 Inspires Special Memorials
Holiday Watch
Remembering the dead, comforting families, honoring first responders
5778: The Year in Review
A look back at the year’s most formative stories
New Encyclopedic Book Summarizes Key Chabad Teachings
Book Bag
‘Jewish Living Simply Explained’ covers more than 100 topics
This 87-Year-Old Man Thought His Entire Family Was Dead, Until He Met a Chabad Rabbi
Retired aerospace worker from France befriended by a young rabbi in Ramat Gan, Israel
My 9/11 Rosh Hashanah
Holiday Watch
Blowing shofar amidst the smoke and ashes
Milton Kramer, 99, a Third-Generation Pillar of Chabad in America
Kramer’s grandfather, father and uncles played vital roles in helping Chabad take root in America and in rescuing the sixth Rebbe from Russians and Nazis
Gold Menorah Unveiled at Nobel Prize Hotel
Prominent placement seen as a major stride for Norway’s Jews
In Tel Aviv, Young Adults Take the Lead as Shabbat Hosts
How a community can celebrate Shabbat together when the table fits only 25
Free High Holiday Services at Thousands of Chabad Synagogues
Holiday Watch
Continuing a decades-long tradition that has offered countless Jewish families and individuals a place to worship
With Fewer Young Jews in Synagogue on Rosh Hashanah, Rabbis Take to Public Parks
Holiday Watch
Hearing the shofar in unlikely places sparks participation throughout the year
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