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Venice Jewish Community Battles Catastrophic Floodwaters
Historic high tides overwhelm the City of Canals
 Chabad on Campus Annual Gathering Draws More Than 1,000 to New York
Photo Gallery
Event attracts students from six nations to an extended communal Shabbat
Overnight Calm in Israel Shattered by Renewed Missile Fire From Gaza
Chabad emissaries continue outreach around the nation
What It’s Like to Be a Rabbi in Romania
Celebrating 20 years of Chabad, where Judaism was decimated by Nazis and Communists
Rockets From Gaza Strike Israel, Including Tel Aviv
Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries out in force with spiritual artillery
In Chicago, Reclaiming Jewish Identity Through Adult Circumcision
North America
Organization has enabled thousands born in Soviet Union to enter the Covenant of Abraham
Poway Street Named in Memory of Shooting Victim Lori Gilbert-Kaye
North America
City council unanimously approves petition
Traveling Ark Carries the Torah to Hip Chicago District
North America
Judaism comes to former industrial hub, now a top neighborhood
Montenegro President and 500 Attend Investiture of New Chief Rabbi
A commitment to community at conference of Balkan Jewry
Stranded by California Wildfires, Rabbi, Yeshivah Boys, Learn Torah and Offer Tefillin
North America
Stuck in wildfires, they find an opportunity to help others
As California Fires Rage, Postponed Funeral, Support for Firefighters and Residents
North America
Rabbis reach out as tragedy and loss spread across the state
Son of a Tree of Life Victim Says Tefillin the Best Memorial to His Mother
North America
Asks Chabad’s partnership to encourage passersby to engage in the mitzvah
Pittsburgh Students Cite Jewish Unity as Key to Coping Since Attack
North America
Wide-ranging care and support from campus Chabad and college administration
Dear G-d, An Open Letter From a Jew in Pittsburgh
North America
‘It is time for a new day to dawn, a day that is entirely Shabbat’
Talmud Completion in a San Francisco Area Sukkah Transforms Grief to Joy
Holiday Watch
Remembering a departed father on Hoshana Rabbah by learning Torah
‘Tishrei in the Moment’: JEM’s Interactive Social-Media Season With the Rebbe
Holiday Watch
WhatsApp and Instagram add a contemporary touch to a timeless experience
Rabbis Tweet Pre-Yom Kippur Inspiration
Holiday Watch
Preparing their communities, online and off
The Heart and Soul of the Rebbe’s Teachings, Now in English
Book Bag
‘Bereishit’ the 728-page first volume of six-volume set of Likkutei Sichot
In Israel’s Holy City of Tiberias, A New Couple Arrives in Time for a New Year
Rosh Hashanah meal draws 50 people; 2,000 residents and visitors hear shofar
Gunman Kills 2 Outside German Synagogue During Yom Kippur Services
Some 80 worshippers barricade themselves inside; killer live-streams anti-Semitic diatribe
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