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Hanukkah begins Sunday evening, December 2, 2018
Lifecycle Events
On the third Jewish birthday of a Jewish boy, friends and community members are invited to a festive haircutting ceremony called an upshernish or chalakah.
Jewish Essentials
If your daughter cooks the most delicious chicken soup and kneidelach, you can tell her, "that was mamash geshmak (tasty).”
Jewish News
In the midst of back-to-back crises, people are helping neighbors, offering support
A Sign from Below (from the book “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”)

How do you know what you are meant to fix?

If you have a genuine need for this thing, then you know it awaits you to carry it to a higher place.

Reshimot 50, 51.
The heart of the Jewish mother
The Jewish Woman
Loving yourself and knowing your strengths are vital to being a successful person. Here's how to do it.
I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war
– Psalms 120:7
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