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The suite was very expensive and usually reserved for nobility. But the Rebbe Maharash did not flinch at the exorbitant price and was soon escorted to his rooms.
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How the Rebbe brought the mitzvahs of Sukkot to the streets
Appointments With G-d

The Etrog grows on its tree for an entire year.

It grows from the loving summer sunlight
and from the cold winter darkness.

It grows from the furious autumn winds
and from the caresses of spring rain.

From all that comes to it, it grows.

And that is beauty.

Be an Etrog.

The Jewish Woman
Infusing Meaning Into Everyday Moments
The month of Tishrei is divided into two basic parts, which differ from one another, yet complete each other, and also make it into one integral month that serves as an introduction and start of the... Video
The unity of all Jews derives from the fact that every Jewish soul is “an actual part of G-d Above.” Therefore, “Jewish unity” is not limited to Jews who are alive, but includes those who have passed...
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Campaign part of initiative that began 50 years ago during the Yom Kippur War Video
Sukkot is a Jewish holiday celebrated by taking off work, celebrating in a hut, and waving unusual bouquets. This video will give you the whole story.
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Daily celebrations to bring spiritual and material relief
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Hundreds of residents in upscale neighborhood attend Chabad outdoor services
Jewish News
Moving above and beyond division and divisiveness into a joyous New Year
Jewish Holidays
Sukkot is a weeklong festival celebrated by dwelling in the sukkah, taking the lulav and etrog and joyous feasting.
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Aleph Institute volunteers to visit 14 prisons around America
G-d's words to Adam, "Where are you?" (Genesis 3:9) is G-d's call to every man, every moment of time. Where are you in the world? -- G-d calls -- What have you accomplished? You have been allotted a certain number of days, hours, and minutes in which to fulfill your mission in life. You have lived so many years and so many days, hours and minutes. Where are you? What have you achieved?
– Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
Passing of R. Akiva Eiger (1837)
Passing of Rabbi Akiva Eiger (1761-1837), outstanding Talmudist and Halachic... Read More »
Passing of Rebbe Maharash (1882)
Tishrei 13 is the yahrtzeit of the fourth Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch, Rabbi Shmuel Schneersohn, known... Read More »
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