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Questions & Answers
Quiz yourself on some of the most common family names found among Ashkenazi Jews today.
Jewish Holidays
Wouldn’t this commandment make people hesitant to lend, knowing that the debtor could just run out the clock?
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
The Tabernacle with which the Israelites sojourned through the desert was entirely level, why would the Temple in Jerusalem need to be different?

To whom does a Jew pray?

Can He be described? Does He have a name?

No, there is no description with which to imagine Him, no name with which to grasp Him. Even the pronoun “Him” discloses too much to be true—as though He were something that is here or not here, hidden or revealed. As though He were only light.

But He...

Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Why would G-d need to send a prophet to test us and find out what He surely already knows? Video
What makes some foods kosher, and what does kosher mean?
Practical Mishneh Torah For This Week
Contemporary Voices
Chassidic teachings encourage us to learn from everything we encounter in life.
The Jewish Woman
I need to see beyond the consciousness of division. To stay present in reality.
Jewish News
A Chabad rabbi tells the story behind the pictures
The Jewish Woman
My life is a balancing act. I don’t see the two halves of myself as contradictory.
Questions & Answers
Should I try not to fulfill my mission so I can live, or do good deeds and die?
A kindness done to the dead is a true kindness, for one does not expect a favor in return
– Rashi's commentary on Genesis 47:30
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