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Parents are never satisfied to provide their children with the minimum, or even the average. For their own needs a father or mother might settle for less, but for their children they want only the...
Jewish News
After more than two decades in federal prison, he’s now an inspired advocate

The sages said about chutzpah, “Damned is the one who has it, and damned is the one who does not.”

Chutzpah makes a man into an idol. But without it, how can he change the world?

Our conscious mind must know it is nothing, and the power G‑d has placed in our heart may then burst forth.

Maamarei Admor Hazaken...
Extreme humility is sometimes confused with low self-esteem. For Moses, these were as different as day and night.
Jewish News
Millions still without power for second day in a row; cause not yet identified
Imagine a symphony of uncountable instruments, each playing its unique part in harmony and counterpoint. That's our world.
Confession, as of contrition and repentance, is not always sincere. But even the most insincere confession retains a special power to put one on the right track.
Jewish History
Nathan was a prominent prophet during the reign of King David and King Solomon.
Questions & Answers
The Mishnah tells us that women are generally exempt from all obligations that must be fulfilled at a specific time. Why is that?
Jewish History
According to tradition, the institution of the yeshivah predates even the giving of the Torah.
The Jewish Woman
There are many mothers and daughters-in-law who get along wonderfully. Expect to be one of them.
Jewish News
Musician and scholar transcribed and recorded historic ‘nigunim’
Jewish History
The world is to its Maker as the shell is to the tortoise.
Until recently, scientists believed that continuous exposure to stressful conditions would deteriorate health. Recently they’ve learned that things are not so simple.
Jewish News
Dozens were studying in a Chabad synagogue next door
Ethics & Morality
How does Jewish law approach this topic? What are the expectations, and in what circumstances can confidentiality be overridden?
Our Rebbe revives the dead. What is a corpse? Something cold and unfeeling. Life is movement, warmth, excitement. Is there anything as frozen in self-absorption, as cold and unfeeling as the mind? And when the cold-blooded mind understands, comprehends, and is excited by a G-dly idea - is this not a revival of the dead?
– The disciples of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
Noah's Ark Comes to Rest on Mt. Ararat (2105 BCE)
Seven months after the beginning of the Great Flood, and 17 days after the waters covering the earth... Read More »
Hasmonean Victory (circa 140 BCE)
The Hasmonean fighters recaptured Migdal Tzur from the Greek enemy and proclaimed this day a holiday... Read More »
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