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Jewish History
Can belief in G-d be counted as one of the 613 mitzvahs?
Daily Study
Join the cycle on Monday. Master the entire Torah in a year.
A special presentation in honor of Gimmel Tammuz, the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing.

Great things are not what is demanded from our generation. The previous generations did all that for us. We need only do the small things—but in a more difficult time.

For us, a simple change of habit to be a better person, or a quiet act of restraint to avoid something ugly—these are significant sacrifices that tip...

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Firsthand recollections of his visit to 770 one Simchat Torah with his father, Chaim Herzog, who was then Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. (1977)
Jewish News
Sichos in English publishes new translation and notes on ‘Hechaltzu’
I began to snap photos of the people on the street, even though it was clear that they didn’t want their pictures taken.
Jewish News
Day also marks conclusion of 40th cycle of study of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah Video
Rabbi Shlomo and Devorah Elkan, the co-directors of Chabad at Oberlin, one of the most progressive campus colleges, speak about their lives, what inspires them, and the challenges of today's...
Jewish News
Students in the township of Sparta get time to think about what’s important
Jewish History
See how well you know the life and works of this great sage.
Herman Wouk on His First Meeting With the Rebbe
Jewish News
Jewish lives lost to the coronavirus
It dawned on me that this is exactly what the Rebbe envisioned. And I am so thankful to be part of that vision.
Jewish News
70 JewQ champions gather in Bushkill, Pa., joined online by 800 from around the world
Health & Wellness
I am trying not to let my built-in judgmentalism take over …
When my master and teacher [R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi] was in a state of d'veikut (lit. "attachment," a trance-like state of ecstatic cleaving to G-d) he would cry out: "I want nothing at all! I don't want Your 'garden of eden,' I don't want Your 'world to come'... I want nothing but You alone."
– Related by Rabbi Schneur Zalman's grandson, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch
Passing of Rabbeinu Tam (1171)
Rabbi Yaakov ben Meir of Ramerupt (1100?-1171), known as "Rabbeinu Tam", was a grandson of Rashi... Read More »
Maharam Imprisoned (1286)
Rabbi Meir ben Baruch ("Maharam") of Rothenburg (1215?-1293), the great Talmudic commentator and... Read More »
Passing of R. Mendel Futerfas (1995)
As a young man, R. Mendel Futerfas (1906–1995) studied in the underground network of Yeshivat... Read More »
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