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Wouldn’t it be great if children came with a user manual?
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
If G‑d plants someone in your circle of influence who needs you, be there for them—even if it’s not your thing.
Jewish News
Names of six of seven victims, three Jewish, released; Rabbi says suspect visited synagogue earlier this year

How is it possible that any of the mitzvahs we do make sense to us?

They are, after all, connection points to G-d Himself. Before Him, the vast neural networks of our human brains and a cheap pocket calculator of the 70s are on equal standing.

God is beyond infinite. He is, as Maimonides writes, absolute existence....

Jewish News
Six killed, two of them Jewish, dozens hurt; gunman arrested
Jewish News
Accompanied by Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan, the visit marked the Rebbe’s 28th yahrtzeit
Contemporary Voices
Rights for Self-Determination Vs. Obligations for Spiritual Growth
Jewish News
General petition for a better world read at the Ohel
Questions & Answers
Psalms is a most beloved book, filled with prayers, praises, and prose. Compiled by David, it is an essential part of the Jewish Canon.
Jewish Quizzes
How much do you know about this summertime month? Take this quiz and find out!
Contemporary Voices
What can the American experience teach us about being Jewish?
Contemporary Voices
What motivates a person to donate an organ to a perfect stranger?
We are not celebrating the past, but something very real, in the present.
When a person comes to a Rebbe and seeks his counsel and assistance in dealing with a spiritual malady, the Rebbe must first find the same blemish, if only in the most subtle of forms, in his own soul; only then can the Rebbe help him to refine and perfect his self and character. This is the deeper significance of that which our sages have said, "the faults of a generation rest with its heads and leaders."
– Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch
Spanish Inquisition Abolished (1834)
On July 15, 1834, the Office of the Spanish Inquisition was abolished by the Queen Mother Maria... Read More »
Jews expelled from Genoa (1567)
Having become a virtual vassal of Spain, the Republic of Genoa expelled the Jews at the behest... Read More »
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