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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
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… and other nice things about Jewish Mothers
Questions & Answers
I envy people who have faith, with their strength and clarity. How can I acquire similar faith?

If you do His will only because it makes sense to you,
then what does it have to do with Him?

You are doing your will.
You’re back in prison.

The Jewish Woman
Judaism is not about disconnecting from the physical to reach the Divine, but bringing the Divine into the physical.
The Jewish Woman
So many times in my life I had planned out my future, and so many times I had been handed the unexpected. It struck me at that moment that I was experiencing the hand of G‑d literally reaching into...
Jewish News
She raised a large family while supporting her husband in many leadership roles
Indeed, you intended evil against me, but G‑d designed it for good.
– Joseph to his brothers, Genesis 50:20
Jews Prepare to Cross into Canaan (1273 BCE)
The Jewish nation mourned for thirty days following the passing of Moses. (During this time, Joshua... Read More »
In today's "Nasi" reading (see "Nasi of the Day" in Nissan 1), we read of the gift bought by the nasi... Read More »
Once a month, as the moon waxes in the sky, we recite a special blessing called Kiddush Levanah... Read More »
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