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Jewish News
A prolific, seminal thinker famed for monumental commentary on the Talmud
Jewish News
Yahrzeit 17 Menachem-Av

Much of what we know about nuclear energy can be applied to education:

  1. In normal times, it’s enough to tap into a student’s external energy. But in our times, as we approach a new era, we need to tap into the innermost, nuclear powers of the heart, mind and soul.
  2. Real change comes from within. The job of a teacher is...
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Challenged city’s response to Crown Heights riots, brother Yankel's murder
Mrs. Chana Sharfstein recalls one of her first private audiences with the Rebbe
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Losh - Kneading
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Goldstein, Schapiro, Landau, Posner, Isaacs, Schwartz, Weiss, Moskowitz, Goldberg, Rosenberg … the list goes on.
Jewish History
Mishneh Torah In-Depth, Article 3 - Deot
Questions & Answers
Why was it originally written in Aramaic, not Hebrew? And why is it still written in that language today?
Jewish News
Record sales amid synagogue attendance limits and self-quarantining
Educate the child in accordance with his way, so that also when he grows old he will not depart from it
– Proverbs 22:6
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