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Questions & Answers
Accompanying the deceased to his or her final resting place is a tremendous mitzvah and displays great respect. See how much you know about Jewish funerals with this quiz.
Jewish History
Rabbi Yisrael Friedman of Ruzhin (1796-1850)
Jewish News
Wedding came during the yearly FSU-wide Yachad Torah-study program trip

Look deeply and you will see that the Torah does not know of man and woman as separate beings.

Each act is performed once through a single body—a body that in our world may appear as two, but which the Torah sees as one.

On the contrary, for both to be assigned the same mitzvah would be redundant, for why should one...

Jewish News
New mikvah opening Sunday, Oct. 24, highlights community growth
The Jewish Woman
I must not allow myself to get so caught up in the decisions and demands before me that I forget that my human input is merely a physical container into which G‑d’s blessings can flow.
Jewish History
One of the most interesting women in the Bible is Hagar, Abraham's second wife, and the mother of Ishmael. How much do you know about her?
Jewish News
New volume spurs worldwide study of Shaar HaBitachon (‘The Gate of Trust’)
The Jewish Woman
We knew that if we were to continue our journey in Judaism, we must find a community. Video
Want to know what Judaism is? Start with this fun video.
Kabbalah Online
A tale of a tzadik saved by a zealous disciple.
Questions & Answers
The custom of giving round foods is learned from Jacob, who cooked a pot of lentils.
Lifecycle Events
I just didn’t see G‑d in the picture at all.
One who learns Torah in order to teach, is given the opportunity to learn and teach. One who learns in order to do, is given the opportunity to learn, teach, observe and do.
– Ethics of the Fathers 4:5
Assassination of Meir Kahane
Born in 1932, Meir Kahane was a controversial American-Israeli rabbi and activist. In 1968, he... Read More »
Pittsburgh Tree of Life Massacre
On Shabbat morning, Cheshvan 18, 5779 (Oct. 27, 2018), Pittsburgh’s peaceful Jewish enclave of... Read More »
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