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Jewish Holidays
Thinking about what it is and what we do with it
Jewish Holidays
Here's the basic info you need
Jewish History
Once exceptionally wealthy, Avigdor was now poverty-stricken. Mr. Tzaddok, once a pauper, had come into great wealth.

On Rosh Hashanah all things return to their origin.

Your soul, too, returns to its origin.

And from there you can start to rebuild your entire being.

The Jewish Woman
There are so many stress triggers in our often overwhelming lives. Living an authentic Jewish life helps reduce our stress while heightening our spirituality.
Questions & Answers
Nefilat Apayim in Tachnun
Jewish Holidays
Brush up on basic facts, traditions, and more associated with the Jewish New Year.
Jewish News
Separate Jewish journeys culminate in a difficult, but rewarding, effort
Jewish Holidays
Squeezing Out the Jewish Heart
The Chabad.org Blog
The Chabad.org Siddur App brings you complete Selichot prayers
Jewish Holidays
Is it possible we've gotten these holidays all wrong?
Jewish News
City’s first ritual bath in 90 years a certain sign of Jewish revival
The Jewish Woman
The financial problems that began back in 2008 didn’t just dissipate overnight. There’s been a lot of work involved. But, the greatest and most important work has been to stay the course, with...
They hung it from two poles, each with two men at each end; thus it required eight men to carry the cluster of grapes. One man carried a fig, and one a pomegranate
– Rashi on Numbers 13:23, describing how the Spies brought back the fruit of the Land of Canaan
Passing of R. Yaakov Moelin (the Maharil) (1427)
R. Yaakov Moelin, known as the Maharil, was recognized as the supreme halachic authority for... Read More »
As the last month of the Jewish year, Elul is traditionaly a time of introspection and stocktaking ... Read More »
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