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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
The Jewish Woman
Standing next to the small table with prepared candles, I saw a young girl hiding in the shadows.
Jewish News
Chabad of Japan to provide prayers, Torah study, mitzvahs, kosher food and a home away from home
Kosher Cooking
Classic Israeli Egg Dish

There are three forms of enlightened life:

One is life upon a wild beast. Only that the inner self is awake, and that innerness is joined by a great light from Above, so that eyes stay on the road, with mind, words and limbs working together to reach their destination.

There are many levels to this rung, but all are...

Jewish News
Neighbors of all backgrounds step up to help a grieving family
The Alter Rebbe assures us in Tanya that the efforts of those who follow in his ways, inspiring their fellow Jews to return to G-d, will have an “eternal” effect.
The bulk of the Talmudic texts contain analysis of Biblical verses and Torah law, but it’s interspersed with everything from medical advice to stories, from folk sayings to fabric dying tips.
The Jewish Woman
Can you be fully immersed if you are taking a picture?
One of the 613 commandments is to recount the Exodus from Egypt every single day. It is imperative for the success of a Jew’s daily mission to live with the consciousness that today he is witnessing...
At the core of idolatry lurks a reptilian coldness to life. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Va’era)
This commentary on the Mishnah is labeled “Gemara,” but this does not seem to have always been the case.
The Jewish Woman
When I turned on the water, the pipes made a loud, unwelcoming noise, and a brown-looking liquid burst out of the faucet.
Jewish Stories
“The only question is,” the Rebbe murmured, “will that be before or after the incident?”
Mitzvahs & Traditions
When ancient farming laws meet cutting edge agriculture
Chapter 21 of Positivity Bias
Fix yourself up first, and then fix up others
– Talmud, Bava Kama 107b
According to Rabbi Judah (cited in the Talmud, Bava Metzia 106b), Tevet 29 marks the end of winter.... Read More »
Passing of R. Yitzchak Kaduri (2006)
Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, known in recent years as "the eldest of the Kabbalists," in the Holy Land... Read More »
Jews of Tripoli Saved (1795)
In 1793, Tripoli (in what is now Libya) fell under the rule of the cruel Ali Burghul, who took... Read More »
Starting in the afternoon, Tachanun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are... Read More »
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