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Jewish Life
What is the likelihood of an Orthodox woman born in Brooklyn donating a kidney to a non-observant man from Ukraine in a hospital in Tel Aviv?
Both of Joseph’s dreams came true: Eleven brothers prostrated themselves to Joseph, and they bowed again after Jacob and Bilha joined them.

Water and oil both represent wisdom.

Water represents the wisdom of life in this world, a wisdom that flows from the tallest mountain to the lowest valley, from the highest cloud to the deepest ocean floor. In all things, that wisdom breathes, telling us how to live, how to bring harmony into this world.


Jewish Holidays
Test your menorah knowledge!
Jewish News
Celebration caps a year of unprecedented Jewish growth at the Ivy League college
Jewish News
It is kindled for 43rd year in outdoor ceremony on White House Ellipse
Jewish News
Chabad averts a national menorah shortage amid current shipping crisis
Jewish News
Fenster marks his personal Chanukah miracle with his hometown community
Jewish News
Rabbi Shmuly and Freidy Hecht provide material and spiritual sustenance to all
Jewish Holidays
When we kindle our Chanukah candles each year, the light that glows is the spirit of faith and determination of the Maccabees. Video
The dreidel teaches us how to break out of preconceived notions in how we view our world, ourselves, and others.
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Even in Egypt, Joseph remained committed to the religion of his youth and the G‑d of his forefathers. What was his secret?
Books & Publications
A printable companion to help you celebrate Chanukah Video
"Thirteen years ago, my parents made two big announcements..." Yakov Danzinger shares what life is like in Rostov, Russia – offering an inside view as the son of the Chabad emissaries there. This...
Jewish News
Menorahs great and small brighten the world
Jewish News
In a city targeted by neo-Nazis with ‘Vax the Jews’ message, Chabad is undeterred
Jewish News
Jewish pride will be on full display from hardwood to ice
Jewish Holidays
How well do you know the story of Chanukah? Take this quiz to find out!
Jewish wealth is not houses and gold. The everlasting Jewish wealth is: Being Jews who keep Torah and Mitzvot, and bringing into the world children and grandchildren who keep Torah and Mitzvot
– Hayom Yom, Nissan 9
Flood rains cease (2105 BCE)
The forty days and nights of rainfall which covered the face of earth with water in Noah's time ended... Read More »
3rd Day of Chanukah Miracle (139 BCE)
On the 25th of Kislev in the year 3622 from creation, the Maccabees liberated the Holy Temple in... Read More »
Passing of R. Chaim of Tchernovitz (1817)
Rabbi Chaim of Tchernovitz (1760-1817) was a disciple of the Maggid of Mezritch and of Rabbi Yechiel... Read More »
2nd liberation of R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1800)
Two years after his arrest and liberation in 1798 (see entries for "Kislev 19" and here), Rabbi... Read More »
In commemoration of the miracle of Chanukah we kindle the Chanukah lights—oil lamps or candles—each... Read More »
Special prayers of thanksgiving -- Hallel (in its full version) and V'Al HaNissim -- are added to the... Read More »
On Chanukah we eat foods fried in oil—such as latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiot (doughnuts) ... Read More »
It is customary to play dreidel—a game played with a spinning top inscribed with the Hebrew letters... Read More »
It is an age-old custom to distribute gifts of Chanukah gelt ("Chanukah money") to children on... Read More »
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