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The Jewish Woman
Instead of hearing the sound of a crying baby, I heard hysteria in the room as the doctors struggled to gain access to your airway.
Jewish News
Oxford MBA talks about combining business and spiritual development in sub-Saharan Africa
What has been published is only a small fraction of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak’s writings.

If you are an upright person, then “G‑d will bless you in everything you do.”

Note, however, that it says you must do. We are meant to work through the processes of the material world.

Why? Because this is the means by which the world is enlightened: the spiritual must invest itself into the mundane.

And this can...

Lifecycle Events
Learn what kabbalah has to say on marriage, becoming one, love, and intimacy.
Jewish News
Cause of blaze is under investigation
Jewish History
You don’t need to be Sephardic!
Jewish News
1907 synagogue, one of Argentina’s first, open again after years of neglect
Chapter 7 of Positivity Bias
Jewish Holidays
Why Is Deuteronomy 5 Different From Exodus 20?
We forge many relationships throughout the course of our lives, but only one is featured in the ten commandments: The mitzvah to honor one’s parents. From the moment we’re born to the day that we...
Why was the Torah given in the desert? For if it were given in the Land of Israel, the residents of the Land of Israel would say, "It is ours"; and if it were given in some other place, the residents of that place would say, "It is ours." Therefore it was given in the wilderness, so that anyone who wishes to acquire it may acquire it...
– Mechilta D'Rashbi
Western Lamp Extinguished (c. 578 BCE)
Every evening, the priest would kindle the seven lights of the menorah in the Holy Temple.... Read More »
Hebron Massacre (1929)
Sixty-seven Jewish men, women and children were slaughtered, and scores wounded, raped and maimed, by... Read More »
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