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Jewish News
Lots of new faces in places like New York’s West Village, Montana’s Flathead Valley, St. Lucia
There is more than one way to minimize the spiritual distance between oneself and G-d. Some of these ways will become obsolete in the Messianic era. But the way of gratitude has no expiry date.

Because you did not serve G‑d your G‑d with joy and gladness over the abundance of everything. (Deuteronomy 28:47)

Imagine you were just bequeathed a treasury containing most of the world’s wealth.

Imagine the thrill coursing through your veins, the celebration you would throw.

That is the joy of a single...

Jewish News
Chana and Rabbi Levi Banon have served the Jewish community in Casablanca for a decade
Jewish Holidays
G-d hardwired us to see our lives as mundane and contained within the so-called laws of nature, so that we are compelled to search Him out and find purpose, even where it seems there is none, within...
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
You “make” mistakes; however, you yourself are not the mistake.
Daily Dose of Wisdom
..because happiness is serious business
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Jews have always understood the power of mindful eating.
Jewish News
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz grateful for ‘stream of pictures and videos’
Jewish News
Community reeling from attack that claimed 50 lives and left dozens more injured
Jewish News
The attack also took the life of a19-year-old IDF soldier
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