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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
Jewish News
The country’s 15 Chabad emissary couples help reassure residents and tourists
Chapter 22 of Positivity Bias
Jewish News
Henry Eisen cites the ‘warmth of Chabad’ in decision to affirm his Judaism

There are infinite worlds beyond ours and beyond the worlds of the angels, all full of divine light, beauty and oneness.

But know also that all this was brought into being with a single purpose: G‑d desires to be at home within your mundane world.

Jewish History
The Jewish calendar is the structure upon which all Jewish holidays are based. It follows the lunar cycle, which means that the year comprises 12 lunar months (of approximately 29.5 days each).
Jewish News
Hundreds gather for a vibrant Shabbaton weekend
The Jewish Woman
Standing next to the small table with prepared candles, I saw a young girl hiding in the shadows.
At the core of idolatry lurks a reptilian coldness to life. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Va’era)
This commentary on the Mishnah is labeled “Gemara,” but this does not seem to have always been the case.
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Jewish mysticism teaches us that the differences between the sun and the moon are not just physical, but spiritual. This polarity is not merely about being a man or a woman; rather, these energies...
How to resolve conflict while improving yourself.
The Jewish Woman
I’ve dated for many years, but am still looking for my soulmate. What more can I do?
One of the 613 commandments is to recount the Exodus from Egypt every single day. It is imperative for the success of a Jew’s daily mission to live with the consciousness that today he is witnessing...
Jewish News
Chabad of Japan to provide prayers, Torah study, mitzvahs, kosher food and a home away from home
Kosher Cooking
Classic Israeli Egg Dish
Blue resembles the sea, and the sea resembles heaven, and heaven resembles the Divine throne
– Talmud, Sotah 17a
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