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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
It must have been bubbling on the fire since antiquity!
The Jewish Woman
Economists have proven that happiness does not increase after reaching a certain income level.
The Jewish Woman
Lessons From a Caterpillar’s Transformation

From a letter:

Even if all your complaints about your spouse are well-founded and valid
—show her your love, nevertheless. Show her unconditional love.

It is said that all our exile is due to the sin of senseless, unwarranted hatred.
When each one of us will start with unwarranted, unconditional love in our own domain...

Jewish Holidays
The fast of the 17th of Tammuz commemorates five tragic events that occurred on that date. The first dates back to the times of Moses . . .
This fast day begins a period of sadness in the Jewish calendar. Learn what happened on this day and how it is observed.
Jewish News
It's never the answer you would expect.
Chapter 3 of Positivity Bias
Questions & Answers
There are four general customs regarding how to pronounce this name.
The Jewish Woman
After all the hard work of labor and recovery, having a brit only eight days later can be overwhelming.
Mitzvahs & Traditions
The Fast of Gedaliah, 10 Tevet, Fast of Esther, and 17 Tammuz
Jewish Holidays
Despite their connection with energies of destruction, these three weeks are, on a deeper level, permeated with powerfully positive spiritual influences as well.
There is a singular people, scattered and divided among the nations in all the provinces of your kingdom; and their laws are different from those of all nations...
– Haman to Achashverosh, Esther 3:8
Passing of Rabbi Avraham Chaim Na’eh ( 1954)
Rabbi Avraham Chaim Na'eh (1890-1954) was born in Hebron to Rabbi Menachem Mendel Na'eh, a... Read More »
During the Three Weeks, from 17th of Tamuz to the 9th of Av, we commemorate the conquest of... Read More »
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