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Jewish Stories
“Just as your union began with feasting, let your parting of ways be similarly celebrated.”
Jewish Holidays
The night their father left town, his sons reminisced about their shared childhood, and the messages stressed in their home...
Jewish News
In novels, plays and nonfiction books, Wouk displayed the burning flame of Jewish life, belief and practice

In our times, it is crucial that every Jew who knows anything must be a teacher to others.

If you know alef-bet, teach alef-bet.

If you know only alef, find someone to teach alef.

But all must teach.

12 Tammuz 5736.

Jewish News
Additional Ruderman grant enables progress to continue for next two years
Our entire existence is on loan from G-d. The question is, can we make the divine loan into a divine investment?
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
The Yovel (Jubilee) year took place every 50 years. The fields were left fallow, slaves were freed, and land was returned.
The Jewish Woman
I know it gives them strength. I certainly know it gives me strength. But what exactly is the strength that we tap into by saying, “G‑d willing, you can; I can?”
Jewish Holidays
Why do we play with a bow and arrow on the Jewish holiday of Lag BaOmer?
Jewish News
Ceremony also a tribute to first responders; Community members inscribe final letters
The Jewish Woman
Our sages tell us that peace is the greatest blessing, and that it’s what G‑d wants most for and from us.
They shall make for Me a Sanctuary, and I shall dwell amidst them.
– Exodus 25:8
Passing of Maharam of Rothenberg (1293)
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Goebbels Committed Suicide (1945)
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