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Nachas, joy from our children and grandchildren, is among the sweetest pleasures a Jew can hope for.
Jewish Essentials
15 fascinating facts about this enchanting city.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Devarim

A passive life is an anxious life.

A healthy life is a life that makes a difference, making an impact on all around, uplifting them and bringing in more light.

The Jewish Woman
You can’t move up the ladder by yearning for a life of ease. And so, while our forefathers and mothers didn’t have easy lives, they had profoundly meaningful and spiritual lives—lives that charted...
Jewish News
Neighboring the presidential palace, Chabad builds on rich history
"They shall make for Me a sanctuary, and I will dwell amidst them" (Exodus 25:8). The verse does not say, "and I will dwell within it," but "and I will dwell within them" -- within each and every one of them.
– Shelah (Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz, 1565-1630) )
During the “Nine Days" from Av 1st to the Ninth of Av, we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple.... Read More »
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