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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
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matzah is lechem oni—“poor man's bread”
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Is the Haggadah really meant to be read this way? Maybe…

The wise child asks the same question each year, again and again.

That is wisdom: To ask a question of perpetual wonder.

Even once it is answered, today is another Exodus. Today the wonder is renewed.

The Jewish Woman
Building Our Nation
Jewish News
Thousands of queries on Jewish law and life as coronavirus spreads
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Helping inner-city seniors especially vulnerable to pandemic
Chabad.org Video
Pre-Passover Inspiration with Rabbi YY Jacobson in honor of Nissan 11
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Q&A with the volume’s author, Dr. Aryeh Solomon
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With most synagogues shuttered and communities in lockdown, how is a firstborn to proceed?
Jewish Holidays
Please share how you are getting ready, emotionally, spiritually, and practically
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Tens of thousands of students mourn a master teacher of extraordinary scholarship and spirit
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I could not have foreseen was that I literally would be sitting alone in a world that has plunged us all into isolation.
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The Haggadah is said to be the most widely printed Jewish book. Throughout the ages, Jews have been holding Passover Seders using it. Here is but a small sampling of historical Haggadahs.
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How well do you know this food?
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Adults, collegians, teens and kids prepare for the holiday
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Quarantine and contact restrictions spur increased activity
Celebrating the birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Jewish Holidays
“Rebbe!” she cried. “I swear that I won’t move from here until you command Heaven to bless me with a child!”
Jewish News
A leader of Chabad’s Lishkas Ezras Achim for decades
The Rebbe’s Talk from His 83rd Birthday
Jewish News
A New Orleans ‘Bubby’ who lived in Brooklyn, N.Y.
The glory of G-d will be revealed. And all flesh will see that the mouth of G-d has spoken
– Isaiah 40:5
Abraham's Brit (1714 BCE)
According to one account in the Midrash, on the 13th of Nissan of the year 2048 from creation (1714... Read More »
Haman's Decree (357 BCE)
In the 12th year of his reign (357 BCE), King Achashverosh of Persia endorsed Haman's plan "to... Read More »
Passing of R. Joseph Caro (1575)
Nissan 13 is the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Joseph Caro (1488-1575), author of the Shulchan... Read More »
Passing of Tzemach Tzeddek (1866)
The third Rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn of Lubavitch (1789-1866; known as the... Read More »
After reading the "Nasi" describing the gifts brought by the princes of the 12 Tribes of Israel for... Read More »
In preparation for the festival of Passover, in which even the possession of any form of leavened... Read More »
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