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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
Questions & Answers
Take this quiz to see how well you know the various mitzvot that are done daily in the life of a Jew.
Chabad.org Video
The Kabbalah of creating a world and charging your phone.
The Jewish Woman
I am working on taking Him with me wherever I go and to make Him relevant in every part of my life, even the mundane parts.

Why do we count up on Chanukah? Why not count down?

Because the foolish mistakes we make in life all fade and disappear.

But the light of our mitzvahs accumulates, shining each day more and more.

Jewish Holidays
He rarely experienced kindness from strangers, and the little menorah had brought so much light to his life. Perhaps, he thought, they could help him.
Jewish Holidays
Novelty has given way to boredom. Excitement to anxiety. It’s become the staycation that never ends. How can I feel joy during this Festival of Lights when I’m home alone again?
Jewish History
See how much you really know about our fourth matriarch, Leah!
Jewish Life
"Father of the Jewish Internet" (yahrtzeit: 12 Kislev)
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
A Boring Life Can Be Terrible. A Drastic Move is Sometimes in Order—and Sometimes It’s Not
Lifecycle Events
Is marriage worth the sacrifice?
Jewish News
Professor Stephen Shore learns, prays, dines and does mitzvahs at Chabad centers worldwide
Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism
In this world, we cannot attain absolute perfection, absolute truth, or absolute good. What is required of us is an incredibly difficult form of existence. We must live continually with partial...
Jewish Stories
"That night I could not sleep. Early in the morning, I returned to the store to witness with my own eyes how G-d would help."
Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism
Far from home, Jacob now must struggle to maintain his inner spirituality.
With whom did G-d consult (when He said "Let us make man")? He consulted with the souls of the righteous
– Midrash Rabbah, Bereishit 8:7
Noah’s Ark Comes to Rest on Mount Ararat (2104 BCE)
On this day, the bottom of Noah's ark, submerged 11 cubits beneath the water's surface, touched down... Read More »
Pulver Purim (1804)
"Pulver Purim" was established by Rabbi Avraham Danzig (1748-1820) author of the halachic works... Read More »
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