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Here was genuine culture, a living tradition, a way of preparing for Tisha B’Av that I had never experienced before. It was an awakening, a discovery of origins. This is where hotdogs come from
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Turn confrontation into friendship

People imagine that since G‑d is not physical, therefore He must be in heaven. But the heavens—and all things spiritual—are just as much creations as the earth. Less dissonant, more harmonious, more lucid—but finite realms nonetheless.

G‑d is not found in a place because it is big enough to contain Him or so magnificent ...

Kosher Cooking
Kasha Varnishkes is a classic Jewish comfort food—an Eastern European Ashkenazi favorite.
Jewish News sits down with the team behind Make Peace: A Strategic Guide to Achieving Peace in the Land of Israel
Hebrew Word of the Week
The Line Between Exile and Redemption
Jewish History
Known as the "Light of the Diaspora,” he was the first major leader of Ashkenazi Jewry.
Questions & Answers
Some animals seem to detect illnesses and exhibit strange behaviors before an earthquake.
Jewish History
Learn about the resourcful and brave chassid who worked night and day to extricate the Sixth Rebbe from Soviet imprisonment.
Jewish News
First time Ukraine is honoring a rabbi in such a way Video
Yossi Kulek, a Chabad on Campus rabbi, shares how the Rebbe's guidance helped him overcome racism.
The Snake was cursed that it will "eat dust all the days of your life" (Genesis 3:14). But why is it a curse to have one's food everywhere, at all times? Because the fact that our livelihood is not readily available to us, and we are in constant communication with G-d to request our daily bread--that's life's greatest blessing.
– Chassidic master Rabbi Bunem of Peshischa (1767-1827)
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