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Questions & Answers
What happens when you die? Where do you go? Is it scary?
Jewish News
As search and rescue continues, local rabbis and volunteers assist survivors
Questions & Answers
Do you know Genesis from Jeremiah, and Leviticus from Lamentations? Here’s your chance to test your smarts.

“Jacob! Your tents are so good!” (Balak 24:5)

Bilam was the most powerful shaman of all time. King Balak paid him handsomely to lay his curses on the Jewish people.

But when Bilam observed the Jewish people and saw that the openings of their tents did not face one another…

…meaning that they weren’t prodding into...

Jewish News
Now available for streaming, event attracted tens of thousands online and in-person
Jewish History
Honoring 12 Tammuz, birthday and anniversary of liberation of the sixth Rebbe.
Health & Wellness
The goal is a month or so at this center, then sober living, and then home.
Jewish Stories
“My pockets are practically empty,” the man said. “I only have one coin left.”
Jewish News
U.S. Army Chaplain (Capt.) Menachem Stern invited to Arlington ceremony
The Jewish Woman
The black holes that G‑d sends our way are not always easy to avoid.
Jewish News
Among a handful of liberal arts schools with certified kosher dining halls
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
There’s a secret reason the Jewish people have always wanted Moshiach, and that reason is very relevant to your life, right here, and right now.
Jewish News
Leonard Holtz found an archive of letters in a shoebox. Then he and his wife gave it to the Chabad Library
Long before his bar mitzvah, the Previous Rebbe was already preoccupied with doing acts of kindness. At age eleven he established a free-loan fund, allowing him to help the needy in a dignified...
"And all the nations of the world will see that the Name of G-d is upon you and they will fear you" (Deuteronomy 28:10) -- this refers to the tefillin on the head
– Talmud, Berachot 6a
Jews of Schaffhausen (Switzerland) Burned at the Stake (1401)
After the postilion (coach driver) of the governor killed the four-year-old son of a councilor... Read More »
Passing of Rabbi Yosef Trani (1639)
Rabbi Yosef Trani, known as the Maharit (1568-1639), was born in Safed and married a descendant of... Read More »
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