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The Hightlight of the 12th Annual Cteen Shabbaton
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Terumah.
Jewish News
Completing a six-year study of book based on Kabbalistic texts from Rabbi Isaac Luria

Everything can be done with joy.

Even remorse can be with joy.

Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism
Because it’s a good way to get things done, because it’s a good thing to do, because it’s a happy time, and because of a fourth reason that’s not really a reason.
Jewish News
She was a lifelong leader in Jewish outreach
The Chabad.org Blog
Join Rochel Shmukler on an interactive spiritual journey where you can study, discuss and apply the revolutionary ideas of Tanya
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Somehow, we’ve lost touch with the place more important to our people than any other . . .
Jewish News
Prayers, Torah classes and welfare programs continue in Italy amid fears of virus
Chapter 25 of Positivity Bias
Jewish Life
As thousands of well-wishers around the world prepare to celebrate Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz's 48th birthday, Yitzi shared these heartfelt words with our readers.
Learn all about the traveling tabernacle
The Jewish Woman
My mother-in-law had wanted me to find a publisher for the content of her five notebooks that she filled with vignettes, quotes and her philosophy on family and faith. Not only that—she had the major...
Ten things were created at twilight of Shabbat eve: the mouth of the earth [that swallowed Korach]; the mouth of [Miriam's] well; the mouth of [Balaam's] ass; the rainbow; the manna; [Moses'] staff; the shamir; the writing, the inscription and the tablets [of the Ten Commandments]. Some say also the burial place of Moses and the ram of our father Abraham. And some say also the spirits of destruction as well as the original tongs, for tongs are made with tongs
– Ethics of the Fathers 5:6
Second Temple Completed (349 BCE)
The joyous dedication of the second Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash) on the site of the 1st Temple in... Read More »
Passing of R. Mordechai Jaffe (the Levush) (1612)
R. Mordechai Jaffe served as the rabbi of numerous communities in Poland and Lithuania. Among his... Read More »
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