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Perla Zaltzman lost her daughter Mussia in a drowning accident. She opens up about how she coped with the trauma; how the loss impacted her family, her community, and herself; and how she honors her d...
How Purim emphasizes the feminine aspect of Torah, which was missing until then.
Hebrew Word of the Week
Nature's Façade

Some people think there is no conflict between their work and their time for study, meditation and prayer.

But, on the contrary, they complement one another:

Start your day by connecting it to Torah—the day shines and all its parts work in synchronicity.

Work honestly, carrying the morning’s inspiration in your heart—a...

Jewish News
With rising antisemitism on campus, students laud school’s involvement
“Yisrael! We have good news and bad news. Bad news: we’re way out of our four-block radius. Good news: we’re five minutes away from the one house that we were not planning on going to!”
Mitzvahs & Traditions
The evening following Shabbat has particular significance. It is associated with Prophet Elijah & the final Redemption.
Questions & Answers
This amulet of a hand, often with an open eye, is common in some Jewish circles. Is it kosher?
Jewish Quizzes
A biblical character who was a father of nations, how much do you know about Ishmael? 
Jewish History
Do you know how many times the Israelites were counted in the desert?
Jewish News
A family’s dedication to preserving Jewish life wherever they live
The world is built upon kindness
– Psalms 89:15
Passing of 1st Rebbe of Ger (1866)
Chassidic Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Altar (1799-1866), author of Chiddushei Harim (a commentary on the Talmu... Read More »
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