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Jewish News
The Jewish president was joined by Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis serving Ukraine
Chanukah - Hanukkah
Learn about the evil king who oppressed the Jews and defiled the Temple in the Chanukah story.
Jewish News
In 1973 the Rebbe called for increased Chanukah awareness. The rest is history

There are dark jewels in this world that can be salvaged, purified and taken as precious bounty for the good.

And there is darkness itself, the absence of light, that must only wait its time to expire.

How can we tell between them?

If the darkness fights back, there is hope.

It means there is something there... Video
Join in with Jews in Jerusalem, Berlin, Washington, and more!
Jewish News
Amid war and antisemitism, menorah-lightings illuminate the world
Hebrew Word of the Week
Proudly Humble
Get ready to test your skills. Can you identify kosher animals?
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
We have the power to make our kids aware that G-d is watching them with love.
Jewish News
70,000 from Gaza and Lebanon borders living in city’s hotels
Chanukah - Hanukkah
Whether it was a silver goblet, an ornate spice box, or the Shabbat candlesticks, all they could do was acknowledge the disappearance
Chanukah - Hanukkah
Add Another Candle Each Night
Jewish News
Chancellor Olaf Scholz makes history and sends a ‘powerful message of solidarity’
Jewish News
Soldiers light, pray, sing and dance with Chabad on the Festival of Lights
The Jewish Woman
On the windowsill stood a silver candelabra large enough to hold nine candles and a box of tall candles. I understood I was being initiated into a rite I hadn’t known existed until that moment.
Jewish News
War in Israel, antisemitism at home spur greater engagement than ever
Halachah for Life
Successfully navigate electronic doors and sensors, carrying, and other challenges.
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Life Lessons From the Parshah - Vayeshev Video
After spending two days in her "safe room”, Michla and her family evacuated. They've now been spending the past 50+ days in a hotel room, having given their home to the IDF troops.
Among the religions of the world there are various customs, and they do not all gather in the same house [of worship]. We, however, have but one G-d, one Torah, one law, one Kohen Gadol and one Sanctuary; yet you, two hundred and fifty men, all desire the High Priesthood! I, too, desire it!
– Moses to Korach and his followers (Midrash Tanchuma on Numbers 16:10)
2nd Day of Chanukah Miracle (139 BCE)
On the 25th of Kislev in the year 3622 from creation, the Maccabees liberated the Holy Temple in... Read More »
Raavad's Passing (1198)
Rabbi Avraham ben David of Posquieres (Provence), known by the acronym "Raavad">, wrote the famed... Read More »
Oldest US Synagogue Dedicated (1763)
On this date, the "Touro Synagogue" was dedicated in Newport, Rhode Island. The synagogue, named... Read More »
This Shabbat is Shabbat Mevarchim ("the Shabbat that blesses" the new month): a special prayer is... Read More »
Special prayers of thanksgiving -- Hallel (in its full version) and V'Al HaNissim -- are added to the... Read More »
In commemoration of the miracle of Chanukah we kindle the Chanukah lights -- oil lamps or candles... Read More »
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