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Passover is coming!   —  we're here to help!
Passover (Pesach)
See what you know about the afikoman.
Passover (Pesach)
There’s a strategy for handling crazy challenges like this. It’s called flying higher. Even if you’re a guest, your upbeat mood and friendliness can reset the scene.
A Case Study of How Rabbinic Theorists Adjudicate Uncertainties

Our sages taught, “G-d only tells us to do that which He does Himself.”

He tells us to open the door on the nights of Passover. It must be that He does the same.

On the nights of Passover, the One Above opens every door and every gateway for every single Jew.

Regardless of whatever you have done over the past ye...

Jewish News
Chabad-led #SeatAtTheSeder campaign brings hostages’ plight to thousands of Passover tables
Passover (Pesach)
The timeless guide to Seder night; how well do you know the Haggadah?
Celebrating the birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
A story from the newly reworked classic, "To Know and To Care"
Passover (Pesach)
Learn about the last food we consume on Seder night.
Jewish News
After trial period in Tel Aviv, Super HaTzinor opens its doors permanently to serve a diverse community
Passover (Pesach)
Use this online form to sell your chametz for Passover.
Passover (Pesach)
The Hagagadah is alive, and nothing that’s alive can be made to fit into neat parcels.
Passover (Pesach)
Check your pet food to ensure it has no chametz ingredients. Video
Watch the Rebbe’s call to find the “fifth child,” the one who is not yet even at the Seder Table. This is the time to invite him or her to celebrate the freedom of our People.
Jewish News
White House highlights nation’s dedication to character-building education
Jewish News
A Caribbean rabbi’s detour leads to unlikely Jewish connections in Guyana
The Blog
Just in time for Passover, based on feedback from thousands of users, the app has been fully revamped, upgraded, and redesigned.
The difference between a sports fan and a player on the team is that the fan who loses interest in the game, can leave in the middle. We can either regard ourselves as players on G-d's team, or as mere fans in the bleachers.
– The Lubavitcher Rebbe
Maimonides Born (1135)
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