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Some people are grateful because they are happy. But in truth, we are happy because we are grateful.
Prayer is an exercise of the imagination.
. . . but why he had to marry also Leah
A Lesson From Parshat Vayeitzei
The Magazine
Stories of Return
My new name held a softness to it, yet lent strength to my effort to heal and begin to live life again as a whole, and wholly new, person.
How can this family survive the rest of this corona without a functioning mother? Will I fall apart? Don’t I need to stay strong and make this all work somehow?
Life Story
It’s not often that we learn of the complexity of someone’s circumstances or what role we play in seemingly random occurrences.

Did you notice that the days are getting shorter and the nights darker and colder? The winter season and the shortest daytime hours is already, or will soon be, upon us.

In this week’s Torah portion, we are introduced to two of our matriarchs, the sisters Rachel and Leah.

Rachel is a beautiful woman, the woman whom our patriarch Yaakov instantly loves. She is described as “beautiful and...

I needed direction and strength to propel me on my way to living a Jewish life. What better way to start than with two names connoting determination, rock-solid Jewish faith and the founding of an entire nation.
— Why I Choose to Use My Jewish Name
Handy Household Hacks
Better Pasta

Don’t rinse your pasta after cooking. The pasta will taste watery, and the water coating will prevent the sauce from adhering fully.

Husband’s Reaction

Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did.

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