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Day by day, we are moving closer and closer to this final integration.
Time in Thought
Each of the vessels of the Temple served as an expression of G‑d’s relationship with the world.
Video Class
Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 1, mishnah 1
Although Moses is not completely reconciled to his death in the desert (as we will see later in the Parshah of Va’etchanan), he can not leave the world in peace without knowing that his people will...
The Magazine
After all the hard work of labor and recovery, having a brit only eight days later can be overwhelming.
Money Matters
Economists have proven that happiness does not increase after reaching a certain income level.
Life Lessons
Lessons From a Caterpillar’s Transformation

"Just look the other way!"

"Live and let live!"

"What's it to you, anyway?"

These are the mantras of our age of impersonalization…

Mind your own business, we tell ourselves. It's not your place to mix in, friends admonish one another. Even parents follow suit. And neighbors scrupulously defend these mottos. We feel it is wrong to interfere with issues that are not our own.

Tolerance and...

Money and happiness seemingly exist on totally different planes. Money lives in the physical plane, while happiness lives in the spiritual realm. One is bound by the finite, in the world of the here and now; the other exists in the infinity of our eternal souls.
— Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness
Handy Household Hacks
Gum Stuck on Clothes

Boil vinegar and pour it on gum stuck on your clothes. Use a brush to wipe off. The gum will come off instantly.

On Being Content

Contentment makes poor men rich. Discontentment makes rich men poor.

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