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How many people craftily put forth a clean and honest image while every night they sweep their dirt under the proverbial carpet?
Time In Thought
Spiritually, we must internalize the balanced discernment of the mountain climber—simultaneously contented at seeing how far we’ve come and tenaciously eyeing the next mountain we must scale.
Parshat Ki Tavo
Sometimes to reach a new place, we have to totally turn aside.
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Money Matters
There's been a lot of hard work…
Living an authentic Jewish life helps reduce our stress while heightening our spirituality.

Dear reader,

The Jews in the shtetls were simple, but careful to keep mitzvot to the best of their knowledge. They set times for daily prayers and respected Torah learning. They were sincere Jews who tried their best.

But, for many, an ice had formed around their hearts. They did the right acts, but coldness permeated their souls. The hardships of life, the constant persecutions, the daily...

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Scuffs or Shoe Stains

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Good judgement comes from experience; and experience ... well, that comes from bad judgement.

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