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Rosh Chodesh
In the month of Sivan we celebrate thegiving of the Torah on the holiday of Shavuot
Every person at your chuppah adds their soul energy—their particular aura and presence to the occasion. And only those who should be there will be there.
What if you could see with your ears?
A Shavuot message inspired by the words of King David
As I prepared to celebrate the holiday in quarantine, I knew that I would have to seek inspiration in order to find meaning and pleasure in this lonely, unusual Shavuot.
The Magazine
Time In Thought
The global pandemic makes us feel vulnerable and uncertain about our future.
Showcase the beauty of Mount Sinai with this beautiful Shavuot cake.
In 10 Minutes and with Ingredients You Probably Already Have

Dear Readers,

On Shavuot, we read: “In the third month after the exodus from Egypt, they came to the wilderness of Sinai ... and Israel encamped there before the mountain.” (Exodus 19)

The Mechilta comments: “Everywhere else it is written, ‘They traveled ... they encamped’ [in the plural]. That is to say ‘they traveled’ with dissenting opinions and ‘they encamped’ with dissenting...

The Bible states that G‑d revealed Himself to the entire nation at the same time! No other nation ever made such a claim, because it would be immediately exposed.
— The Bedrock of Belief
Handy Household Hacks
Reopen an Envelope

Sealed the envelope and forgot something? Just place it in the freezer for an hour or two, and it will unseal without a trace.


Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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