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Perhaps we don't always have to push ourselves quite so much.
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Stories of Return
I thought that when I discovered Torah Judaism 12 years ago, it would fix me.
Dear Rachel
It’s like G‑d is saying, “I don’t want your mitzvot; I don’t want your good deeds. Can you get any lower than being rejected by G‑d?

Dear Readers,

Most of us spend an incredible amount of time worrying. We worry about our jobs, our health and our finances. We worry about not meeting our deadlines, about not waking up to our alarm clocks, about being late for our meetings. We even worry about our plane crashing.

In one study, parents were found to have spent a whopping 37 hours a week worrying about their children....

I am, with G d’s help, training my mind to be positive. To trust that everything is a message, and it’s all ultimately for my good, even if I don’t realize it in the moment.
— The Road to Accepting the Right Path for Me
Handy Household Hacks
Newspaper in Fridge

A sheet of newspaper in the vegetable drawer in your fridge can help prevent bad odors from spreading.

A Job Done Right

People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it.

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