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Tanya Bits
There’s a spiritual fire that also needs some “wood” to burn.
Rosh Chodesh
In every relationship, there are times when the “male” or giving partner takes the initiative, and times when the “female” or receiving partner is the first to express her feelings.
In Hebrew, the word, tzedek, which means “justice,” also means “righteousness.” Perhaps the dual use of the word “justice” means that we cannot pursue “justice” without also being “righteous.”
When we feel stuck in our own lives at any moment—either from within or from external circumstances—we can take faith in knowing that this evolutionary process towards revealed good is on its way.
The Magazine
Stories of Return
My husband is with me on this journey, and although we are different, we are now working together, as unique individuals with common goals.
We’ve all heard the expression, “Funny you don’t look Jewish,” or “I knew you were Jewish by just looking at you.” Jews seem to have internal radar for identifying one another. It isn’t just a...
Time In Thought
The King is in the field. Okay, we know that the King refers to G‑d. What about the rest? What is the field? What does it mean that G‑d is in the field? And what am I supposed to do about it, if...

Dear Readers,

Read about the great minds of history—those individuals who conceived of and constructed philosophies, theorems and academic systems that furthered the development of human intelligence and knowledge. These individuals are considered the heroes of our past—people who have enormously influenced our lives.

And yet, despite their colossal intellectual contributions to...

Geula (“redemption”): No other word could embody so fully this powerful transformative energy and the deepest possible peace, tranquillity, freedom and unity.
— Powerful Transformative Energy
Handy Household Hacks
Sorting Laundry

While sorting out your laundry, toss small items like socks, underwear and tights inside different pillowcases. This saves you from having to sort them out later and will prevent you from losing socks.

True Intelligence

The trick to being smart is knowing when to play it dumb.

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Spirituality & the Feminine