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Learning Center
Acts of Transformation
Everything you wanted to know about Mikvah but didn't know to ask.
Use your animalistic drives and earthly achievements for G-dly missions.
Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 9
The birth of Rabbi Shalom Dovber Schneerson
The Magazine
If parent and child did not bond at birth or infancy, can that still occur at any point in the relationship?
And the mystical significance of mikvah
When your success is linked to the success of others, you have a greater chance of success because you’re working for the common good.

Dear Readers,

Have you tried to thread a needle recently? Why does the hole seem to get smaller and smaller the older I get?

Without my reading glasses, the task is impossible. It looks like the thread is going directly into the hole, but when I peek through the other end, I realize that it was a miss. Finally, I concede defeat and put on my glasses, and suddenly, the task is...

Can you anticipate what your spouse will say in his defense when you share your hurt? If you can, say it for him and show him that you get where he is coming from.
— The Jewish Way to Argue With Your Husband
Handy Household Hacks
No More Soggy Sandwich

Wrap your sandwich in a paper towel before putting into your Ziploc bag, and it won’t get soggy.


The price of excellence is discipline. The price of mediocrity is disappointment.

Candle Lighting Times
Parshat Chayei Sarah
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