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A man gets into his car and decides, in the name of “optimism,” that he won’t buckle up. Is he an optimist or is he foolish?
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Your journey towards greater growth needs to be driven by your deep seated pleasure.
10 Shevat
Our lives are like the reverse side of a great tapestry. From the back, it all looks random and chaotic: all we can see are the knots, the imperfections, some bumps, smears of color...
When confronted with pain, we have three choices . . .
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Standing at the counter was an elderly lady who immediately drew my attention.
Dear Rachel
My siblings and I have never been super close, but until now we’ve gotten along fairly well. However, this inheritance has brought out the worst in us, and we have come to the point that we aren’t...
The radio stations had gotten fuzzy in a stretch of the road dotted with farmland and so to make conversation, I asked: “OK, everyone. What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?”

Dear Reader,

What are a person’s three basic needs? We all need: 1) food, 2) clothing; and 3) shelter.

These basic needs metaphorically represent three levels of our soul and our abilities to connect to its powers.

We’ve all heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” We say that about food because it’s swallowed and ingested into our digestive system, and thereby literally becomes a...

By watching for your opportunities, listening for your messages, reading between the lines, and embracing your authentic power, you can help bring us all safely home.
— The Other Side of the Tapestry
Handy Household Hacks
Lumpy Salt

Tired of your salt clumping together inside the salt shaker? Add a few grains of rice, which will absorb moisture and keep the salt dry.


Experience is not what happens to us; it is what we do with what happens to us.

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