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When confronted with a challenge, teach your child to ask direct questions like "what can we do to solve this problem?" And "how can we get this obstacle out of our way."
Embrace the struggle that is part of a nuanced and complex life. Be humble and stay open to the lesson.
Tanya Bits
All metals were not created equal.
Biblical Women
Miriam was no ordinary sibling. Moses owed her his entire relationship with his natural family, as well as his identity as one of the children of Israel.
The Magazine
Dear Rachel
How do I restore my equilibrium and get back some sense of security?
Stories of Return
Though she is 13 years my junior, after every one-hour learning session with her, I leave feeling reinvigorated, ready to dive deeper into Judaism and to take on more mitzvot.
Inner & Outer Beauty
I pushed a lot of envelopes, personal and social. I challenged the rules, the rules of life. I became addicted. Each day, I knocked down another fence and another...

Dear Readers,

Have you ever plugged in your dying phone for its battery to be charged, only to come back several hours later to see that it hasn’t recharged at all?

You’re certain that you properly plugged it into the outlet. In fact, it still is plugged in. Only upon closer inspection do you realize that the charging wire wasn’t snug enough, and it became loose from the electrical...

G d is with you through everything, and everything in your life occurs as part of His Divine plan.
— 8 Ideas for Managing Change and Upheaval in Life
Handy Household Hacks
Get Rid of Weeds

White vinegar can kill weeds that are pushing up between the cracks in your patio or sidewalk.


People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.

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