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While we’re usually in touch with our suffering, seeing it in others is not so common.
Do women not count? Are they supposed to just be quietly left in the background?
According to Jewish custom, the Shir Lama’alot psalm is posted beside a newborn baby’s crib. This was commonplace when Jewish women gave birth in the atmosphere of their own homes. Nowadays, when...
Biblical Women
Parshat Shemot
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Dear Rachel
I have done everything in my power to pay back my debts, but every time I make a little headway, something happens to plunge me into debt again.
Feel G‑d shaping and fashioning you into the person you are meant to be, revealing the inner beauty and light that lay waiting in potential within your soul.
Helping Holocaust Survivors Wrap Tefillin

Who isn’t suffering nowadays? We’re surrounded by tragedy, difficulty and challenges. And then we open up the newspaper and we read about even more!

Yet, can the source of some of our misery possibly be that we view our lives in a limited way, believing that what we hold now represents how we always were and will be?

The truth is, of course, that our world is just a tiny snapshot of the...

It is a struggle to remain open and not grow numb when negative news pounds our psyche daily.
— Self-Serving vs. Serving the Moment: Which Mindset Are You?
Handy Household Hacks
Slow Down the Tarnishing

To slow the tarnishing process of silver, place a piece of chalk in your silver chest or drawer. The chalk will absorb moisture, and your silver will not tarnish as quickly.


Try this just today: Proceed as if success was inevitable.

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