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The Woman Who Saved the Day
When we can look back at the events of our past and embrace them for being the perfect training ground for who we are today, then we can begin to be the authors of our own lives.
While walking in a beautiful rainforest, I noticed that my eyes were naturally drawn towards light, even the tiniest flash.
A short Chanukah story
The Magazine
I knew then that even if by some miracle I could talk my way out of not having a Gentile document, I could never explain the latkes and doughnuts in my bundle...
Dear Rachel
I can’t help feeling depressed and diminished when I read articles about great people and all they have accomplished.
We’re given a message through advertising and social media that you can or should do it all. We’re being sold that success is doing everything right, and, of course, doing all that as you appear...

Nowadays, many of us feel a need to “zone out” or “anesthetize” ourselves from the pressures of life. We’ll retreat to social media or any other mind-deadening activity to escape from feeling “too much” reality.

We’ve gotten pretty good at numbing our emotions, but do we ever consider what makes us passionate? What gets our blood pumping? What excites us and arouses our emotions? And...

The seeds of transformation, of movement towards redemption, are everywhere. We just need to open our eyes to see.
— A Walk in the Rainforest
Handy Household Hacks
No More Dust

Keep a dust cloth in a handy spot in your living room to regularly wipe down surfaces when you notice dust building up.

Taste Your Words

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.

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