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Video Class
Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 1, mishnah 6
Tanya Bits
Imagine knowing with certainty that a treasure exists within you, and all you gotta do is dig, dig, dig.
Rosh Chodesh
In the month of Sivan we celebrate thegiving of the Torah on the holiday of Shavuot
When the Torah tells us who lived near whom, it’s telling us about the power of proximal influence. There’s the influence of a rebel rouser and of the scholar...
The Magazine
When the Jewish people journeyed through the desert, they were doing more than covering physical ground; they were taking a series of progressive spiritual steps.
A Supercharged Opportunity for Personal Growth

Dear Readers,

We’ll be moving to a new home soon and, as a result, I’ve been doing research on paint colors. I have lots (and I mean, lots!) of samples to help me choose just the right hues. While I wasn’t surprised that muted or pastel colors have many shades and variations, I thought that picking out a black or white would at least be simple.

Was I wrong!

White happens to be one of...

When we stand in unity, recognizing only our common source, we can let go of our external drives and look inward to the core of our purpose.
— United We Receive
Handy Household Hacks
Faster Ironing

Speed up your ironing by taking a sheet of aluminum foil and placing it directly on the board, underneath the cover. The sheet will reflect heat upward, making the job easier and faster.


Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it

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