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Jewish Women You Should Know

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"Jewish Women You Should Know" is a place to introduce you to amazing women of a wide range of backgrounds, ages and occupations, but who all, in their own ways, have accomplished, and continue to accomplish, incredible things in their lives. Enjoy what you read and nominate a Jewish woman that you feel we should know!
The Circle Maker: Creating a More Inclusive World
Meet Bassie Shemtov, Founder of The Friendship Circle
Batsheva Cohen: Giving Strength and Connection to Those Who Protect Us
Recently, a paratrooper sent a message to a friend who was about to serve in Hebron. “There’s a lady you’ll always see at the post with cookies and treats, a Chabad lady; she’s really nice and caring. There’s nothing better you can do than go to the Beit Chabad. It’s one of the best experiences you can get as a soldier.”
In Venice, Witnessing Extraordinary Activities by (Not So) Ordinary People
Noah speaks softly, kindly, like an old friend, though we’ve never met before. Her words are interrupted every now and then, as she graciously greets the women who drop in to warm themselves with a hot cup of tea, a slice of kosher cake and the coziness of a Jewish home.
Yaffa Gottlieb: Adoptive Mother to Two Children with Down Syndrome
Two aspects of her fruitful life are particularly intriguing. She is a prolific author of both whimsical children’s and more reflective adult books. And some 24 years ago, she and her husband adopted and raised two infants with Down syndrome only 4½ months apart in age.
Woman Warrior Dina Hurwitz on Pain, Faith, Humor, Strength
Many would be tempted to wallow in self-pity or anger. But the couple has heroically risen to the challenge.
Rehabbing Lives: How One Woman Catalyzes Addiction Treatment with Chassidic Philosophy
Donna Miller’s daily planner reads a bit different than most. Meetings with lawyers and probation officers. Intake of young man addicted to cocaine. Therapy session with family torn apart by Dad’s gambling. Just another day in the life of the director of the Chabad Residential Treatment Center of Los Angeles.
Pianist Shoshana Michel Expresses the Poignancy of Chassidic Melodies
She says she is amazed by the profound effect ‘nigunim’ have, as expressed in ‘Soul Whispers’
A Woman Who Never Stopped Giving
A Portrait of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis
People would line up outside to partake of Henny’s food and bask in the warmth and comfort of a spiritually uplifting Shabbat—many for the first time in their lives.
Clean Comedy: Meet an Observant Jewish Female Comic
As Michal Levitin gets up on stage to perform, the audience bursts out laughing. She hasn’t even opened her mouth yet.
One Woman’s Fight for Healthy Youth and Healthy Relationships
Faith and Facts vs. Dangerous PC Fallacies
Dr. Miriam Grossman is a woman with a mission. A life-saving one. A non-politically correct one that has won her ardent fans wanting to see her be the next Surgeon General—and vociferous detractors clamoring that she is out of touch with reality, that her license should be revoked.
The Road to Resilience
A Journey from Grief
How can a mother, a family, continue living after such a tragic event?
Her Baby Survived Two Years After a Fatal Terrorist Attack
An Interview with Edva Biton, the Mother of Adel, of Blessed Memory
I Was a Street Child in Ukraine
The true story of a girl who learned to believe in herself
Resembling an Angel of G-d
A tribute to Mrs. Keny Deren, OBM
She was such a natural educator, empowering and building people up, because that is what she saw: their traits, their talents, their potential, and where that could lead.
Israel's Happy Cows
Meet Dr. Lisa Tager
Thanks to her commitment to animal health and Jewish values, Dr. Lisa Tager makes the world better, one cow at a time.
Chaya'le, Mushka, Mussie...
The Impact of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka
The first thing I was shown was her picture. Unquestionably, she was a very beautiful woman. She was stunning. And yet, there was something about her that was so graceful, so royal, so holy.
A Legacy of Sacrifice and Love
A Tribute to Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, of Righteous Memory
“Why are you asking forgiveness?” the Rebbetzin exclaimed. “My husband and I were sent to this world to serve people in need twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week...”
Sarah Nachshon
A Modern-Day Matriarch
My parents taught me that if the Jews want to keep the Land of Israel, then we must fight for the Land of Israel...