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Educating Our Children

A Note to My Child's Teacher on the First Day of Kindergarten
I quietly pray that you’ll see through his anxious smile, that you’ll see beyond his neat supplies. He is just a 5-year-old boy, full of questions, bursting with ideas.
Completing the Cosmic Puzzle, One Good Deed at a Time
I know I probably shouldn’t use these cozy nighttime bonding sessions to drive home lessons to my kids, but this was just too good to pass up.
Oops! It's a Mistake!
Yes, children make mistakes, and so do we. It’s the human way, and it’s okay. Let’s just try again.
Small Changes, Big Differences
Even when internal and external factors pull on the child’s heartstrings, there are things that a parent can do to increase his or her own power of influence.
Calm Down Right Now!
Did you ever notice how contagious hysteria is?
Kids in the Kitchen
Making Shabbat “Their” Way
This was “their” Shabbat, and I noticed they treated it differently. They seemed to enjoy their food even more after planning the menu and doing the cooking. They were proud of how neat their rooms were, and took extra care to keep them tidy.
Do you really need to know?
Do all questions need to be asked? Do parents really need to know all the information all the time?
The Power of a Ruler
Learning to “measure” our feelings.
Letting Go
Let children learn according to their way, not your way! Let children learn from their own trials and errors, from their own successes and failures (obviously, while establishing boundaries and rules, and instilling Torah values).
Rethinking Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Aside from the lavish parties, there are many ways we can infuse this milestone with relevance.
Raise Your Hand if You're Humble
Today we value aggressiveness, extroversion and charisma. And yet humility is the trait most prized by G‑d.
Helping Children Develop Faith
It is an act of tremendous kindness on our part to help our children learn to swim confidently in the deep end of life, to have all the internal resources they need in order to deal with every challenge they will face.
A New Spin on Parenting
Yes, it can be uncomfortable for us to be patient and kind when we ourselves are not having such a great day. But when we flex our parenting muscles and push ourselves to be better parents, everyone wins.
Dashboard Lights
Teaching kids how to trust themselves
The older my kids get, the less say I have in the choices they make. Hard as that is to accept, I know it’s a good thing. A healthy thing. A beautiful thing...
Chickens and Childrearing
I learned that if a child wants something and we can’t let them have it, we can’t be vague about it, because with children there are no gray areas. Unless it’s absolutely forbidden, it’s permitted....
Six Ways to Teach Kids About Spirituality
Often, “the talk” comes when we’re not ready. “Where did Grandpa go when he died?” a child might ask, or “If G‑d is good, why did Grandma get sick?” Many of us never hashed out own our thoughts about these issues, and find it difficult to help our kids work through them today...
Holy Chutzpah
Keeping the faith in light of the heavier things
As a mother, I see myself as a gatekeeper of my children’s innocence. I do my best to protect them, body, mind, and soul. But life has a way of incessantly usurping my control over the content to which they are exposed...
A Sweet Education
She insulted him, rebuked him and yelled at him. He didn’t flinch, or even bat an eyelid...
Teaching Children Not to Lie
Let me ask you: when a person puts you on the spot, what is your instinct to do? Defend yourself, of course, whether you did it or not. Can we expect our children to behave differently?
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