Women of Distinction

The Shunamit Woman Saves the Day
The “Shunamit woman” was a perceptive, intuitive woman who merited the ultimate miracle: the revival of her dead son. Here is her story.
A Woman’s Practical Advice and Timely Action
Wife of Ohn ben Peles
Sometimes a woman’s bold action can save her husband’s life, spiritually and physically. Such was the case with the wife of Ohn ben Peles.
A Woman's Sensitivity
Bruriah's Attitude to Sinners
Bruriah was sensitive to the holy spark within each person that can always find its way back to its Creator.
A Woman's Great Vision
A wife illuminates her husband’s eyes by enabling him to see things beyond his natural perspective.
A Woman's Charity - How to Give Tzedakah
The Wife of Abba Chilkiyah
A story of a woman whose prayers were miraculously answered.
A Wife's Comforting Tone
The Wife of Mar Ukva
Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.
The Keys to True Happiness
How often do we become excited by something, and then the excitement subsides?
My Wife Completes the Process
The role of a helpmate
Metaphorically, a man brings the raw and coarse materials home. The woman has the power to transform those materials into a finished product, thereby elevating and refining the man’s contribution.
The Scholarly Woman
Can women, too, reach great heights of scholarship?
A Woman's Inner Strength
Beruriah’s reaction to the death of her sons
Her two sons died suddenly on Shabbat, but she hid the fact from her husband until she found a way to comfort him.
The True Key to Blessings
“Be careful with the honor of your wife”
Spending too much time at work trying to make an extra buck? Wondering what the key to G‑d’s blessings is? The Talmud has an interesting formula.
Four Hundred Barrels of Wine
Yalta, the wife of Rav Nachman
There are few women named in the Talmud. One is Yalta.
The Queen's Ingenious Act
Queen Salome Alexandra
Have you ever hosted a dinner party, only to have your plans go awry? Well, you’re not alone. Learn about a Jewish queen’s creative solution that saved the party.
Beautiful Deeds
Rachel, wife of Rabbi Akiva
Although he was then a 40-year-old ignorant shepherd, she intuited that if given the opportunity, he could become a great scholar.
The Cushite Woman
Tzipporah, wife of Moses
Why is she described as a Cushite when she actually was a Midianite?
A Mother of High Priests
Kimchit & her seven sons
Kimchit had seven sons, and all of them merited to serve in the position of high priest (at least for one day) during her lifetime.
A Woman's Pilgrimage
The wife of Jonah the prophet
We’ve all heard of Jonah and the whale, but have you ever heard of Jonah’s wife?
The Proper Way to Criticize
Rabbi Yehoshua and his hostess
Not only did the woman best Rabbi Yehoshua, but she taught us an important lesson about the proper way to criticize.
Sweetening a Decree
The Prophetess Chuldah
She exerted herself in prayer to overturn the terrible decree to good.
Yocheved, Mother of Moses
Chief Jewish nurse in Egypt
Yocheved, the mother of Moses and Aaron and Miriam, surely was one of the greatest Jewish women that ever lived. She was a great lover of Jewish children, and devoted all her time to helping young Jewish mothers and their newly born babies.