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Celebrating Jewish Womanhood

5 Instances of Jewish Women Teaching Life-Changing Lessons
In many ways, we represent the pinnacle of what it means to be a spiritual being.
9 Women Named After the Rebbetzin Who Are Changing the Jewish World
Tens of thousands of Jewish girls around the world have been named after the Rebbetzin. Each, in her own way, has the special privilege of living up to the name they bear.
Eishet Chayil: A Pictorial View of the Woman of Valor
The glorious words in “Eishet Chayil” beckon the potential within, which waits to be revealed in every woman . . .
Do We Have the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?
Are human rights a divine endowment? Is there a biblical verse that promises mankind the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
Rebbetzin Chana and the Three Mitzvahs of Her Name
Each letter of her name stood for one of the three special mitzvahs gifted and entrusted to women.
My Bat Mitzvah Weekend in Jerusalem
When I was younger, I thought that being a bat mitzvah meant having a party...
Immersed in Love
Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?
One of the greatest challenges of married life is the notion that familiarity breeds contempt. While things may be bliss at the outset, the routine engenders boredom, listlessness, and eventually indifference.
Why I'm Not Offended by the Blessing
Do I think that this blessing should be abolished? Does it make me feel angry?
Jewish Feminism
The true meaning of modesty
As a child, I insisted on wearing dresses and the color pink. I guess I was born a feminist, in the nonpolitical sense. I celebrated my girlhood and was proud of it.
The Role of Women in Judaism
I Am Woman
I wanted to celebrate the differences inherent in the sexes, rather than diminish them. To unravel the mysteries of what it meant to be a woman . . . what it meant to be a Jewish woman . . .
The Jewish Woman
Video | 8:37
The Jewish Woman
In light of the Rebbe’s teachings
The Jewish woman has a unique mission specific to her special qualities and sensitivities. The very future of the Jewish people depends on her success.
Restrictions That Free
“Aren’t there way too many things that you have to do?” “Is there anything in your life that you wish you could do, but you can’t because you’re religious?” The questions came hurtling toward me, one after the next . . .
A Woman's Prayer
Yet it wasn’t until a few years later that I learned how to connect to the formal Jewish prayers. Staying over at a friend’s house for Shabbat, I was completely embarrassed when she handed me a prayerbook. I sat on the sofa, pretending to read the Hebrew words like a pro. But I couldn’t fool my friend . . .
Not Satisfied with Women’s Role in Judaism
It is complacency, not questions, that pose a threat to Judaism. Questions propel us out of the lethargy of our comfort zones to dig deeper and discover the greater truths hidden within our eternal Torah.
Catalysts of Change
The Power of the Jewish Woman
The Lubavitcher Rebbe understood that it is women who are the catalysts of change. Through empowering them, one hastens the social, psychological and spiritual revolution of mankind ...
Voice of the Bride
Man and Wife, G-d and the Jews
There will come a time, blessed and welcomed by all, when the feminine will have greater access to transcendent consciousness, and when that happens, she will bestow and man will receive from her...
'Til the Lights Go Out
Nourishing our souls, illuminating the world
Torah does not support asceticism, the closed walls of a monastery and a life apart from the bones of the body. We are asked to eat the cookie—or kasha—but to ever remain the master of that act . . .
A Woman's Place in Torah
Answers to a Contemporary Issue
Within the context of our society, women are required to function on a more sophisticated level than ever before, occupying professional positions that require higher knowledge...
Tending the Garden
Where Are the Feminine Role Models?
I'm often asked: Where are the feminine voices in Jewish history, the feminine role models? Why are they not leading the way?