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12 Ways to Experience Gratitude Now
By acting out our appreciation towards the people we interact with, we can build up to truly feeling gratitude to G‑d.
Using the Power of Visualization to Create a Better Self
Abstract ideas are experienced, theoretical concepts enlivened.
The Soul’s Wrestling Match: Can It Be a Peaceful Battle?
The G‑dy soul has a secret weapon.
We Are Vessel Makers
I must not allow myself to get so caught up in the decisions and demands before me that I forget that my human input is merely a physical container into which G‑d’s blessings can flow.
Is All Shame Bad?
From Shame to Connection
Healthy shame is quite wonderful because when used properly, its vulnerability and humility can lead to closeness.
Nothing Is Coincidental, Not Even a Set of Sofas
It’s not often that we learn of the complexity of someone’s circumstances or what role we play in seemingly random occurrences.
Why It’s Important to Read the Manual
Growing up, I thought of Bible stories as little more than fairytales. When I was finally able to get glimpses into the vast richness of the Torah, I found that the Torah could provide enlightenment on multiple levels simultaneously.
7 Chassidic Teachings You Can Use to Find Personal Happiness
Before we can work on loving and giving to others, we have to love ourselves.
Nosh on This: Kosher Food Boosts the Body and Soul
The kosher status of the food we eat has a tremendous impact on our spiritual sensitivity.
Confessions of a ‘Highly Sensitive’ Chabad Rebbetzin
While my day-to-day involvement in Chabad activities and programs has waxed and waned depending on what my children were up at that particular period of time (think colicky babies), there is one area that I never wanted to cut back on: the time I invested in personal relationships with community members.
8 Quotes From Our Sages on the Power of Speech
Due to the potent power of our words, they can also be used to create tremendous destruction.
10 Ways to Be More Responsible
While it’s true that everything is directed from Above, the one thing that isn’t are our choices and reactions, and to a large extent, they help determine our destiny.
10 Tips for Hosting a Comfortable Shabbat Dinner
You don’t have to be a Torah scholar or expert chef to host a Friday-night dinner or Saturday lunch.
It Takes a Moment of Understanding to Make Someone Feel Loved
In the past few years, I have coached and mentored many women, and I am seeing a common trend among many—the fear of being judged, the fear of appearing “not normal,” fears of imperfection, and feeling misunderstood and alone.
How I Began to Heal
My pain was heavily compounded by feeling like no one else knew what I was going through or could possibly understand it, so I suffered in solitude.
The Rabbi Who Lost His Wife, but Danced at a Wedding
The dancing that had previously felt like a dishonor to the grief and sorrow now took its place in juxtaposition to the celebration. With unbelievable inner strength, he had carved out a space in his heart for both emotions to rest.
Remember to Feed Your Soul (and Your Pet)
A Parable for Our Lives
We do all kinds of things to make ourselves happy, but if we don’t fulfill our basic needs, then nothing will work and nothing will help.
4 Strategies for More Meaningful Conversations
Studies show that social interactions, even if very brief, leave us feeling more satisfied and happy.
12 Ways on the Road to Success
When your success is linked to the success of others, you have a greater chance of success because you’re working for the common good.
11 Ways the Torah Fills Us With Oxytocin
There are so many stress triggers in our often overwhelming lives. Living an authentic Jewish life helps reduce our stress while heightening our spirituality.
11 Ways Not to Feel Bitter
While feeling bitter may be justified in our eyes, it’s not a way to endear ourselves to others or improve our predicament. Moreover, it punishes us more than anyone else.
9 Simple Ways to Perform Acts of Kindness
What’s special about an act of kindness is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone. It is the ultimate equalizer.
I Am Israel ...
I am an oasis of peace and serenity, a home to so many, a place of refuge for a nation that flees; I am the source of controversy and conflict, of fighting and bloodshed, a land that weeps in fear and pain while suffering constant beatings from the world.
Try This: No Swearing for One Week
It was at that moment—when she described something as “silly” instead of using a term that was a little saltier—that it struck me. My new friend never swore.
8 Issues We All Grapple With (and the Torah’s Solution for Each)
We think that it only happens to us. But most of the issues people grapple with happen to everyone. That's why G‑d sets up a system of living that help us avoid the pitfalls most people deal with.
13 Ideas to Help Avoid Conflict
Our sages tell us that peace is the greatest blessing, and that it’s what G‑d wants most for and from us.
10 Steps to Knowing Yourself
"Only I can be who I was created to be, and do what I was created to do."
Makes Great Sense: 8 Daily Practices for Optimal Living
Recognize your weak spots, but don’t avoid them.
12 Steps to Attaining Inner Peace
Surround yourself with harmonious people. You become like the people you spend the most time with.
11 Ways to Tell the Truth
Is your friend fuming because you disappointed them for the 100th time? Are you running late again? Did you tell an itsy-bitsy “white lie”?
10 Paths to Becoming a More Spiritual Person
Aren’t we all looking for greater spirituality in our lives?
The Story of a Tree: Condemned to Death, It Lives On
Anyone with any knowledge about the natural way of trees would say it should have died.
Learning to Be Your Own Cheerleader
As my daughter grows and reaches new milestones, I cannot help but watch my reactions to her with a kind of curiosity.
Who Is ‘Ani’? On the Path to Discovering Me
By improving my relationship with myself, there is a ripple effect in my home and an improvement in my relationships with others.
The Myth of Doing and Having It All
We’re given a message through advertising and social media that you can or should do it all. We’re being sold that success is doing everything right, and, of course, doing all that as you appear beautiful and calm.
8 Ways to Stop Yelling (and Be Heard)
Yelling causes damage, irreparable damage, to the environment, to our relationships, to our psyches and nervous systems, and to our mental and physical health.
When I Gave My Necklace to a Woman With Cancer
When I follow my inner voice—what I call “a whisper from G‑d”—without question or hesitation, I never know where it will lead.
9 Ways to Talk Like a Jew
We may not remind people of their past misdeeds, insult someone, tease them, bully them, threaten them or in any way use words to cause them pain or anguish. Even hinting at something that might cause them pain is not allowed.
10 Great Things About Growing Old
We live in a youth culture that idolizes youth and prizes innovation. Judaism, however, while recognizing the benefits of youth, vaunts the wisdom and experience of old age, and urges us to respect and listen to the older generation.
9 Ways to Love Yourself More
Loving yourself and knowing your strengths are vital to being a successful person. Here's how to do it.
9 Ways Judaism Teaches Us to Be Kind to Animals
The Torah instructs us to be kind to animals, and to treat them with respect and consideration because they are creations of G‑d.
Seven Ways to Look Like a Jew
We’ve all heard the expression, “Funny you don’t look Jewish,” or “I knew you were Jewish by just looking at you.” Jews seem to have internal radar for identifying one another. It isn’t just a Semitic appearance or the Je ne sais quoi of Jewishness. It is, actually, the neshamathe Jewish “soul” radiating outwards that we recognize in each other.
Phone Charger? Spiritual Boost!
We need to plug in. We need to recharge our spiritual batteries. What good is our life and our actions in this world if they are devoid of spiritual energy?
Pearls Back in Style? Their Preciousness Never Left!
The natural process that forms pearls is something many of us can relate to.
10 Ways to Be Happy Right Now
There are two ways to live life: focus on what you lack (and you’ll be miserable) or focus on what you have (and you’ll be happy). It’s as simple as that.