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Editorial & Commentary

If the pragmatic circumstances of Shalo’s life gave me pause, the physical crises he had endured and wondrously overcome from birth onward completely bowled me over.
Life is hard. So many painful, disturbing and distressing events occur to us and to the world around us. Can we really be joyful in this kind of environment?
Why the Rabbi's Wife Is Off-Limits (And Will Stay That Way)
Did you know that there are no outright jokes about a rebbetzin? Are rebbetzins taboo?
How Missing My Flight Back Home Turned Me in the Right Direction
So many times in my life I had planned out my future, and so many times I had been handed the unexpected. It struck me at that moment that I was experiencing the hand of G‑d literally reaching into my life and changing the course of my future.
5 Misconceptions About Keeping Kosher
With a little education—and a lot of help, support and advice from friends and others in my life—I decided to take the kosher plunge.
A Feeling of Nostalgia . . . A Feeling of Home
What is that smell I love . . . the smell that cries out to my soul? It’s the smell of Shabbat cooking, whether it’s matzah-ball soup or Moroccan fish, cholent, t’fina or kibbe hamda. It’s that smell of something special and familiar. The smell of Shabbat. The smell of home.
5 Concrete Ways to Wake Up Full of Energy
To be Jewish is to understand that there is much to do, that time is fleeting, and that each day affords us the priceless gift of life.
Life’s Little Challenges: How You Envision This Very Moment
The trait of a good eye is not just about seeing others with a good eye, but about seeing life in general with a good eye.
My Message to the Woman Stuck High on That Crane
I have questions. I’m still intrigued. But I am worried that the criminal charges will close that door. Why? Because I might see you as “other” and relate more to the “not me” part of your story.
The Soulful Tune that Awakens
My soul is awakened, as if it could hear someone calling its name. It stirs slowly at first and then begins to become fully alive, as if it finally has a purpose.
How a Portuguese King Found Solace in the Psalms of His Ancestors
What, if any, possible knowledge of their Jewish heritage or ancestors was transmitted to them? What did they know about being Jews, and did this have anything to do with choosing Jewish wives, or was that simply a “coincidence”?
Seven Awe-Inspiring Prayers That Jewish Women Say
Judaism offers prayers to say for every occasion. But a few prayers said by women offer a distinct path to communicate with the Divine.
I’ve Sinned. Now What?
Aware I was breaking Shabbat, even as I continued to exercise this fanatical and futile habit, I was bombarded by thoughts like “It’s too late,” “It’s done,” “Why stop now?”
5 Solid Strategies for Battling Cynicism
Here are five strategies that have worked in our family, helping us to banish cynicism and encouraging us to look at the world in a more cheerful, upbeat manner.
3 Tools to Decompress Financial Stress
Most of us are largely worried and secretive about our finances.
Helping Another Through the Deep Stages of Pain
You don’t need to be a therapist to be able to sit quietly with a person in pain and just be there.
What the Torah Taught Me About Kindness to Animals
The animal laws in the Torah suggest that animals are intelligent—maybe even more than we know they are.
Three Ways to Thrive, Knowing You’re Not Alone
I’m used to digging myself out of the foxhole through the help of friends, family, inspirational words of wisdom and mentors, ad infinitum.
When My Faith Fails, I Get Practical About Judaism
Usually, when I realize what good has come from my life because of Judaism, I feel better about it and I get back to the place where I want to be.