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Editorial & Commentary

Whose Monopoly on Suffering?
Two people might have the same exact difficulty, but for one person it is a mediocre challenge, perhaps a level 5 test, while for another it may be excruciatingly difficult, a level 10 test.
‘Negative’ Emotions? 4 Tips on How to Accept Them
While it’s commendable to work on developing our positive quality traits, it’s also important to our self-worth to recognize that we are whole and worthy beings with all sorts of emotions.
Unravelling the Mystery of My Father's Hebrew Name
I was due to give birth in less than a week, and I still didn’t know the exact name to give our about-to-be-born son.
Touring Alaska: Shabbat in the Inside Passage
What was supposed to be a cruise full of packaged meals and solo praying became one of the most moving, inspiring and amazing Shabbat experiences of my life.
My Rejected Credit Card: Seeing G‑d in the Supermarket
I looked into my purse and saw that I had about 12 dollars, which was over 100 dollars short of what I needed.
Lesson on the F Train
Accept. Tolerate. Be open. Yet at the same time: Care.
Don’t Let Your Challenges Get the Best of You
When a challenge seems too daunting to confront, some people simply choose to avoid it. The Rebbe Maharash, Rabbi Shmuel, takes a different approach.
Three Reasons I Love Living in Israel
Especially during wars or trying times, people question, “Isn’t it scary to raise a family there?”
How to Let Go of a Dream
What Abraham Taught Us About Commitment
Have you ever made great plans that went down the drain?
My Summer Monologue: A Thought on Prayer
“Lady, I hate to break it to you, but it sounds like you’re having a conversation with yourself. Why bother?!”
Does Technology Blind Us From Seeing G-d?
In this world, we are given tools, many of them. We have medicines and machines, we have diets and therapies. All these tools, they are given to us to help us, like glasses for poor vision.
Peace, Love and Hakhel: Uniting With the Other
Peace, love and harmony. Coexistence and community. These rosy ideals are easy to dream and sing about, but so much harder to achieve in everyday life.
Harness the Body’s Passion to Increase the Soul’s Joy
Which experience do you think is more elevated—dancing up a storm at a wedding, or talking to G‑d during your morning prayers? Savoring a fresh chocolate doughnut on Chanukah, or delving into a book of Torah?
What My Fruit Diet Taught Me
I decided to visit a renowned raw-food healer and see what she thought about my passion for fruit.
The Incredible Wedding That United Us All
These moments captured the essence of our people--the faith, the hope and the unity.
How I Connect to G-d During My 26-Mile Morning Run
It's four o’clock in the morning when my alarm goes off.
Turn the Volume Down: How to Deal With Your Inner Critic
You follow me around all day, watching how you can undo me. And undo me you do.