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Meditations for Jewish Women

Telling Tales of Sacrifice
Why tell stories of men and women who put their life in great danger for the sake of Judaism if that could sow fear in the heart of a young student?
A Divine Spice
There’s much more to Shabbat than the food.
Free Choice
My brother-in-law is visiting, and he’s offering my kids a choice of treats: a smashed box of raisins or a shiny bar of chocolate.
Unapologetic Mothering
When tending to a baby’s needs, there is no need to be apologetic.
A Gentle Rebuke
We think we need to be crystal clear. We discipline our children, elaborating on exactly what they have done wrong, and then reiterating it again to ensure that they never repeat the same crime again. But we might consider tempering our clarity just a bit.
Sacred Privacy
In a world filled with TMI, who notices privacy policies anymore?
A Gate for Life
Boundaries take many forms, but they always have two things in common
When Equality Fails
The same way equality with “stuff” is counterproductive, so is equality in status.
The Coveted Pendant
The necklace symbolized the mutual commitment the couple had for each other and for their values.
Purpose in the Real World
The Torah was never intended for angels, or humans with no physical concerns.
A Love Affair With G-d
You wouldn’t think to look to scripture for a romantic, sensual, love poem. But if you take a peek at King Solomon’s Song of Songs you’ll be blown away by the imagery and passion.
My Body Is Making a Baby
Of course I have limitations right now, but that’s not because I’m lazy or running on lack of sleep! In my womb lies a precious soul, and my body’s ability to create another life is nothing short of miraculous!
Thoughts After a Stillbirth
I didn’t want to hear that my gargantuan loss was just random. I needed to believe that there was meaning to it.
No Gossiping About Myself
I deserve the Worst Mother of the Year award!
Disengage From Battle
You can choose not to engage in the battle. Instead of fighting the thoughts, disregard them. Or more accurately, replace them.
Finding a Healthy Outlet
Spending most of our waking hours dealing with tiny humans and mundane tasks can present a challenge.
How a Child Named ‘Bitter’ Was the Catalyst for Redemption
Why name a child "Bitter"? Why wallow in bitterness—wouldn’t that only serve to demoralize her and her loved ones?
No Resemblance
I never quite figured out how to do it. These savvy people pick up an archaic piece of furniture in a second-hand shop, dab some paint on it and change the drawer handles, and the remodeled piece is fondly dubbed “vintage.”