It could come as a total surprise. You could be living your life, working, cleaning and doing your thing, when you could be hit by a burning, existential question: “Why?” The question can take on a life of its own, morphing into “What’s the point of all this? What is the purpose of this endless spiral of time—with the repeat tasks, challenges and frustrations of day-to-day living?”

The soul has the same question.

The soul is quite content remaining at its source, as chassidic texts describe, right near the throne of G‑d. The soul is sent down here for an entire lifetime, in a physical body with material pursuits, and it too wonders what the purpose of its descent is.

And that’s where Torah comes in. Torah defines our core, what our entire life revolves around. The reason we are here is to serve G‑d—by learning Torah and doing mitzvahs. This cannot be accomplished by angels, nor by souls in heaven. Only by working with a physical body, charged with physical tasks and responsibilities, can the soul accomplish its true mission.

So while life may swirl around like a cyclone, we can clearly point at its center.

Thoughtstream: Today, I will direct my questions to a simple, but profound, answer—G‑d.

(Adapted from Otzar Igrot Kodesh, pg. 153.)