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Miracle Babies

My Baby and the Six-Day War: A Double 50th Anniversary
We had started out rather late—apparently too late to arrive at the hospital in time.
Two Little Miracles
My High-Risk Pregnancy with Twins
Today for the third time in my life, I saw that magical pink line, that little line that will change my life forever. I'm pregnant. Again. Today is a special day. Today I ask G‑d that you be my first, that you will be born...
Grandma in the Park
Having a Baby in My Forties
"You're going to be the grandma in the park," a distant aunt said when she heard I was pregnant again. "Oh, was it an accident?" a neighbor questioned, looking at the ground sadly. They didn't know. They didn't know about the three back-to-back miscarriages, about the rows and rows of fertility medications...
The Rebbe’s Children
The Rebbe himself had no children, yet he gave so many people blessings for children. Who are the Rebbe’s children?
A Life Changing Purim
There I was again, in the familiar corridor at the Bikur Cholim hospital in Jerusalem. But this time I had two healthy children at home, which gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, there would be good news...
The Ripe Pomegranate
We saw more doctors and underwent more invasive tests, all with the same conclusion: IVF was our only option...
Tehilah: Our Answered Prayer
People said that, given our disabilities, we'd be irresponsible if we went ahead and had a baby.
Prayer Babies
Why are infertile women such a central theme of the High Holidays? Because there are few people in the world who will ever pray with the intensity of a woman who yearns for a child...
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