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Divorce, Second Marriages & Stepparenting

Being Mommy and Daddy
She sat back down to finish her homework and was seemingly on the road to recovery. But that is when the real tears began to fall and her body began to heave. I knew why instantly...
Changing the Narrative
Maya asked a few questions, peered into cupboards and bedrooms in her best social-worker manner, and then left. I was sure we passed the test . . .
Five Things To Tell The Kids
Preparing Children For A Divorce
These messages are what your children will depend on when they are feeling frightened, sad or insecure, as you and your children encounter and overcome the challenges of life after divorce...
How Can I Have a Good Relationship with a Stepchild?
I am marrying a man who is divorced with a child. I am nervous about my new role of stepparent. What can you advise me?
I Am the Child of Divorce
The deed’s been done; the label can be slapped on. I am officially a “child of divorce.”
My Children + His Children = Our Children
I recall the time that I was between spouses and dating, I questioned how in the world I would find someone to really love my children...
Not Taking Revenge After Divorce
When my son was old enough to ask why I had divorced his dad, I had to be creative. He idolized his mostly absent and sometimes awesome father. I didn’t want to be the one to tell him...
Putting an End to PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome)
Divorce often brings out the worst in two people that at one time may have felt deep feelings of love for one another. It's only human nature to want to find some outlet for those feelings of loss, disappointment, regret, or even failure that generally accompany divorce...
Recreating a Family
Life After Divorce
I always tell people, I made two very smart decisions in my life: 1) to get married, and 2) to get divorced . . .
Step by Step
A Stepchild Learns to Stepparent
There was jealousy. There was anger. There was even resentment and pain. But there was also love and support and encouragement and advice, not from two parents, but from four.
Torn by My Parents' Divorce
When I close my eyes, I imagine that it’s all a game of tug-of-war. I am the rope that each parent is so desperate to gain. They each pull without compromise, determined to win me over.
Two Empty Seats
The Challenges of a Blended Family
In my home, my children from my previous marriage live with us full time. I am sure that their father feels his loss quite vividly, especially during holiday times...
Unbroken Home
The Challenges of Being a Single Mother
“So does your son go the bathroom sitting down?” This question will forever top my list of “Things Not to Ask a Single Mother.”
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