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A perspective on the curse of Eve
Parshat Bereishit -- Understanding the Male/Female Dynamic
Time In Thought
Isn’t it strange for rabbis, leaders and learned men to make a spectacle of themselves? Is it not demeaning?
Parshat Bereishit
The Magazine
My friend turned to her father as they raked and asked, “This is a huge job. Why are we doing this? Do you really think this will even make a difference in the way Mom feels?”
Life Lessons
Life is like a ride downstream, and we are all on a journey together. Family, friends, strangers.
For maximum effect, you need to deal with your 'challenge' from all sides. You need to focus the setting, gather your energy beforehand and then dispense it evenly and deliberately. A sudden spill of...

Dear Readers,

Have you ever imagined what would have been if Adam and Eve had acted differently?

I don’t mean that they wouldn’t have eaten the forbidden fruit. On some level, that was part of the Divine plan. We weren’t created perfectly, like mechanical robots, always doing the right thing. Temptation, challenges and failings are part of our human journey.

But how do we react to our...

A king without a crown is not a king; just as a world without the glory of the feminine cannot be a complete world. In the messianic era, the feminine will be revealed as the crown—the true source of splendor in this world.
— Yes, I Am a Chassidic Feminist
Handy Household Hacks
Battery Longevity

Putting batteries in your fridge for a day before you use them will double their life span.

Convincing Yourself

Convincing yourself does not win the argument.

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