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Parshat Mikeitz
Where is that fine line between healthy self-compassion and debilitating self-pity?
The story of the stubborn little flame that refused to be extinguished. And the story of you and I . . .
Rather than allow ourselves to get “swallowed up” by thinking our way into depression, we can not only look for the revealed good, but also the hidden benefits of every circumstance.
The Magazine
Dear Rachel
Is there any escape from mother guilt and feeling lousy?
It was the twenty-fifth of December. A Jewish girl from Queens had fulfilled her secret dreams, decorating that bright, forbidden tree…

Dear Readers,

Like many of you, I love the holiday of Chanukah. It is a time of so much joy, festivities and light-filled family gatherings.

Chanukah’s story of salvation also teaches us deep lessons that we can apply to our own lives throughout the year.

Here are eight lessons that I learn from the Chanukah miracles that teach a beautiful perspective on how to live a more meaningful life...

Each one of us has so much light to offer ourselves, our children and the world. Just like the glow of the Chanukah lights increases day to day, so can yours. Step by step, day by day.
— I Always Feel Like I’m Getting My Parenting Wrong
Handy Household Hacks
Scratched Glass

Have scratches on glass surfaces? Try rubbing some toothpaste over the surface, then polish with a microfiber cloth.

Your Power

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

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