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Rosh Chodesh
The spirit of Purim permeates the entire month, making it a time of unparalleled rejoicing and good mazal (fortune) for the Jewish people.
The story of the perfect guy’s proposal
It should come as no surprise that doing good correlates to feeling good.
Time In Thought
Do you know what genuine joy is? Can you describe perfect joy?
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Life Lessons
Like many fellow citizens, we spent our summers at a dacha—a small primitive house outside the city.
Today, many recognize that a spiritual solution is so powerful that the obsession and compulsion to act out can be lifted.

Dear Reader,

This week we welcome the Jewish month of Adar. Every month possesses a distinct spiritual essence, and Adar contains the quality of transformative joy, as the Talmud teaches, “When the month of Adar enters, we increase in joy” (Taanit 29a).

On the 14th day of this month of Adar, we celebrate the holiday of Purim, the day established by Mordechai and Esther as a day of “feasting...

Every single moment that is infused with connection, humility, patience, and kindness becomes truly extraordinary.
— Yuri Gagarin and an Extraordinary Ordinary Life
Handy Household Hacks
Homemade Scrubbing Pads

Ran out of scrubbing pads? Crumple up aluminum foil into a ball to scrub your stainless-steel pots.

Good Parenting

If you are truly serious about preparing your child for the future, don’t teach him to subtract. Teach him to deduct.

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