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Revolutionary ideas Chassidism teaches us about feminism
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Lessons for the Month of Tammuz
We need not fear painful dislocations as we approach redemption.
Like the clouds, Aaron protected and cherished everyone equally…
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Jewish Women You Should Know
The story of Susie (Sarah Bracha) Koroghli, granddaughter of His Majesty King Sisowath Monivong
It was brave and dangerous to sing Jewish songs
An interview with Rabbi Mendy and Chaya Chitrik

Dear Readers,

Are you feeling drained, stressed, constantly exhausted and not appreciated? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your goals and dreams and overwhelmed?

You may just need to learn how to set firmer boundaries in your life.

Personal boundaries are physical, emotional, spiritual or relational limits that define us as separate from others. Setting boundaries means that instead of...

Dysfunctional family dynamics repeat themselves generation after generation—until someone kicks the cycle. Aaron kicks the pandemic of sibling rivalry.
— Brother of Peace
Handy Household Hacks
Clean Keyboard

Use a makeup brush to clean up your keypad. It will easily reach between the keys of your computer or laptop keyboard to clean out dust, particles, crumbs and other debris.

Free Ride

After being away for a while, Mr Cohen landed at JFK. He asked the cab driver how much the cab ride to his destination would cost. The driver responded, “Fifty-five dollars.”

“And how much is it just for the luggage?” Mr. Cohen asked.

The cabbie responded that the luggage was free. “In that case,” Mr. Cohen said, “Take my luggage and I’ll go by subway.”

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