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A 6-Year-Old Was Hit by a Bus and Died. What I Told My Kids...
Ready or not, as Mom, I had to address the tragedy.
Counterintuitive Tips for a Well-Fed and Well-Rested Baby
What can your newborn do, and what can’t he? What’s normal, and what’s not? What should I expect of this baby’s abilities?
What Do Parents of Happy, Helpful, Confident Children Do Differently?
The tone of our voice carries strong messages. Children hear the nuances of our voice, and their emotions are affected by them.
What 30 Years in the Classroom Taught Me
The personal well-being of a single child is far more important than the lesson plan for the entire class.
Big Families, Big Plates: Raising Lots of Kids
To an outsider, another person’s success often looks easy, as if it were the mere luck of the draw. But a closer look reveals a clear goal, together with tremendous amounts of faith, strength, courage and hard work—a life of complicated decisions that result in an abundance of blessings
Raise ’em Right: Helping Your Kids Avoid a Vitamin N Deficiency
“Aha,” I said. “They, too, have it. A Vitamin N deficiency. They don’t get enough of the ‘N’ word.” She sighed and smiled wearily. “Yes, that’s it.”
5 Basic Ways to Bring Spirituality Into Our Children’s Lives
As educators and parents, there’s a great deal we can do to help kids develop their natural sense of awe.
Getting to Know My Baby’s Feeding Patterns
Some days, I feel like I am nursing her all the time, and doubt and fear creep into the back of my mind
Smile, and the World Smiles With You
Smiling and loving are related; they are both activities of harmony and unity. Both bring people together, melting away differences and conflict.
Playing With Fire: A Lesson in Mood Regulation
My 11-year-old son is absolutely fascinated by fire. So fascinated that he grabs every opportunity to strike a match.
Want Your Kids to Listen? Then Read This
Parents are often so intent on teaching that they overlook a critical aspect of education: the teaching strategy.
Making Balanced Food Choices
Feeding Our Children, Part 6
Was I really doing something wrong by wanting a few potato chips?
Parenting in the Digital Age
Did I not get it right? Didn’t I listen well? Didn’t I positivize him properly?
Preparing Family Meals
Feeding Our Children, Part 5
Not only are we able to better take care of our family’s nutritional needs when we prepare family meals, it enables us to make time for the things that really matter.
How to Teach Your Child Gratitude
Although parents may feel awkward about insisting that their child thank them, they need to remember that this thanking is not for their own sake, but for the child’s sake.
How to Eradicate Your Child's Anger
Our sages tell us that we should aim to avoid extremes in our personal expression and experiences of emotions. But when it comes to anger, we are admonished to remove it entirely.
Is Your Child a Picky Eater?
Feeding Our Children, Part 3
Dealing with Yael’s dislike of fruit, I found myself motivated to research finicky eaters and develop an effective method for exposing her to new foods.
What Is a Parent's Role in Feeding?
Feeding Our Children, Part 1
I didn’t want to force the kids to eat healthy foods, but I didn’t want to just let them have free rein over the refrigerator, either. How could I find the healthy balance between being too strict and too indulgent?
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