1. The Creator entrusted me with this precious soul.
  2. Through this precious soul, I am empowered to become a more loving, patient, kind person. And to discover strength I did not know I had.
  3. This is the only childhood my child will ever have.
  4. I am this child’s only father/mother. Forever.
  5. Just as much as they need food, shelter and education, children need unconditional love, role models in close proximity, and firm and gentle guidance.
  6. The best gift I can give my children is myself. My time, my attention, my love.
  7. My words and actions impact my child’s life profoundly.
  8. Some parents expect near-perfection from their children, without stopping to think if they model it.
  9. If the worst punishment for my child is knowing she disappointed me, I’m doing a good job.
  10. One day, my child will say to her children the very words I said to her. Will I enjoy hearing them?
  11. What I invest in this child will benefit her children and her children’s children. I am bringing up an army of people.
  12. Watching my child grow, learn, smile and love is a gift for which I am grateful—a gift granted to me anew each day.