Women on Ethics of Our Fathers

Pirkei Avot

Mind Your Maxims
In every language and culture, many other great sayings remind us of the earlier credo of Judaism’s greatest Torah leaders.
A Growing Grown-Up
Do you ever feel that you still haven’t figured out what you’ll do “when you grow up”?
Potential Energy
Potential is only worth something when it is acted upon.
Without Shame
It is so much easier to be sensitive to others in a professional environment. It’s much harder to be sensitive to friends and family who are in one’s immediate circle.
Don't Get Swallowed Up!
Have you ever felt totally eclipsed by someone else?
Unconditional Love
While love can begin for an external reason, it needs to mature into unconditional love.
The good thing is, G‑d didn’t just leave us with a list of commandments. He also gave us the ability to understand the meaning and symbolism behind many of the mitzvahs so that they don’t remain dry.
When the Losers are Really the Winners
It began with a late-night text from Dena, a close friend of mine: “Don’t want you to worry, but we had a fire. Thank G‑d, we managed to get out in time, but the house is gone.”
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