Tension With My Spouse Regarding Important Decisions
My husband and I keep butting heads on important decisions.
Introverted Wife, Extroverted Husband: How to Have Shabbat Guests
How can inviting guests be manageable for you, as well as enjoyable, practical and comfortable?
How to Avoid Stonewalling
How can I better communicate with women in the future?
Husbands That Cheat
With all the recent news stories about philandering husbands, I am starting to worry about my own. What can I do to help ensure that he won’t cheat on me?
Stuck in the Past
About three years ago, my husband was going through a very hard time, and he was very mean to me. After a couple of very rocky years, with me wanting a divorce many times, things seem to have stabilized. My problem is that I just can't get past the past. I really don't think that I have fully forgiven him for those bad times. Why is this so hard for me?
Husband Refuses Counseling
We barely spend any time together, hardly communicate, and more recently have been having screaming fights that leave me crying in my room. I still love my husband, and I want to work things out. I even suggested to go for counseling, but my husband refuses...
I have just been promoted as a CEO for an up and coming hotel chain. This is a job that requires extensive travel and time. However, there has been an increasing amount of tension in the house when I get home...
Destination Wedding
I'm planning my dream wedding but it seems to be turning out as a nightmare for everyone else. I want to get married on the beaches in Hawaii but a number of our family members can't travel that far or afford it. While it is very important for me to have them there, this is my special day and I feel it should be the way I want it. What do you suggest?
Not Knowing What I Need
My husband and I had a great relationship. But since giving birth, I find that I am frustrated often with needing to ask him to do things that he should just figure out on his own...
Husband Won't Stick To A Budget
I am very newly married and now that we are sharing a bank account, I see for the first time that my husband is really spending more money than he should be...
Husband's Children Hate Me
I am recently married to a wonderful man who has two teenage children from his first marriage. The problem is that they have decided they hate me, even though they don't know me, and they are really making my life miserable...
Recently, I started reconnecting with a lot of friends through a social networking site. At first it was great and exciting to see all of their pictures and find out what is happening with their lives. But the other day my ex-boyfriend tried to "friend" me, and my heart stopped...
Another Baby?
My husband and I are happily married and have two beautiful children. The problem is that I really would like to have a third, and he is very happy with two. I know I should be grateful for what I have but I really want another child...
Husband Doesn't Want Children
My husband and I have a wonderful relationship and love each other dearly, but there is one issue that we cannot solve. I desperately want children and he doesn't...
Attracted to Co-Worker
I thought I was happily married but find myself incredibly attracted to a co-worker. I always thought if you love someone you will not think about other people, and yet I find myself constantly thinking about this guy...
Quality Time
My husband also loves the kids, but he feels that since we had them, we no longer do anything as a couple, only as a family. I agree but have no problem with this. He wants to go away for a few nights without the kids but I feel like I just couldn't leave them.
Husband Not Talking
My husband's parents are involved in a high conflict divorce. My husband has unfortunately been exposed to some very unpleasant realities about his parents, and I see how his stress is taking a toll on him. It's been a few months now, and I can't seem to get him to share his feelings...
My Husband Does Not Want a Kosher Kitchen
...We have been happy together for the last two decades. Over the past few years I have taken an interest in a more traditional Jewish lifestyle. My husband, on the other hand, couldn’t be less interested...
My husband had asked me a few weeks before my birthday what I wanted. Not really needing anything in particular, I smiled and said "nothing" telling him that being married to him was all I wanted. I was trying to be sweet...
Husband's Ex-Girlfriend
An old girlfriend of my husband calls him on the phone and keep on calling him "sweetheart" and I find it offensive. Am I wrong? Am I over reacting and should I just be quiet?
Critical of Husband
I'm in my first year of marriage and I’m having difficulties coping with my husband. I find that I am always criticizing him and I really don’t want to be but it is as if I can’t stop...
Unwanted Anniversary Gift
My husband bought me a necklace for our 1st anniversary, and while I appreciate the gift very much, I don’t really like the necklace...
Husband Won't Say
While I know that my husband loves me, I still feel the need to hear it and it hurts me that he can’t say it, even when it is so important to me. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?
No Respect Left
I feel very little love left for my husband, if at all, and not too much respect. He is so terrified to fail that he cannot bring himself to try most things that people attempt to do in life. I only stay because of my children...
Straying Thoughts
I am happily married to a wonderful man, but for some reason I find myself sometimes thinking about other men, and people I dated before meeting my husband. I know I will never act out any of these thoughts, but I still feel terribly guilty...
Ex-Husband and Our Son
I am presently divorced from my son's father and our son will be getting married very soon. According to my son, my ex-husband will not come to the wedding if I come...
Fallen Out of Love
I am married to a good and kind man, though I simply no longer feel the kind of love I should feel toward him. Is there anything you can do when you have fallen out of love?
Moving to Israel
I met a wonderful man and we are engaged to be married. We very much want to live in Israel, but my mother is totally against the idea. I want to respect her, but I also want to start a new life with my husband...
Husband Wants a Divorce
My husband has decided he wants a divorce. Should I try and persuade him to stay? Or do I let him go because it is obviously what he wants? The other thing is that I am pregnant...
Public Displays of Affection?
I was just at a friend’s wedding who I haven’t seen since college and who has become Orthodox. At the wedding, they never held hands and didn’t even kiss at the end of the ceremony. Is this how a couple that is supposedly in love acts?
Husband Hates Socializing
I am a very social and outgoing person, yet I am married to someone who is just the opposite. He never wants to attend social functions or socialize really at all. I am meanwhile feeling trapped and just want to go out but I feel strange attending an event without my husband. What do you suggest?
Remarrying with Teenage Children?
I am a 50-year-old man, and I have been widowed for the last two years. I would like to start dating again, but my daughters, now ages 14 and 16, feel very differently . . .
My Husband Claims His Job is Beneath Him
I say that the economy has been tough on everyone, and he should be thankful for whatever opportunity he was given. He just complains, and last night he told me that he was thinking about quitting.
My Husband Gets Agitated Over Every Request
I feel like I can’t request anything from him at all! And when I tell him how hurt I feel from his behavior, he just gets mad.
Wrong for a Married Woman to Be Friendly With Men?
I don’t see the problem with these relationships and even share the conversations with my husband. But he tells me that my friendliness with these men makes him uncomfortable. I feel that he should trust me. What do you think?
How Do I Get My Husband to Take Out the Trash?
The best way to get more help is to stop being so helpful.
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