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Personal Growth

I know that I should have more faith, but as much as I try, I’m still scared and getting more scared by the day.
When People Kvetch About Things You Wish You Had
Most people aren’t looking for solutions for their problems; they are looking for understanding and validation of their pain.
I Haven’t Achieved My Goals!
What about the things that you achieved that weren’t on your list?
‘I’m So Overwhelmed!’
4 Ways to Release Self-Criticism and Choose Kindness
Battling Debt for Decades
I have done everything in my power to pay back my debts, but every time I make a little headway, something happens to plunge me into debt again.
Why Is G-d Rejecting Me?
It’s like G‑d is saying, “I don’t want your mitzvot; I don’t want your good deeds. Can you get any lower than being rejected by G‑d?
Shades of Anger (and How to Mitigate Them)
I’m perpetually angry, and that makes me angry too! What can I do about it?
My Life Is Oh-So Ordinary!
I can’t help feeling depressed and diminished when I read articles about great people and all they have accomplished.
I’m Too Sensitive
Be proud of your sensitive nature. It helps you be intuitive, empathic and kind.
Am I Too Trusting?
A person can’t ignore a notice from the bank and then not understand why the bank closes their account.
8 Ideas for Managing Change and Upheaval in Life
How do I restore my equilibrium and get back some sense of security?
How Can Fun and Creative Pursuits Figure into a Life of Torah?
Since I’ve upped my religious commitment, I have been feeling guilty when I spend time playing or pursuing my creative hobbies.
Dealing With Customer Service Infuriates Me!
As I’ve grown older, I have tried to control my temper better and been fairly successful. Unfortunately, there’s one area of my life where I find this infinitely challenging.
Hold Your Tongue
I understand the perils of gossip and slander. But I still find it really hard. Whenever I’m upset about the way someone treats me, I always want to tell my best friend. And when I hear juicy gossip about someone we both know well, I want to tell her that, too. Intellectually, I understand the need to keep mum, but I just can’t seem to do it.
How to Reinvent Yourself After a Life of Mistakes
I’ve made some mistakes. Well, maybe a lot of them. I’m still young, but I’m afraid to be stuck with this image forever.
Why Do People Say I’m So Ungrateful?
I’m ungrateful! At least that’s what my parents and friends tell me. They say I never appreciate anything anyone does for me, and that I’m always finding fault with everyone and everything.
I Wasted Half My Life Trying to Find My Purpose
Why did I have to waste so much time when I could have been doing this all along—something I love that contributes to others?
Brimming With Emotion
All my emotions—joy, sadness, frustration, anger, fear—are expressed in a big way. This can alienate people. Although they like having their feelings understood, they don’t seem to be able to deal with my outpouring of emotions.
Why Did G-d Take Away My Talent?
I had great aspirations for becoming a full-time professional dancer, but six months ago I had a bad fall and broke my leg in several places. I was devastated!
Can’t Take a Compliment
Compliments make us question the beliefs we hold about ourselves.
I Keep On Trying to Change People
I’m always trying to change the world and get people to act the way they’re supposed to.
Should I Temper My Honesty? How?
Do I really have to flatter, be disingenuous and dissemble in order to get along with people? Why can't I just be honest and tell the truth?
I’m Living in a Fantasy World
I never get tired of my favorite books, TV shows and movies, and I daydream about a world filled with magical people and creatures. I wonder if I’m living more in my fantasy world than the real world.
My Landlord Refuses to Fix My Air Conditioner
I'm absolutely burning with anger. It very clearly says on my lease that I'm supposed to have a working air-conditioner. I don’t want to have to move because of this, but how can anyone be so unscrupulous? And how do I deal with this?
I Think I’m Agoraphobic
Over the last few years I've become more and more reluctant to leave the house, except for work. I avoid social events, nature hikes or vacations that require lots of travel. It seems to be getting worse. I don't want to turn into a hermit. What should I do?
For the Person with Too Many Social Commitments
I’m exhausted, burnt out and at my wits’ end. My husband says to cut myself some slack and do less. But what social obligations does he want me to cut out exactly?
Could My Back Pain Be a Punishment from G‑d?
I have been suffering from back pain for years. I’ve gone to doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and alternative healers, and nothing seems to help. I started to wonder whether my back pain might be some sort of spiritual test.
10 Ways to Stop Worrying and Start Living
I’m very anxious about all the terrible things that can happen. We live in such a dangerous world, and so many people are suffering. I’m always terrified that some calamity is going to befall me or those whom I love, G‑d forbid.
I'm a Perfectionist and It's Making Me Miserable!
I’m a perfectionist. I want things to be just so, and I’m frustrated and miserable if they’re not. I try to take every contingency into account when I make plans, but there’s always something that doesn’t work out the way I want it to. Doesn’t G‑d want us to strive for perfection? Why am I always so miserable?
I Dream Big. How Can I be More Realistic?
My problem is I dream big. I don't recognize limits of possibility. My friends say I'm not realistic, I'm out of my league, the chances of achieving my dreams are almost nil. And then when I don't realize my dreams, I'm inevitably disappointed and frustrated and feel like I'm a worthless failure.
How Can I Stop Being So Critical?
Even when I'm not speaking, I have a running critique going in my head about everyone I see on the street, on the bus, at work. How can I stop the vicious cycle of being vicious?
I Think I'm Narcissistic!
Some of my friends complain that I always drop them if something better comes up. How do I stop attracting people who are narcissistic and self-interested, and more importantly, how do I stop being that way myself?
Identity Crisis
The more religious I become and the more I hang out with religious people, the more confined I feel.
Stuck in a Rut
Every year, I make a lot of well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions and although I start off on the right foot, all I'm left with after a very short time are my good intentions and frustration.
I am afraid of making a decision that I’ll later regret.
Stressed and Stuff
I’m overscheduled, overtaxed and overwhelmed. To top it all off, my husband keeps nagging me to get rid of stuff.
Overly Sensitive
I find myself constantly getting hurt by others, and then refusing to talk to these people based on my perception of how they slighted me. How can I stop this cycle?
Frustrated Artist
Why would G‑d give me this talent if He doesn’t want me to use it?
Negative Thoughts
How can I get rid of them?
I’m always finding fault with myself, others, and everything in my life. This makes me feel tense, defensive and unhappy. But I find it hard to stop. What can I do?
Feeling Empty
I am a happily married woman, and I have three wonderful kids. On the outside, nothing seems to be wrong; however, inside I am a mess...
If Only …
My entire life, I have always been a “grass is greener on the other side” type of person. I keep telling myself that I have nothing to complain about. And there are times that it works. But then there are these moments when I start to think, “What if my life was different?”
Jealous Sister
I'm fourteen-years-old and I am having an issue I hope you can help with. I'm happy most of the time, I like my group of friends, and I'm excited that we're going to be starting high school this fall. The problem is - I can't help being envious of my younger sister...
Emotionally Cold Upbringing
I grew up in a very emotionally cold environment. My parents showed very little love or affection, and they couldn’t tolerate when either I or my siblings showed emotion. The result being that I have a hard time now dealing with my emotions...
Feeling Old
I feel like my looks are fading, and I’m afraid of becoming like a lot of older women who try to look thirty and end up looking ridiculous.
Is G-d Punishing Me?
All my life, whenever something good happens to me or is about to happen to me, something goes wrong.
I’ll Be Happy When …
Although in my mind I know that I have a lot to be grateful for, for some reason my heart doesn’t feel it. I feel that there’s something lacking, and I can’t put my finger on it. I find myself looking at others’ lives, and honestly, I’m jealous.
How Can I Use Every Minute Productively?
I find myself wasting a lot of time on the Internet rather than spending my time on worthwhile activities. How is it possible to use every minute productively?
I’m a Terrible Cook!
I feel so inadequate, like I'm letting down the whole chain of Jewish women before me, back to Sinai, by my lack of culinary talent.
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