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Health Concerns

Loving Suggestions for Grief After Miscarriage 
Now that time has passed, I have more tools for processing emotions. Here are some things that would have given comfort to my grieving self.
Weight-Shaming, Wrong! Good Health, Right!
I feel frequently discriminated against because of my weight. And I have been the victim of weight-shaming.
Jittery Before a Brief Hospital Stay
I’m scheduled to have a minor procedure that has to be performed in the hospital, and suddenly, I’m panicky. There are so many things that can happen, and I’m feeling very vulnerable.
How Do I Stop Being a Slob?
My entire diet consists of processed and junk food, my only exercise is walking to the bus.
Pushing My Button(s) on the New York City Subway
I don’t feel like saying, “I have cancer. Please let me sit down.” The buttons are prominent and easy to see; there’s no excuse for people not respecting the request.
How I Finally Lost Weight
Is it wrong that I was inspired by someone's bad example instead of good example?
"I was wondering if being fat makes you a less spiritual person…"
Eating Disorders
The pressure of dieting and physical appearance is something that my eight-year-old daughter is already aware of! Occasionally she will pat her round little belly and ask me if I think that she is fat. She is a little chubbier than some of her friends, but certainly nothing unhealthy or out of the ordinary. Should I put her on a diet?
My Husband Is Terminally Ill
My forty-year-old husband has cancer that is "always deadly" and according to our doctors, there is neither a cure nor hope for any future. While he has battled it for twenty months now and our rabbi always tells us that we should never give up, I do not know where to find the hope...
Stuck in a Rut
I’m not sure why I have been feeling so down lately, but I am just stuck in a rut and I don’t know what to do...
First Trimester Blues
I’m in my 1st trimester of pregnancy and while I’m grateful to be pregnant, I’ve been feeling so lousy and am hardly coping with my life. My husband has been supportive and kind, but I sense that he is beginning to lose patience...
Sudden Mood Swings
The man I am thinking of marrying can be very sweet and kind. But just when we are getting along well, he suddenly changes...
The Doctors Say I’m Dying!
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness but was told that I had at least another twenty years to live. Last week, at my appointment, I was told that things had changed and I had at best another year or two left...
Fertility Problems & Family Events
Unfortunately, my oldest daughter does not have any children though they are still trying and praying. Lately though, she and her husband have stopped attending family events. I understand that it is difficult for her to be around other children...but her siblings are starting to resent her...
What Happens to My Miscarried Child's Soul?
I recently had a miscarriage. I was told that my baby died on week eight. I am still emotionally broken and suffering a lot. Can you please help me understand what happens to my unborn child's soul? Why do you think G‑d allowed th
Depressed Friend
I am worried about my friend and fear that she is depressed. She has a few kids fairly close in age, and since her second child was born, her whole personality has changed...
I Gained Weight During Corona Lockdown
Food is tremendously spiritual, but it’s also tremendously paradoxical.
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