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Ki Tavo

By the Numbers
17 Rosh Hashanah Facts Every Jew Should Know
Brush up on basic facts, traditions, and more associated with the Jewish New Year.
11 Ways the Torah Fills Us With Oxytocin

There are so many stress triggers in our often overwhelming lives. Living an authentic Jewish life helps reduce our stress while heightening our spirituality.
Fruit in the Basket

The Kabbalists explain that ratzon, will and desire, is the most powerful force within the human being.
How Honest Do You Have to Be?

How many people craftily put forth a clean and honest image while every night they sweep their dirt under the proverbial carpet?
Ki Tavo Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Ki Tavo.
Selichot Start Early Sunday A.M.
What Are Selichot?

Several days before Rosh Hashanah we begin to recite the Selichot, a series of penitential prayers and liturgy.
The Tear-Soaked Selichot of Reb Meir

Squeezing Out the Jewish Heart
Get Set for Selichot With the Chabad.org Siddur

The Chabad.org Siddur App brings you complete Selichot prayers
"Lost" in the Mail for Sixteen Years

Once exceptionally wealthy, Avigdor was now poverty-stricken. Mr. Tzaddok, once a pauper, had come into great wealth.
Life Skills
Think Positive

Chapter 12 of Positivity Bias
How My Husband and I Rebounded From Financial Ruin

The financial problems that began back in 2008 didn’t just dissipate overnight. There’s been a lot of work involved. But, the greatest and most important work has been to stay the course, with complete trust.
Instant-Pot Tamarind Brisket

With his gossip and slander, [the person afflicted with tzaraat] separated a husband from his wife, a man from his neighbor; therefore said the Torah (Leviticus 13:46): "He shall dwell alone."
— Talmud
Print Magazine

The natural tendency is to treat matters of the spirit as luxury items—sort of an appendage to life.

Eating, sleeping, making money—these things are given priority and the time dedicated to them is sacrosanct.

But prayer, meditation and study fit in only when you feel like it, and are pushed aside on the slightest...

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