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By the Numbers
13 Facts About Shidduch Dating

The prospective couple is set up by family and friends to meet each other and decide if they would eventually like to marry.
Your Questions
Who Wrote the Babylonian Talmud?

A process of fragmentation had begun, whereby great scholars established academies of their own.
How Does the World Look Upon the Jews?

How often do we hear the accusation that “Jews only look after their own?”
Curses of Happenstance

There’s a reason things happen a certain way, and whether or not we’re in on the plan, there’s a plan nonetheless.
‘Did You Give Up on Having a Child?’

I was a fertility warrior; what happened? I looked in the mirror, confused by the woman looking back.
G-d Said What?!

I had to make sure I was understanding this. “Are you serious? You mean even when the couple is married, they purposely aren’t together or even hug, kiss or anything for weeks?”
Welcoming a Son at the Dawn of Day

The weather turned to rain. The contractions came and went.
The Wine Bottle Waited 14 Years

Alina no idea how to prepare Steven for a bar mitzvah by herself, so she gave up on that dream.
When G-d desired to create man, Truth said: "He should not be created, for he will be full of lies." Kindness said: "He should be created, for he will be full of kindness."
— Midrash Rabbah, Bereishit 8:5
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Worry is humiliating. Trust is dignity.

To worry is to worship the world, to fall on your knees in dread and grovel before it.

To trust is to lift up your eyes and stand as tall as the heavens. To live with nothing else but the bond between G‑d above and you below.