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Your Questions
Who “Invented” the Holiday on 15 Shevat?

When did Tu Bishvat become a thing, and why specifically now?
What Does the Jewish Last Name Horowitz Mean?

Learn the meaning and significance of this famous Jewish surname.
Moses Returns

So let’s say Moses turns up today. What would he liberate us from? What sort of miracles would he make this time around?
Why We Love Old Songs

And as many times as you hear it, you’re moved all the same. If the tune grabs you from the get-go, it will almost always continue to do so.
15 Shevat
Teaching My Son Multiplication and Myself About Challenges

He plants seeds. Seeds of experience, seeds of challenge, seeds of tears. Seeds that make us think, “Why do I need to go through this experience or meet that person?”
Why I Didn’t Come to Your Baby’s Brit

The thought of attending caused me so much anxiety that I decided to be kind to myself and give myself permission not to attend.
By the Numbers
Nine Ways to Be Like a Tree

Since the Torah compares man to “a tree of the field,” we’ve collected nine lessons from the mystics that we can learn from trees.
Take the Land of Israel Quiz

How well do you know the Jewish homeland? Take this quiz and find out!
7 Life Lessons I Learned From Yudi Dukes

During his 241-day hospitalization he impacted every single person he came into contact with.
The Runaway Convert

"After the Jewish businessman left, the mother called her son and reprimanded him. The child looked at his mother in surprise. His eyes conveyed his thoughts: Mom, what’s the big deal? After all, he is just a Jew"
Melachah of the Week
Koraya - Tearing

Tearing is forbidden on Shabbat, as it is actually part of the sewing process.
Persimmon-Pomegranate Salsa

"Teshuvah out of love" [arises] from the depths of the heart, with great love, desire, and a craving soul to cleave to G-d; the soul thirsts for G-d like a parched and barren soil, because, up until now, it was in a barren wilderness and in the shadow of death... and very distant from the face of G-d... It is regarding repentance out of such great love that it has been said that premeditated sins become, for him, like virtues, since through them he attained this great love...
— Tanya, chapter 7
Print Magazine

At every moment, in each thing, a miracle occurs far transcendent of even the splitting of the Red Sea: Existence is renewed out of the void, and a natural order is sustained where there should be chaos.

Indeed, it is not the miracle that is wondrous, but the natural order. Does anyone have a good reason why gravity...