By the Numbers
20 Jewish Prophets Everyone Should Know

Our forebears were prophets. Later, prophets and prophetesses guided us, chided us and comforted us.
8 Ideas for Managing Change and Upheaval in Life

How do I restore my equilibrium and get back some sense of security?
Your Questions
Can Wine Be Holy?

I am a Muslim. In my religion, wine is forbidden. Does Judaism honestly believe that such a sensual indulgence can be considered holy?
What Makes Kosher Pickles “Kosher”?

Even if a pickle jar is marked as containing “kosher pickles,” it does not necessarily mean that the pickles are actually kosher to eat.
What Is a "Tchotchke"?
The kids, who are the guardians of our faith, are still delighted by the simple pleasure of a tchotchke.
The Consolations of Mortality

Before any of the deaths are mentioned we read about the strange ritual of the red heifer, which purified people who had been in contact with death – the archetypal source of impurity. That ritual, often deemed incomprehensible, is in fact deeply symbolic.
How I Find Meaning Within the Mystery of Judaism

Embrace the struggle that is part of a nuanced and complex life. Be humble and stay open to the lesson.
Moses Strikes the Rock: The Full Story

Moses striking the rock is among the most famous and enigmatic stories in the Torah.
The Lost Boy and the Secret Slip of Parchment

“I have three very strong horses, fast as deer,” he whispered. “If you’re willing to pay, I’ll take the innkeeper and his family to a city far from here. Tonight.”
Daily Life
It Took a Teen to Reconnect With My Torah Learning

Though she is 13 years my junior, after every one-hour learning session with her, I leave feeling reinvigorated, ready to dive deeper into Judaism and to take on more mitzvot.
What Does Fatherhood Mean to You?

In a healthy relationship, the word father means love.
If there be a prophet among you, I, G-d, make myself known to him in a vision, and speak to him in a dream. Not so My servant Moses; for he is the trusted one in all My house. With him I speak mouth to mouth, manifestly, and not in riddles; and the similitude of G-d does he behold. Why, then, were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?
— Numbers 12:6-8