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By the Numbers
11 Facts About Antiochus Every Jew Should Know

Learn about the evil king who oppressed the Jews and defiled the Temple in the Chanukah story.
10 Questions:Take the Kosher Animal Quiz

Get ready to test your skills. Can you identify kosher animals?
Your Questions
Why Add a Light Each Night of Chanukah?

The Talmud gives two reasons: to indicate the night and because we always ascend rather than descend.
How to Light the Menorah
Breeze through the Chanukah Menorah lighting with a step by step guide on everything from which menorah is kosher to how to arrange and light your own menorah.
Halachah for Life
What to Know About Spending Shabbat in a Hotel

Successfully navigate electronic doors and sensors, carrying, and other challenges.
Hebrew Word of the Week
What Can the Hebrew Word for “Humility” Teach You?

Dad Was In Prison, and I Didn't Know If I Was Jewish

On the windowsill stood a silver candelabra large enough to hold nine candles and a box of tall candles. I understood I was being initiated into a rite I hadn’t known existed until that moment.
Joseph the Happy Lamplighter

I'm Watching You

We have the power to make our kids aware that G-d is watching them with love.
The Miracle of the Missing Menorah

Whether it was a silver goblet, an ornate spice box, or the Shabbat candlesticks, all they could do was acknowledge the disappearance
One must have mesirat nefesh (total self-sacrifice and dedication) for the love of a fellow Jew, even towards a Jew whom one has never seen...
— Baal Shem Tov (quoted in Hayom Yom, Kislev 15)
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There are dark jewels in this world that can be salvaged, purified and taken as precious bounty for the good.

And there is darkness itself, the absence of light, that must only wait its time to expire.

How can we tell between them?

If the darkness fights back, there is hope.

It means there is something there...