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Crisis in Israel
Love in the Desert

This is going to be, eventually, a column about love.
Knowledge and Power: Teaching the Awesomeness

It seems that Rashi's second comment is twice as long, yet half as clear.
By the Numbers
13 Facts About Learning Torah

Torah study occupies a central place in Jewish life, but how much do we really know about this activity?
9 Questions: Take the Shavuot Quiz!

9 questions to see how much you know about this Biblical holiday
The Seven Eras of Torah Scholarship

How did we get from the revelation at Sinai to the halachah we have today?
9 Tips for Your Second Shavuot at Home

Here are our tips for a Shavuot that is both delightful to the soul and pleasant for the person.
Shavuot Reading
How Do We Know the Torah Is Real?

I could believe the world was real. But was it possible to know it? What had to be added to that belief in order to convert it into knowledge?
Meditating on the First Commandment Can Change Your Life

Take a few minutes to consider significant events in your life as part of your soul destiny, not as a punishment, karma or a mistake you made.
Personal Journeys
Letters of Love From a Distant Mother-in-Law

Did my mother in-law miss us? Of course. Did she want us near her? Absolutely.
Finding Purpose in Our Daughter's Addiction

Today I want to focus on one very simple element: how it can serve us.
The Drive

The car sputtered, smoke wafted from the engine, and there were no gas stations in sight.
[When Achashverosh declared that he would] "do the will of each and every one" (Esther 1:8), G-d said: "Wicked one! If two people desire to marry the same woman, can she marry both of them? If there are two sailing ships out in the ocean, and one requires a southern wind and the other requires a northern wind, could one wind move them both? Tomorrow, two people will come to you, Mordechai and Haman; could you satisfy both, but to promote the one and hang the other...? The only one who can 'do the will of each and every one' is G-d, of whom it is written (Psalms 145:16) "You open Your Hand, and satisfy every life and will...'"
— Midrash Rabbah, Esther 2
Print Magazine

Why is Torah compared to light? Because it tells us the place of each thing.

Because, in truth, there is no need to change the world. Everything is here.

Each thing has a place, and in that place it is good. Altogether, it is very good, a beautiful world. All that’s needed is a little light.

What is light?...