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Sell Your Chametz Online
Any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. Use this online form to quickly delegate a rabbi to sell your chametz for you.
Quick Seder Refresher
A quick, one-page overview of the Passover Meal’s steps
Print Haggadahs
A standard Haggadah has all the instructions and guidance necessary to walk through the 15 steps of the Seder like a pro.
By the Numbers
9 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Matzah

How well do you know this food, which has been with us since the dawn of our peoplehood? Here are some of our favorite matzah myths.
Your Questions
Why Is Matzah So Bland?

The short and simple answer is that another name for matzah is lechem oni—“poor man's bread” or “bread of poverty.”
Getting Personal at the Seder
Why Is the Charoset Sweet?

Every single Jew is a building brick in the process. Every child that comes into the world is a miracle and an entire world. At any age and at any stage, we don’t know what will happen or how.
Recalling Zaydie Joe’s Escape from Russia at Our Passover Seder

Now, Adam is no longer with me. I go to our son’s home for the Seders and listen while each person has a chance to recite aloud a portion of the Haggadah.
The Fifth Question

“Rebbe!” she cried. “I swear that I won’t move from here until you command Heaven to bless me with a child!”
Passover Food
4 Simple Charoset Recipes

A gathering of the righteous is a joy for them and a joy for the world; a gathering of the wicked is an ruination for them and a ruination for the world
— Talmud, Sanhedrin 71b
Print Magazine

“Love G-d and serve Him with all your heart.”
—Deuteronomy 11:13.

What is a service that is performed within the heart? This could only be speaking of prayer.
—Talmud Taanit 2a.

Prayer means that when your heart bursts with pain, pour it out to Him.

When it yearns, speak to Him about that which you yearn...