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Chayei Sarah

Honoring Rabbi Lord Sacks
Learn From Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
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Covenant & Conversation

Read an essay on this week's Torah portion from the pen of Rabbi Sacks.
By the Numbers
8 Once-in-a-Generation Jewish Rituals

Some mitzvahs are done daily, weekly, or annually. But there are some that happen so seldom that many of us are lucky if we experience them even once or twice over the course of our lives.
10 Questions: Take the Jewish Funeral Quiz

Accompanying the deceased to his or her final resting place is a tremendous mitzvah and displays great respect. See how much you know about Jewish funerals with this quiz.
Learning Center
Why Are Jews Buried in White Linen Shrouds?

This dates back two millennia to the times of Rabban Gamliel the Elder in the early 1st century.
Consuming G-d’s Food

Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Maaser Sheni.
Do You Own What You Have?

Abraham appreciated a simple yet sometimes difficult truth: if you want to make something truly yours, you must pay for it.
What Was Double About Me’arat Hamachpelah?

The Rebbe provides an interpretation of Rashi’s commentary that overturns nearly a thousand years of presumed understanding.
How to Live Life

All of her years were equal, parallel, identical, even-steven for good? Is this possible?
A Dollar, a Story, and the (Re)union of Eliezer and Devorah

The divine providence found in an engagement, a breakup, and a reunion years later in Jerusalem.
Faith During Miscarriage

I meditate on the idea that my baby is in a loving, nurturing and beautiful place. I imagine that every soul before birth chooses an earthly mother as a vehicle to this world. I am honored to have been part of my son’s journey.
Counterpressure: What Is the Purpose of All My Struggles?

The soul is not here for itself, but to refine and elevate the animal soul.
Ordinary Kids Doing Extraordinary Things

It provides me with strength and happiness that the future will be bright because our children are making the world a better place.
The work of My hands is drowning in the sea, and you wish to sing before me?
— G-d to the angels, when the Egytians were drowning in the sea (Talmud, Sanhedrin 39b)