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Is the Snake-on-a-Rod Medical Sign Kosher?

Some of us think it is of Jewish origin, while others believe it comes from the Greeks.
Starting the Annual Rambam Cycle
Is It a Mitzvah to Believe in G-d?

Can belief in G-d be counted as one of the 613 mitzvahs?
All of Torah. All of Us.
With three tracks, suitable for all ages and levels, daily Rambam is the perfect study program for every Jew.
The Song of the Well

It’s all very poetic, but what exactly happened that inspired them to burst into this serenade?
What Happened to the Clouds of Glory?

Sometimes the term “clouds of glory” is used, while at other times it simply refers to “clouds.” Why is this?
By the Numbers
14 Facts About the Menorah in the Holy Temple

Join us as we learn all about this item, whose spiritual light continues to shine until this very day.
Take the Maimonides Quiz

See how well you know the life and works of this great sage.
Learning to Soften the Knots in My Stomach

Apparently, I still need to achieve a deeper awareness of exactly Who is in charge.
My Greatest Teacher: My Husband’s Battle With Depression

There is so much resistance here, so I know there must be something true.
Melachah of the Week
Mochek - Erasing

Erasing letters or removing ink to create an empty space large enough to write at least two letters in its place constitutes the av melachah of mochek.
Great is peace! For to make peace between husband and wife, the Torah instructs that the name of G-d, written in holiness, should be blotted out in water
— Talmud, Chulin 141a
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They think self-surrender means to say, “I have no mind. I have no heart. I only believe and follow, for I am nothing.”

This is not self-surrender—this is a denial of the truth. For it is saying there is a place where G–dliness cannot be—namely your mind and your heart.

G‑d did not give you a brain that you should...