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Lech Lecha

Question of the Week
Can I Secretly Monitor My Child’s Social Media?

He is very protective of his privacy, but not wise enough to navigate the world of social media on his own.
By the Numbers
12 Facts Every Jew Should Know About Rachel

Rachel is one of the four mothers of the Jewish people. How much do you know about her?
10 Questions: Take the Biblical Cities Quiz

Do you know Jerusalem from Jericho and Nineveh from Nob? This is your chance to find out!
How Could Abraham Let Sarah Be Abducted?

Abraham’s plan would effectively remove himself from Pharaoh’s hit list . . . and make Sarah available for Pharaoh’s hedonistic abuse! Talk about a lack of chivalry! Is this Abraham, the first Jewish husband and the ultimate mentch?
What Really Was the Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?

It turns out that the greatest need of all is not to be needed, but to need others.
Journey of the Soul

Abram’s physical journey was a symbol of his spiritual journey.
Undoing the Distortions of a Dream

Our feelings are generated as a direct result of our thoughts.
The Odd Prayer and the Lost Bandit

“Oh Eliyahu, you’ve stopped praying with me, said the Baal Shem Tov. “Let me tell you why I repeated that verse over and over.”
She Never Knew Her Great-Great-Grandma Was Jewish

We can count the number of apples on an apple tree, but we can never know how many trees will grow from the seeds hidden in each apple.
Melachah of the Week
The Five Steps of Weaving

After wool has been dyed it is ready to be spun and woven into fabric. Here is how it is done.
Butternut-Chickpea Curry

When G-d gave the Torah to the People of Israel, He said to them: "I require guarantors." Said the people: "The heaven and the earth shall be our guarantors." Said G-d: "They won't last forever." Said they: "Our fathers will guarantee it." Said He: "They are busy." Said they: "Our children will guarantee it." Said He: "These are excellent guarantors."
— Mechilta D'Rashbi
Print Magazine

When the Divine Light began its awesome descent—a journey of world to lower world for endless worlds, condensing its unbounded state again and again into finite packages until focused to a fine, crystallized resolution—it did so with purpose: to bring forth a world of continuous ascent.

Since that beginning, not a day...