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Yom Kippur

Words of Closeness and Distance

Which path is the Jew to follow? Is he to strive towards heaven and keep himself aloof from worldly events? Or is he, like Isaiah, to find his spiritual home in the things of the earth?
On the Essence of Shabbat Shuvah

There is an essential problem in the combination of Shabbat and teshuvah.
By the Numbers
9 Yom Kippur Myths and Misconceptions

Here’s your chance to rethink some things that “everyone knows” about the holy day.
14 Tips for an Amazing Yom Kippur at Home

Many of us—some for the first time in our adult lives—will be celebrating Yom Kippur alone. Here are our pro tips to making your at-home Yom Kippur meaningful, pleasant, and memorable.
A Pen as Your Shovel: Digging for Hidden Treasures

If we would dig, we would be surprised by the treasures we would find.
What Is Prayer?

I learned that if I needed life-saving dialysis, I would make time for it. And that is how I want to relate to you. Not like a chore. And not like a luxury. But like life-saving oxygen.
The Princess
A parable by the famous Preacher of Dubno
Yussie's Yom Kippur Prayer

"G‑d, I am sorry," Yussie began. "I want to go inside to pray, but I haven't eaten anything for a day and a half, and I am afraid I will pass out and embarrass myself. So, please, G‑d, would you mind hearing Yussie's forgiveness prayer out here?"
G-d, in His goodness, renews the universe and all creatures every moment with His particular Divine Providence, which constitutes - to the exclusion of all else - the reality, life-force and sustained existence of all creations
— Hayom Yom, Sivan 29
Print Magazine

Yom Kippur is a day of forgiveness for those who return.

But then, every day is a day of forgiveness for those who return.

Yet Yom Kippur is an entirely different story. 

Because on any other day when a soul returns, her misdeeds are discarded.

On Yom Kippur, when a soul returns, she is held in tight...

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