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Your Questions
Why Only Ten Commandments at Sinai?

If there are 613 commandments, why were ten commandments specifically given at Sinai?
My Wedding Plans Out the Window?

Every person at your chuppah adds their soul energy—their particular aura and presence to the occasion. And only those who should be there will be there.
Shavuot Toolkit
How to Celebrate Shavuot at Home

Here are our tips for a Shavuot that is both delightful to the soul and pleasant for the person.
11 Shavuot Myths and Misconceptions

Ready to challenge some things you think you always knew? Let's go!
Shavuot Kids Party Package

Includes stories, fun games, and delicious treat you make yourself.
Shavuot in the Age of Corona Site
Check out our full package of resources, texts, stories, how-to guides, inspiration, and more.
Mount Sinai Cake

Showcase the beauty of Mount Sinai with this beautiful Shavuot cake.
Herschel Goat

“When I was a young man of twenty,” the Baal Shem Tov began his story, “shortly after being accepted in the society of hidden tzaddikim, several of us came to the city of Brody . . .”
My Shelter-in-Place Shavuot

More than Passover and more than Lag BaOmer, I wondered about Shavuot weeks in advance.
3 Ways Quarantine Is Helping Me Refine My Communication Skills

Wouldn’t social distancing be ideal for me? Sure! If it weren’t for my husband and small children who also inhabit my two-bedroom condo. Throw in a baby who doesn’t yet sleep through the night, and you have the perfect recipe for a snippy wife and mother.
Shavuot: COVID-19 and Beyond!

Jewish tradition likens Shavuot, the festival celebrating the Giving of the Torah, to the wedding day between us and G‑d.
5 Timely Lessons From Ruth

As I prepared to celebrate the holiday in quarantine, I knew that I would have to seek inspiration in order to find meaning and pleasure in this lonely, unusual Shavuot.
Light attracts. Where a lantern is placed, those who seek light gather around.
— Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn of Lubavitch (1880-1950)
Print Magazine

The very first rule was made to be broken
—the rule that heaven is heaven and earth is earth and each must remain in its place.

The first to break that rule was the very One who made it,
when His glory descended upon Mount Sinai.
And He gave us a Torah so that we, too, could continue breaking that rule
—and all the rules...