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Why Am I Not Falling in Love?

Love can only blossom in an open heart. When our hearts are closed we cannot feel affection, even when that affection is really there. And what makes a heart close is fear.
What Is Asarah B'Tevet (Tevet 10)?
What does this day commemorate? Well, three things, actually.
Letter to My Cremated Father

My hope is that this letter, an artifice to ease my double grief over your death and cremation, will reach other Jews in the same plight, children and parents.
Ezra the Scribe

Ezra the Scribe headed the religious revival of the people living in Israel at the beginning of the Second Temple era.
Did You Know that (Some) Stress is Good for You?

Stress is supposed to be one of the harmful things that can shorten our lifespan and even cause death.
Sharing the Secret to Jewish Unity

We share a communal identity and destiny, where we celebrate and mourn as one.
Lion, Donkey, or Wolf?

For the first time in Jewish history, all 12 sons of Jacob are tasked with continuing the legacy of Abraham. Each has a specific quality that will contribute critically to the Jewish story.
How Joseph's Coffin Ended Up in Israel

An incredible story of hope, miracles and prayer.
The Forgiven Loan

Reb Shalom’s daughter waited to be wed, but without a somewhat respectable dowry her chances of meriting a fine groom were virtually nonexistent.
How great is the benevolence of the Creator! That such a small creature as the human being can bring great delight to the Greatest of all Great, to the one of whom it is said (Psalms 145:3), "There is no delving into His greatness..."
— Hayom Yom, Kislev 8
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We don’t say a person “will be going to heaven.”
We say this person is “a child of the world to come.”

Heaven is not just somewhere you go.
It is something you carry with you.