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Questions & Answers

Hundreds of Q&A's on every area of Jewish Life

Why do we keep kosher? Hasn't religion caused as much suffering as good? What happens after we die? The first Jew began by asking questions, finding answers, and asking questions on the answers. The quest continues...

Ask "Rabbi Y"
Learn something new every week!
Did you ever wonder why we Jews do what we do? Get your answers from "Rabbi Y," a veteran of's acclaimed Ask the Rabbi team, who answers another "why" question every week. No question is too obscure, and no area of Jewish life is off-limits.
G‑d and Us
Hasn't belief in G-d caused as much evil as good? If G-d knows best, what's the point of prayer? How can we have "free choice" if G-d already knows what we're going to do? Do (Normal) Jews believe in prophesy? Are we supposed to be afraid of G-d?
Jewish Identity
A collection of key essays on the topic
Who are the Jews? What does it mean to be a Jew? Is there a difference between Judaism and Jewishness? Is it a religion, a family, a tribe, a nationality or something entirely different?
Life & Death
What is a soul? What happens after we die? Do Jews believe in heaven and hell? What is reincarnation? Why does Jewish law forbid cremation? What does the Kaddish prayer say about death?
Men & Women
Why aren't women and men treated the same in Jewish law? Why is Torah law so restrictive of contact between the sexes? Why do men and women sit separately in the synagogue?
Marriage & Family
Why have children? What's the Jewish view on arranged marriages? Why does a bride wear a veil?
The Torah
What is the Torah? How do we know that we heard G-d at Sinai? How and when was the Torah written?
Mitzvot & Jewish Customs
Why do we keep kosher? Why so many "don'ts" on Shabbat? What is the deeper significance of the Tallit? Why do Chassidic Jews wear those long black coats?
Kabbalah & The Mystical
What is Kabbalah? Do you believe in the "evil eye"? Is astrology kosher? What do dreams mean?
Judaism on Medical Ethics
A Collection of Questions and Answers
Jewish Ethics & Morality
A Collection of Questions and Answers
How does G-d decide what's right and what's wrong? Can one be a "good person" without being religious? What gives us the right to kill animals? What's the difference between a cult and a religion?
Moshiach and the Final Redemption
Who is Moshiach and how will we know when he's coming? Is the world really getting better?
How old is the universe? Is psychoanalysis kosher? Why the big picture of the Rebbe in your living room? What does Judaism say about the aliens from outer space?
The Court of Jewish Law
Social, Monetary and Ethical dilemmas presented through the perspective of Jewish Law
Social, monetary and ethical dilemmas presented through the perspective of Jewish Law
Vedibarta Bam
A Compilation of Torah Insights in Question & Answer Format
A compilation of selected Torah insights, though-proviking ideas, homilies and explanations of Torah passages. The question and answer format of the Vedibarta Bam series makes it ideal for both students and teachers.
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