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On The Prophets and Scriptures

14 Facts About the Book of Psalms
Psalms is a most beloved book, filled with prayers, praises, and prose. Compiled by David, it is an essential part of the Jewish Canon.
Who Wrote the Book of Psalms?
I was always under the impression that King David was the author of the book of Psalms (Tehillim). But as I read through the psalms, I saw that many of them are attributed to other composers: Moses, Asaph, Heiman, and others. What’s the deal?
Why Mention that Ehud Was A Lefty?
In Judges the verse (3:15) says that Ehud was left handed. Why was that point brought out in the scriptures?
Did the Jews Disregard Ezekiel’s Prophecy of the Temple?
I read, with great interest, chapters 40-48 of Ezekiel in the Bible. Is it true that the Jews never built the Temple that is described there? If it is true, why did the Jews disregard Ezekiel’s prophecy when they built the second Temple?
Why Isn't the Book of Daniel Part of the Prophets?
The difference between divine inspiration and prophecy
I was reading the book of Daniel, which is filled with extraordinary and apocalyptic visions. I was amazed to learn that it is not included in the section of the Bible known as the Prophets, and that the Talmud does not even consider Daniel to have been a prophet. What am I missing?
When Does the Passover Story End?
Our retelling of the Exodus on Passover ends when we close the Haggadah text. But when did the story really end?
What Is the Midpoint of the Torah?
I read that it was the letter “vav” of the word “gachon” (Leviticus 11:42). My friend says that that is incorrect. Can you help us out?
Who Wrote the Book of Esther?
Queen Esther wrote this book with Mordechai and petitioned the sages to have it included in Scripture. The Men of the Great Assembly then rewrote it.
Within the fold of the High Priest’s breastplate were the Urim and Thummim (lights and perfections), which served as an oracle, divining whether or not the Jewish people should take a certain course of action.
Who Was Ravshakeh, Who Insulted King Hezekiah?
The Talmud states that Ravshakeh was a Jewish apostate, meaning a renegade Jew who had disowned his own religion and people.