In the Book of Judges, the verse (3:15) says that Ehud was left-handed.

Why was that detail mentioned in the scriptures?


The Bible mentions Ehud's left-handedness because that was what enabled him to kill Eglon, the Moabite king. As any king would, Eglon had guards who protected him and searched anyone who wanted to enter his throne room. Yet somehow, Ehud managed to get in with a sharp sword concealed in his clothing.

Normally, a right-handed person wears his sword on his left side, because it's easier and faster to draw his sword from the opposite side of his body.

The guards assumed Ehud was right-handed, and therefore only checked his left side. But as a lefty, Ehud kept his sword on the right side, and so it was overlooked. With the sword that went unnoticed, Ehud killed the king of Moab.1

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Rochel Chein
for The Judaism WebsiteChabad.org