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Many old-timers recall the custom for children to carry a candle stuck into an apple on top of a flag.
The holiday is celebrated with materials typically left on a threshing floor or winepress, such as straw, stalks, and reeds.
Customarily, those whose parents are still living leave the sanctuary for the duration of this short prayer. Why?
On the “custom” of throwing bread into the water on Rosh Hashanah
Contrary to what some believe, feeding the fish is not part of the Tashlich ritual.
Walking on Shabbat between Borehamwood and Edgware
An acquaintance of mine resides in the London neighborhood of Borehamwood, while some of his adult children live in Edgware. The walk between their homes is about half an hour. Borehamwood and Edgware are separated by a large green area. My friend approac...
Nefilat Apayim in Tachnun
It looks almost as if everyone is taking a short nap. What’s up with that?
The Zohar states that the secret reason for the mitzvah of tefillin can be found within the verse, “And they shall make Me a sanctuary and I will dwell among them.”
The manna (in Hebrew, מן, which is more accurately transliterated as mon) was the miraculous edible substance that fell each day from heaven during the 40-year period between the Exodus and the conquest of Israel, providing our ancestors with sustenance t...
Why Is Deuteronomy 5 Different From Exodus 20?
In a strange twist, there are some significant differences between the original text in Exodus and the repeat recorded in Deuteronomy. The rabbis explained why.
This title was given to the political head of the (at times) semi-autonomous Jewish community in Babylon, who traced his lineage to King David.