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When ancient farming laws meet cutting edge agriculture
It’s not often that a fruit gets so much attention. I can’t remember exactly when and how I heard about it (was it on NPR or Quartz?), but around two years ago I found out about a new apple being developed that was poised to be one of the biggest fruit la...
I’ve dated for many years, but am still looking for my soulmate. What more can I do?
Many of the great sages in the Talmud would dance and do all sorts of tricks to entertain the couple.
This seems strange, since the sages place great significance on a person’s name.
There is a prevalent custom for boys to read the weekly Torah portion when they become a bar mitzvah. Here's why.
An underlying theme of Chanukah (and Chanukah gelt) is Jewish education.
From fire and brimstone to the rise of the Chassidic movement
A maggid is a title most commonly held by preachers who flourished in Poland and Russia during the 17th and 18th centuries, most notably the Maggid of Mezrich.
There are two general reasons given in the Talmud Talmud, Shabbat 21b. for why we add a candle each night: 1) To indicate which night of Chanukah it is. 2) In matters of holiness, we always want to ascend rather than descend. Many point out that there are...
I have done everything in my power to pay back my debts, but every time I make a little headway, something happens to plunge me into debt again.
In the past, only one mourner was honored with the task of saying Kaddish, which makes sense