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Since the Jewish day changes at nightfall (and the night generally begins when the stars come out), this brings to mind a number of halachic challenges for observing mitzvot.
Nachas, joy from our children and grandchildren, is among the sweetest pleasures a Jew can hope for.
In Yiddish, the word mach means both “do” and “make.”
The best antidote for depression is serving others.
Whenever holiness departs, negative forces try to fill the void.
Even if a pickle jar is marked as containing “kosher pickles,” it does not necessarily mean that the pickles are actually kosher to eat.
Are you plotzing to know what this word means?
The kids, who are the guardians of our faith, are still delighted by the simple pleasure of a tchotchke.
And why do we give charity in his name?
In a time of need, some have the custom to give charity for Israel (called tzedakah of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness) and pray, “G‑d of Rabbi Meir, answer me!”
It bothers me to see them care more about the score than about how they are treating their fellow athletes.