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The widespread custom is to dip the challah and then an apple into honey on Rosh Hashanah. However, select Sephardic communities have the custom to specifically use sugar.
When a man dies without children, there is a mitzvah for his brother and widow to marry. If they don’t want, there is an alternative called chalitzah.
The eglah arufah (“decapitated calf”) was performed when a murdered stranger was found out in the field and the killer was unknown.
Officials in Eastern United States have warned that the spotted lantern fly poses a threat and is encouraging the public to kill them on sight. Is this the Jewish way?
Cleromancy is defined as “divination by means of casting lots.” Is it a Jewish concept, and is it permitted?
When to put up the mezuzah depends on whether you are renting or buying the home, as well as whether the home is in Israel or in the diaspora.
Is there a substantive reason to have a circumcision performed by a mohel, rather than a doctor? What about medical concerns?
Some of the authors are well known, some are known by name only, and others are anonymous.
On the 24 Clans of Kohanim
The Torah dictates that the descendants of Aaron (the Kohanim) be separated from within the tribe of Levi and be prepared to serve in the Holy Temple (or Tabernacle). See Leviticus 28:8; I Chronicles 23:13. Aaron had two surviving sons, Elazar and Itamar....