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To understand why, we first need to examine why we wash our hands in the first place.
Many have the custom to simply make the time and place known, without inviting anyone in particular to attend. Here's why.
First of all, not everyone strives to make a positive impact on the world. Many people, unfortunately, live with the desire to see how much they can take from the world—not give—so wanting to make a positive difference is already a great accomplishment.
Space travel presents its own unique challenges to the Jewish astronaut: How can one procure kosher space food, as well as all the other necessities of Jewish life? How does one face Jerusalem when praying in orbit? However, the greatest challenge of all ...
What exactly are we saying? I can understand blessing people, but does G‑d, the Creator and Master of all, really need our blessing?
Although many see the rainbow as a beautiful symbol of peace, its biblical origin is not all that positive. Let’s take a look.
Where Is the Garden of Eden located? Learn the literal as well as esoteric answer to this age-old question.
Be proud of your sensitive nature. It helps you be intuitive, empathic and kind.
I love my dad very much and I want to pay him the proper respect. Am I allowed to travel to the show if I know that I possibly won’t find a minyan there to say kaddish on his yahrtzeit?
Jonah wasn’t some average Joe who decided to go his own way and not to listen to G-d. Why then did he disobey?