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When it comes to your identity—who you are, your core beliefs and values—there can be no compromise.
The Aseret Hadibrot actually contain 11-15 commandments, depending on how you count.
If you're going to bring the ultimate divine wisdom into the world, why are shattered souls the channel for its reception?
The emergence of AI technology raises new questions and challenges for Jewish law to consider.
The Septuagint refers to the (Koine) Greek translation of Scripture, thus named because Scripture was rendered by a group of seventy (or 72) elders into Greek.
There is a time-hallowed custom to taste the Shabbat food on Friday afternoon to ensure it properly spiced and not burned.
It is important to tell the story of Exodus with broken bread over the table, like poor people.
On the inner significance of the simple-seeming 15-step Seder song
This classic poem is attributed to Rashi. The Kabbalists, including Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (Arizal), saw deep, esoteric meanings and lessons embedded in its seemingly simple words.
The three words, attributed to Rabbi Judah, we say while spilling wine at the Seder, teach deep insights about the 10 plagues.
Could it be true, I wondered, that there really is no mitzvah to help people? I tried to consider how what I already knew (or thought I knew) fit in with the speaker’s narrative.