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Be proud of your sensitive nature. It helps you be intuitive, empathic and kind.
I love my dad very much and I want to pay him the proper respect. Am I allowed to travel to the show if I know that I possibly won’t find a minyan there to say kaddish on his yahrtzeit?
Whenever you feel like life is spinning out of control and metaphoric shpilkes begin to appear on your seat, remember that G‑d is right there at your side.
Jonah wasn’t some average Joe who decided to go his own way and not to listen to G-d. Why then did he disobey?
Instead of dropping the match upon a flat surface, should place it down standing diagonally, allowing it to fully burn out.
Where do I light my candles, where we’re sleeping or where we’re eating?
The word “Machzor” has come to refer to a prayerbook specifically for the High Holidays.
We create a direct connection between recognizing the true source of the bread and enjoying it.
You can call your little niece a shayne punim, and also tell her that you miss her dearly and cannot wait to kiss her shayne punim on your next visit.
I’m wondering if it’s permitted to begin defrosting on the afternoon of the first day of Yom Tov something that we will eat that night?