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The Yiddish word for “expert,” maven (or mayven), is derived from the Hebrew word mayvin (מבין), which means “understands.”
Good question. There is a mitzvah in the Torah for a kohen to bless the Jewish people every day with upraised hands. This is called Birkat Kohanim (“Blessing of the Priests”) or Nesiat Kapaim (“Raising the Palms”). This mitzvah is not restricted to Temple...
It’s an ancient Jewish tradition, dating back to Abraham himself.
The main source for this erroneous image seems to come from Christian art during the Renaissance . . .
Why don’t the rabbis know where it is?
I’ve seen lots of theories about the location of Mount Sinai. Is there any validity to those theories? I know that Judaism reveres the Temple Mount as the site of the Holy Temple, but is there any location that Judaism reveres or at least recognizes as Mo...
How well do you know Yiddish? Would it make your bubby kvell? Test your Yiddish skills with this 10-part quiz!
Is there truth to the rumor that if you do 3 successful shidduchs (i.e. match three people with their future spouse) you go to the highest level of heaven
How do I restore my equilibrium and get back some sense of security?
Since I’ve upped my religious commitment, I have been feeling guilty when I spend time playing or pursuing my creative hobbies.
“Please bentch me that I should ace this test.”