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Jewish Ethics & Morality

A Collection of Questions and Answers

How does G-d decide what's right and what's wrong? Can one be a "good person" without being religious? What gives us the right to kill animals? What's the difference between a cult and a religion?

What Is the Torah Perspective on Safe Spaces, Trigger Words and Political Correctness?
First, we need to understand an underlying philosophical difference between the Constitution and the Torah.
Is It Ethical to Regift?
Is it wrong to regift? My uncle just came back from Hong Kong and brought me a very expensive green tie with red zigzags. I would not be caught dead wearing it. But I have a friend with the same taste as my uncle who would love it, and it's his birthday next week. Is there any issue with me passing it on, rather than letting it gather dust in my closet?
Is My Teacher Responsible for My Confiscated Smartphone?
Was she allowed to confiscate it? If she was, is she responsible to reimburse me?
Why Can’t I Be Vengeful Like G-d?
With one phone call, I could ruin his career and shatter his entire life. Should I do it?
I Quit My Unethical Job
Part of my duties was to copy and paste articles from various websites for a weekly bulletin. The CEO wants me to make as if he himself wrote all the articles. I felt that every time I sent out the mass emailing I was committing a crime. I left the position. Was I right?
Should We Bear a Grudge Against a Murderer?
There are dozens of people I know who never use bad language, however, now they are writing things like, “I would kill him myself.” I understand the anger, shock and grief, but is this how we are supposed to respond, with a thirst for vigilante justice?
What to Do if Your Boss Calls You a Fool?
If a worker makes a mistake can his boss call him a fool?
Can a Person Be
Is it better to keep Shabbat and eat only kosher but be unkind and dishonest, or to be a good person who is not as observant?
How Can I Live Without Causing Harm?
With every dollar we spend, we relinquish control of the ethical direction of our money. Taxes on profit will buy bullets, fund factory farming, etc. The only solution seems a self-sustained collective...
Who Needs Religion, if It's the Cause of So Much Violence?
Since all the wars of history were caused by religion, wouldn't the world be better off without it?
Does Religion Cause War?
There are a number of ways of approaching the issue. Let us try a scientific approach
What Defines a Person As Religious?
Is it spirituality? Belief? Is it obedience to G-d?
Should I Pray for the Death of Terrorists?
The murder of others, even if they are the oppressors, seemingly amounts to a glorification of war... Prayer, I am told, is an act of enlightenment. Am I to pray for the brutal demise of the enemy?
Does A High Arab Birthrate Threaten Israel?
The Arab birth rate continues to outstrip the Jewish rate--and the government continues to discourage large families. How are we ever going to ensure that this place remains the Jewish homeland?
Torn Between Torah and Science
"Every single item in the general doctrine is denied, but the conclusions from the doctrine as a whole are retained. The result is a complete muddle in the scientific thought, in philosophic cosmology and in epistemology..."
Is Over-Obsessing Okay?
The Jewish take on becoming compulsive
How scrupulous is too scrupulous? At what point does religious observance start to become neurotic?
Is There a Cure for Jealousy?
I am struggling with jealousy in many areas in my life and in my relationships. Any words of advice for me?
There’s so much hypocrisy!
Have you ever done any carpentry or one of those Ikea do-it-yourself jobs? They always tell you not to tighten the bolts until the whole thing’s been put together.