The Court of Jewish Law

Social, Monetary and Ethical dilemmas presented through the perspective of Jewish Law

Social, monetary and ethical dilemmas presented through the perspective of Jewish Law

Can a Serial Shoplifter Make Amends?
How about if the victims are not traceable, or if there are too many of them?
Can I Secretly Monitor My Child's Social Media?
He is very protective of his privacy, but not wise enough to navigate the world of social media on his own.
Do I Have a Right to Read My Spouse’s Texts and Emails?
Although text and email are relatively new inventions, the answer to this question takes us back more than a thousand years to the time of Rabbeinu Gershom.
Can I Take the Law Into My Own Hands?
Am I allowed to just take it (using force if necessary), or am I obligated to get permission?
May I Join a Protest on Shabbat?
While an action may be halachically permitted, it may not be in keeping with the spirit of Shabbat and is therefore avoided.
Eminent Domain in Jewish Law
Can the government take private property?
Let’s start with the classic definition of eminent domain, which is first mentioned in the Book of Samuel.
What Is the Torah Perspective on Safe Spaces, Trigger Words and Political Correctness?
First, we need to understand an underlying philosophical difference between the Constitution and the Torah.
Is My Teacher Responsible for My Confiscated Smartphone?
Was she allowed to confiscate it? If she was, is she responsible to reimburse me?
Can My Neighbor Prevent Me From Building My Dream Home?
Do I stop my project because of my neighbor’s complaint, or can I finally have my dreamed-of privacy?
Do I Need to Pay for Dance Lessons I Cannot Attend?
My daughter really enjoyed the classes and was eager to attend each week. But after the fourth class, she fell and injured her foot . . .
How Far Do I Need to Go to Return a Lost Object?
Practical guidelines for Hashavat Aveidah
In the park next to her school, my daughter found a child’s lone glove. She’s insisting that we take it home and post signs to publicize it so that the owner might retrieve it.
Does My Friend Need to Replace My Damaged Cookbook?
She was about to return it when she noticed that the pages were filled with smears from trying her hand at the recipes.
Am I Permitted to Reveal Private Conversations?
The controversy surrounding former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’s new memoir
So what does the Torah say about a situation like this? Would a Jew, who is bound by Torah law, be permitted to write a tell-all memoirk?
Can I Donate My Kidney Against My Parent’s Wishes?
My elderly mother is adamantly against my doing this. She argues that charity begins at home, and that a relative might need my organ in the future.
Can I Use My Neighbor's Wi-Fi Without Permission?
Sometimes at night I like to check my e‑mails and browse the Internet. Can I use an unsecured Wi-Fi network without permission?
Whistle-Blowing in Jewish Law
What to say, how to say and if to say, in the light of classic sources in halachah
I don't know if the unethical practices hurt anyone, but I really want to tell the management.
Civil Disobedience, the Boston Tea Party and Jewish Law
Were the colonists right for dumping all the tea into Boston Harbor? Am I allowed to participate in a sit-in? What does Judaism have to say?
Water Leaked into My Apartment. Who Pays for Paint?
Our upstairs neighbor had a major leak in her bathroom and, since we live in an apartment building, as a consequence two walls in our apartment got damaged.
Can I Buy Something if I Plan to Return It?
Halachic Guidelines for Returning Items
When I recently went on a road trip with my family, a friend suggested that I “buy” a portable DVD player for the kids to watch during the long trip. He suggested that I buy it from a store with a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy, and then simply return it after the trip.
What Does Jewish Law Say About Vaccination?
Recently there’s been is a lot of debate and discussion on the issue of vaccinations. As a parent, I’m curious what Jewish law has to say on the topic.
Does Judaism Consider Bitcoin to Be Money?
We’ll focus on perhaps the most practical (and the most prone to be disregarded) areas of Jewish law: the laws of interest.
Are Early Bird Specials Kosher?
I could really use the extra cash, I was planning on offering an early-bird special: Customers can get a discount if they pay in advance . . .
Can I Falsify My Religion on My Documents to Save My Life?
Your question is quite a serious one, and unfortunately it has been posed many times throughout our tragic history. Here is how one rabbi answered.
Does Judaism Allow Jaywalking or Speeding?
I admit, not only do I sometimes drive slightly over the speed limit, I also jaywalk in the streets of my quiet neighborhood.
Jews and Taxes
Taxes have always been a very divisive issue. In fact, taxes are what split Israel into two kingdoms during biblical times.
Can I Lend Out My Credit Card to Earn Points?
Your friend gets to make her purchase and you get to rack up some points. Kosher?
Can I Secretly Record Conversations?
What about Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, that are capable of recording conversations taking place around them?
What Does ‘Eye for an Eye’ Really Mean?
Does Torah want us to poke out the eye of an eye-poker?
Is It Kosher to Short Stocks?
Addressing the practice from an ethical and halachic perspective
Find out Jewish law and perspective on the loaded issue of shorting stocks
Can Gun Sellers Be Held Responsible?
It seems that this was the cryptic argument recorded in the book of Genesis between Lemech and his wives
Does Inflation Affect How Maaser Is Calculated?
Here is what you need to know about how the cost of living can be calculated against certain gains, lowering your rate of maaser.
Who Is Responsible When Children Break Things?
One of my neighbors’ kids was playing near my home and damaged my property. Are the parents supposed to pay for it?
Can a Telemarketer Use a Fake Name?
At first glance, this seems to be a simple question of whether one is permitted to lie. But is it so simple?
Ask the Rabbi: Is 👍 Like Signing a Contract?
A Canadian judge ruled that a thumb up is legally binding. Does the Rabbi agree?
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