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Kabbalah & The Mystical

What is Kabbalah? Do you believe in the "evil eye"? Is astrology kosher? What do dreams mean?

Is Kabbalah for Everyone?
Is there really a ban on Kabbalah before the age of 40?
I got into a discussion with a friend about some classes I was attending. He claimed that one shouldn’t learn Kabbalah until he is 40 years old. Is this true? And if yes, how come many rabbis and Jewish educational organizations, including your own site, don’t seem to be concerned about this?
Kabbalah Defined
I see a ball moving up and down on the screen--is it really rebounding against the bottom of the screen? Does the menu bar really have drop-down menus hidden behind it? To explain our world without examining its inner depth is as shallow as explaining the workings of a computer by describing the images viewed on its monitor...
What Are Angels?
There are ten types: Chayot Hakodesh, Ophanim, Erelim, Chashmalim, Seraphim, Malachim, Elokim, Bene Elokim, Cheruvim, and Ishim--ranked according to the degree of their understanding of G‑d.
Can You Sell Your Soul to the Devil?
What is the Jewish view of Satan?
Where Are All the
Kabbalah and Chassidism speak of four worlds. Where are they? Why haven’t they been discovered yet?
How Many Names Does G‑d have?
Why would G‑d have any name - let alone so many? When can and can't I use the names?
What Are the Seven Types of Souls?
Kindness, Severity, Harmony, Perseverance, Humility, Foundation, Royalty--which defines your soul?
Is New-Wave Kabbalah Authentic?
I was watching a news report the other day with Madonna (now known as Esther). She was discussing how Kabbalah has changed her life
What Is a Chassid?
A chassid is a mystic. A chassid is pious. A chassid is joyous. A chassid is selfless. A chassid is a revolutionary. What is the common denominator of all these traits? That a chassid lives life from the inside.
The Kabbalah of Sleep
For the body's perspective, the Talmud refers to sleep as 1/60th of death. From a soul perspective, it's a return to an "embryonic state" in which all its faculties exist in utter equality, as there is no above or below, earlier or later...
What Does
I always thought Mazel Tov meant “congratulations.” I recently heard that it actually means “good luck.” But I thought Jews don’t believe in luck . . . ?
What Does 'Kenahara' Mean?
G-d gives us things. G-d does not give others these same things. This can and does cause jealousy, an unvoiced "Why does she deserve it?," and somewhere on High that energy does not dissipate. It gravitates, and brings into question "Maybe she doesn’t deserve it after all?"
What Is the Meaning of the ‘Evil Eye’?
The “evil eye,” ayin hara in Hebrew, is the harmful negative energy that is created when one looks at something with envy or ill feeling.
Is Astrology Kosher?
Predicting the future is big business, as newspaper astrologers and corporate consultants profit from our insatiable desire to know the unknown. Is there anything to it? Do the stars hold any power over our lives?
What Do Dreams Mean?
It was so vivid that I was sure it was real. What does my dream mean? Does it mean anything?
Star of David: The Mystical Significance
Kabbalistic Insights Into the Star of David
The double triangle of the Star of David symbolizes the connection of both the inner and external dimensions of G‑d, Torah and Israel.
How Many Sefirot are Involved in Creation?
On the surface there do seem to be contradictory statements in the midrashic and kabbalistic texts with regard to how the world was created—with ten sefirot or only the final seven.
Why Are There So Many Stars and Galaxies?
I am fascinated by a documentary I watched about astronomy and how many stars and galaxies there are. What is the Jewish view on this? Why did G‑d create so many galaxies? What purpose do they serve?
Is There Anything Wrong with Sinful Thought?
At times my mind wanders off and I imagine myself committing crimes. I’ve always felt that there is nothing wrong with these thoughts because I do not actually follow through and commit the crime. What do you think?
How Can Humans Claim to Know of
Nobody has died and come back to tell us this information. Where does it come from?
How Is Chassidic Thought Distinct from Pantheism?
G‑d and G‑dliness
There is none else but G‑d, but nevertheless, not all is G‑dly.
What Does It Mean When You Dream Your Teeth Are Falling Out?
As a kid, I was told that dreaming about losing your teeth is a bad sign. Is it true, and do we have to take dreams seriously?
What Are Archangels?
The term “archangel” doesn’t actually have a Hebrew equivalent in Jewish Scriptures.
Kabbalah Red String Bracelets: Are They Real?
Evil Eye Jewelry and Kabbalah Bracelets
A friend of mine recently got a red string that she wears as a bracelet to ward off an ayin hara (evil eye). Is there any source for this in Judaism, and should I wear one as well?
Are Unicorns Real?
Does Judaism believe in unicorns? I once heard that the Torah says they really do exist!