Dear Rabbi,

Recently I accepted a job not realizing that part of my duties would be to copy and paste articles from various websites for a weekly bulletin. The CEO wanted me to make it appear that he himself wrote all the articles. I feel that plagiarism is not only unethical but also illegal. I left the position even though I need a job because every time I sent out the mass emailing I felt that I was committing a crime.

Was I right? If yes, why did I get the job in the first place? Was it a test?

I can't get this out of my mind.


Nobody should be forced to do something they feel is wrong, and you did the right thing by leaving the job based on your understanding of right and wrong.1

Unfortunately not everyone sees the world as clearly as you, and you should be thankful that you were given the clarity to make the right decision, difficult as it may have been.

G‑d places us in these situations that are less than ideal, so that we can face and overcome the challenge. These challenges make us stronger and better people. You have also taught your CEO that there are those that are ethical in the world and I am sure that, on one level or another, this story will have a great effect on the way he/she acts in the future.

I am sure that you are a better person, and those that know your courage are too.

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All the best,

Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov
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