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The Month of Iyar

G-d Is Your Healer

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The Month of Iyar: G-d Is Your Healer

The name of this month, Iyar, spells an acronym for the phrase “I am the L‑rd your healer.” What does the unique nature of this month teach us about illness as well as healing? What role do we play in blocking or facilitating our own healing?
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Rosh Chodesh, Month, Health, Illness and Healing, Iyar

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tammy New England, USA May 18, 2020

Helpful and timely. Thank you. Reply

Gideon Israel May 22, 2014

Thanks for your strengthening message for positivity and clarity,being a Sitting Bull-Taurus your insights and positive instruction and wishes really hit home,i like the idea of reaching out to who one was before birth and to take that complete and whole self and entity that is you and within you know and to see oneself for who one is whole and complete to see the correct picture when one's life can be subjectively bogged down this time round and use that expearince to heal and direct,cool stuff.
Thanks G-d Bless and All the Best

Anonymous Jerusalem, Choose a State via April 21, 2013

a taste of the deepest level-thank u thank you for this - the past few days i felt "tangled" (again) in my efforts to "heal"(and the myriads of methods) because guess i was trying from that place you call "the wounded part of my self "- and even though i knew about that higher, not affected by whatever issues or wounds, after hearing you on the month of Nissan it reminded me and gave me a renewed focus to work towards a continuous connection with Hashem (and not from time to time) and my neshama - the healthy and unwounded part of me - THANK U AGAIN- THANKS TO HASHEM Reply

Rachel Israel April 20, 2013

Where in the Talmud? Thanks, Shimona Tzukernik for your lesson. Where in the Talmud are your lesson is taken from?

Shavua Tov, Reply

Maria Rodriguez Canada April 19, 2013

lyar on healing Dear Shimona.
You have explained the spiritual healing that is becomes manifested to us through us seeking the total of us that was created and was perfect prior to some cause that now is troubling our self. It is through making a journey back to G-od and bringing our being into his presence at it was at the times when all things were perfect. But not less for us to also be in that moment our self not as we are but as we were . But, what through the meeting with G-d and unifying our desires and presenting it to G-d in actually with our physic then we are bringing about the oneness of us with G-d and the healing being came about. I have been doing this now for at least a year and the half. I have been struck ed down since the Jan.7.2011, with three different illnesses.
I petition to my G-d for helping me and to heal me . I am on my third illness with eye infections. It is going and vision is restored slowly. Thanks so much for your easy to understanding teachings. Blessings. Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA April 19, 2013

The Month of Lyar Thank you Shimona, wonderful teaching, i needed this to-day. After surgery, and still recuperating, it has been a good thing to watch to your video. Reply

Marcos/Beatriz Dos Reis April 18, 2013

Thank you so much Shimona. Your further explanation really delighted and enlightened me. Really, thank you so much. Reply

Shimona April 17, 2013

Health Hi Gary,

I hear you. Yes, it's remarkable how profound an impact faith has on healing. In ancient times Jews had access to "The Book of Healing" which was replete with cures for all types of illnesses. But because people began to rely on the book rather than G-d this book has been hidden from us. Our work is to engage our faith in the process of healing.

At the same time I want to stress that according to Torah we are obligated to "guard our health" and seek out medical solutions (whether mainstream or holistic) to our ills and that doctor's have been given explicit permission to heal. As such doctors and health practitioners become agents of G-d in the healing process.

All the best,

Shimona April 17, 2013

Acronym Hi Anonymous,

The words are "Ani H-shem Rofecha" which means, "I am G-d your Healer."

Interestingly, the first letter of Ani is the letter Aleph (A.) The first of "Rofecha" is Reish (R.) And G-d's name is spelled with two Yuds (YY.) Strung together they spell the work Iyar which is the name of this month of healing.

Here's to our health,

Maria Howe, Texas April 17, 2013

Beautifully explained and inspirational with such a positive and uplifting tone. I am hungry to find that me that existed before the wounding and connect to G_d.
Thank you. Reply

Gary Smith April 17, 2013

Health For my health I seek out 3500 year old technology first and then if I fail in my ability to heal I seek out 100 year old technology as a last resort. Let's make the healing powers of Hashem - "If G-d heals me then I am healed" - a first resort instead of the last resort. Let's turn to Hashem immediately and fervently and watch what happens when we love G-d with all our heart, mind, soul and resources. Reply

Anonymous April 16, 2013

Please, could you write the acronym for "I am the L-rd , your healer' ? I've gotten Anin HaShem ........the last word I can't make it out.
Thank you, Reply

Benyamin April 14, 2013

So Beautiful. Thank you for your inspiring words. Reply

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