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What Your Mother and Father Teach You About G-d
By honoring both father and mother, we learn to connect and develop a relationship with G‑d.
The Benefits of Taking a Drive With Your Teenager
How can a parent fully explain their love for their child?
The ‘Bittul’ of Motherhood: Giving and Getting in Unforeseen Ways
Motherhood is intense. It’s continuous. It evolves and adapts and changes all the time.
A Mother’s Day Train Ride Taught Me It’s All About Attitude
My eyes closed and focused within, and my breathing deep, I noticed myself in the midst of a family conversation.
Size Extra-Large Works for Me and My Family
A friend once smiled at my children and at me, then said, “You don’t have to have, like, a million kids.”
5 Strangers Who Made My Transatlantic Flight With a Toddler Bearable
It blew my mind on this flight when five people went out of their way to help me on the airplane. Five strangers went out of their way to make my journey more comfortable—five humans who showed care and empathy and tried to make my full hands that little bit less full.
Relax, The Kids Will Still Come Out OK
We’ll get there. That seems to be the motto of the day for me.
A Mother’s Reflections as Her Son Becomes a Bar Mitzvah
The emotion I felt surprised me; there in this small room so full of holiness was my little boy, not so little anymore.
Chasing Wildflowers
I gather snacks and drinks, and we set out to discover the wildflower frenzy that has so many in their grip.
Finding G-d in Some Packets of Cheese
“I hate meat!” he wailed. Soon, his sister and younger brother were crying hysterically, too. “We don’t like meat! We won’t eat meat!” they wailed. Picture a room full of crying kids all under the age of 8, and you’ll get the picture.
A Mother Confesses Her Vulnerability and Finds Blessing
The lightbulb went on, and it was blinding. For the first time, I had an inkling into my inability to express helplessness, which fueled my desire to armor up.
For Kids, Repentance Repeats Itself Every Day
The radio stations had gotten fuzzy in a stretch of the road dotted with farmland and so to make conversation, I asked: “OK, everyone. What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?”
The Rebbe’s Blessing Brought Music to My Ears
At the start of our marriage, my husband and I were optimistic that my hope to be blessed with a large family would be fulfilled.
Reassuring My Daughter About Her Three-Fingered Hand
Her left hand, abnormal in its growth of three fingers due to ABS (amniotic band syndrome), has come up in conversation now and then in the last two years.
Just a Baby on a Bench
I started questioning myself recently. I started questioning my purpose, my aspirations (or lack thereof) and where my life was headed.
I Wasn’t Ready to Give Birth, How Could This Be Happening?
Was it less than a week ago that she made her appearance in our world? The world of laughter and tears, triumphs and fears?
Yes, It's My Eighth Child!
A pregnant belly is always fodder for anyone and everyone’s input. Funny thing is, the comments are mostly predictable and almost always along the same lines.
I Cried in the Supermarket With a Stranger
I wanted to comfort her, to give her hope and let her know that this is how it starts sometimes.
Why Perfectly Imperfect is Just Right
I thought perfection was the goal. I was young and naive.
20 Things I Want My Children to Know
Think for yourself; don’t rely on me; be aware of G-d; people are more important than things; don’t waste your precious energy on worry . . .
The Day I Pretended to Babysit My Own Kids
I knew that the way I was feeling was not the kind of parent I wanted to be. I wanted to rediscover the enjoyment in parenting.
My Liberating Though Somewhat Isolating Vacation
For the first time since my marriage almost five years ago, I embarked on an airplane journey alone.
‘Is This the Little Girl I Carried … ?’
A Mom Reflects on Change
What Happened to the Little Girl Who Made a Giant Mess with Mommy’s Makeup?
Gleeful, you’d pounce on the toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream—somehow you’d inevitably find the food coloring, too.
What I Can (and Cannot) Give My Daughter
I can relate to my daughter’s occasional all-or-nothing attitude.
A Paean to the Power of Dance
I watched him as he danced, admiring his strong sense of self and sweet inhibition, appreciating his spirit.
Addressing Mothers of Children With Learning Disabilities
The night I was driven to confront myself, I was standing in front of a room filled to capacity.
Seeing Your Treasures
I was the first Jew that she ever met. She was the first German that I ever met.
The Queen's Querulous Quest
“I have been searching for laughter and joy and happiness all day,” said the queen.
Who Keyed My Car?
People constantly ask me about what happened, and how I reacted when I saw it.
Fine, I'll Put Down My Phone
There is a lot of pressure, from within and from without, to be the perfect mother, or an excellent mother, when being even just a good mom seems elusive and confounding.
Israel: Where Kids Can Be Kids
How Israelis love kids, anyone’s kids. The country is a free-for-all for the youngest set, something I truly appreciated only once I started bringing my own children there.
When My Son's Stutter Became a Blessing
Five to ten minutes of stopping what I am doing and refocusing. Five to ten minutes a day of sitting or walking and listening, really listening. Five to ten minutes a day of connecting. How sweet, how nice! Is the stutter a problem, or is it a gift?
Why I Sweat the Small Stuff
How do I manage as the mother of a big family? You might think I ignore the little things, keep my composure, remain calm, overlook the small infractions, and always “let it go.” How else can a large family function?
Kiwis and Kids: Why They Both Need Time to Ripen
I bought two baskets of the hard kiwis, thinking that within a few days they would be ripe and ready to eat. I was wrong.
What I Learned at the Splash Park
I observe a mom next to me, looking over at her son caressing a dog. He is two; the dog is not his own.
Grinning at G-d: Thoughts on My Daughter's Heart Surgery
How do I express gratitude? How do I feel the appropriate amount? How do I make sense of the fact that two years later I don’t hold her close often enough, or feel sufficient thanks in her presence?
What I'd Like to Tell the Woman Who Pitied Me for Having So Many Children
Okay, so maybe I was looking a little harried that day . . .
The Midnight Prayers of a Sleep-Deprived Mother
As long as I’m rocking the cradle, Baby is serene. The moment I stop, though, he starts fussing and whimpering, and eventually hollering. And so, I continue to rock.
The Hole in My Heart
Reflections During My Second Pregnancy
My sweet piece of heaven was born with a cleft lip palate and three short fingers on her left hand. She had a literal hole in her face.
Gazing at an Empty Nest
Those demanding, precious, wonderful, sometimes incessant and annoying, beautiful young teens—they’re gone.
Slow and Steady Salvation
Who in the world isn’t suffering?
Giving Birth During the War
I couldn’t help wondering: what if the siren goes off while we’re on the way to the hospital, or during the birth?
Parenting: What's Right and What's Wrong?
Messing up is part of life. You don’t always get everything right in any realm of life, and certainly not in something so complex and delicate as raising a child.
Mommy Come Home
It's the first time I’ve left home, left my children, for a week-long course that will give me a tremendous amount of skills and tools to use in my practice.
The Most Joyous Pain
As we began to ride we heard the sirens. First one, quickly followed by another, then another, until their wailing filled the streets and pierced the skies. As each ambulance passed, my contractions grew more intense
My Mikvah Baby
A Spiritual Pregnancy
I find myself praying and talking to Him like never before, finding the great relief of putting all my fears in His hands. I want the birth of this baby to highlight my journey to know myself and G‑d's presence in me...
Overcoming My Fear of Birth
This time I was hoping for a painless birth. I know this sounds impossible, but I had been reading about a way of birthing in which the mom is so relaxed that she has no concept of time, of anything...
Every Child Has His Own Song
The birth of our son
Exhausted and breathless, I couldn’t sing anymore. But I didn’t have to; the first cry of the baby as he emerged into the world was a beautiful song in itself...
A Spiritual Delivery
I am ready to fall into a new dimension of birthing—the spiritual one, rather then the medical--physical model. For myself, I know that means a natural birth, one where I experience and feel every single part of it...
From a Curse to a Blessing
Finding the Joy in Childbirth
G‑d is not petty. He is not telling Eve that she will be stressed out by the incessant whining and fighting of her children. The curse of raising children is deeper.The curse of Eve is teng ai, pain and love – her mother love. G‑d is telling Eve that she will spend the rest of her days worrying about the fruits of her womb...
My Unassisted, Unexpected Home Birth
Less than ten minutes elapsed from the time my waters broke to when the baby was born, so there was no time to panic, no time to be afraid or think about anything other than what was happening in the moment. But a few hours later, as I was relaxing and reliving the experience, I could not help but be amazed at the power that G‑d has given us women . . .
The Nesting Instinct
After I dropped off the 5 full garbage bags of 'give-aways' at a local charity this morning, I cleaned out, wiped down, sorted out, and re-stocked our 3 door-bathroom chest. I'm in my 9th month of pregnancy and I've got the nesting instinct big time...
It is painful, exciting, scary, unbelievable. There is no turning back. We were created to create, and it is time...
Enough Love for Two?
Expecting our Second Child
I trudged through those first three months, and transformed from someone who felt truly blessed into a hormonal wreck who questioned whether or not she was ready for another child...
Thoughts from an Unfocused Mind
If past experiences are correct, these feelings will accompany me for a number of months. Nine, in total, to be precise...
The Torah as a Process of Birth
The creation of the cosmos can be seen in the allegorical context of G‑d giving birth to the world...
The Wonder That Is Woman
Everyone can become a “mother.” What comes naturally to the female half of creation can be learned and assimilated by all, and not only in giving birth to children, but in every one of life’s endeavors.
Pioneers of Faith
Childbirth, perhaps more than any other life event, is an experience that demands a strong dose of faith and surrender. No matter how well planned or organized we may be, the inevitable moment will arise...
Due Date
I am constricted, I am uncomfortable, I am in pain. I am in exile from my body, my emotions and my true state of being. I am anxious and annoyed and annoying. I am actually experiencing galut for the first time
A Mother's Plea
I have come so far. I have not enjoyed the suffering, or the unrest, yet I have accepted that it will come to an end, a glorious end that will create a beautiful new beginning.
Population Explosion
It may be a truism that no person has ever declared on their deathbed, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office," but I guarantee neither has anyone ever said, "I wish I'd had fewer children.
Zahavah’s Friend
“I have a friend called Sarah,” said the woman on the other end of the line. “She’s pregnant and says she can’t afford another child, so she decided to have an abortion . . .”
Intercultural Adoption & You
Plucking a child out of his or her native environment is very traumatizing for the child. But sometimes the child's very life depends on it. Here's what you can do to ease the transition...
The Power of the Mother
It is not only the mother that physically houses the fetus, nourishing it, caring for it and helping it develop, but just as the mother brings forth this life from within her, so too, she spiritually gives her baby life and identity. This is why the baby's Jewishness can come from no one other than his or her mother.
Mother's Milk, Mother's Faith
It's been two years. Two years of holding my son close to my heart and feeding him from the milk that flowed forth from my body. Two years of sleepless nights and exhausted days...
Thoughts From a Post-Partum Mom
The pregnancy flew by and I found myself in labor. Frida Tamar, my daughter, was born, another blessing, another miracle. Why then did I find myself crying every night?
Birthing My Daughter; Birthing Myself
I have made a communion with my body and my soul. They are functioning as one whole. Every movement I make and sound I emit comes from a place so deep and innate, so primal, I know I have crossed worlds...
My Birth Plan
Letting Go of the Dream
I listened, said goodbye, and then thought about it. Was I trying to control the situation because of my strong views and adamant stance towards natural childbirth?
The Best Kind of Sick
Pregnancy Through the Passover Lens
My nausea often renders me incapacitated for hours, even days on end, to which vomiting provides no lasting relief. My days are stained by actual or anticipated smells, and opening the refrigerator has become an act of bravery...
The Metaphor of Birth
Reading Chabad Chassidut
What I encounter is a matter of life and death. Not death as an end, but as non-life, a state of dormancy. The potential for life is unexpressed. It is curled up, head lying lifeless between its knees. Complete in formation, but inactive and unthinking...
My Homebirth Experience
Although I had never had a child, I had a sense that birth was supposed to be more than just a medical procedure, but the threshold through which women are refined into mothers...
Mothering My Child, Mothering Myself
I gaze at you adoringly, my beautiful baby, and I wonder if I was ever this loved, this cherished. I’m sure that I wasn’t.
Knowing and Controlling
No doctor or healer can tell you when you will become pregnant or when a treatment will work—it is purely in G-d’s hands.
Pancakes and Self Worth
I did go to graduate school, got married, had children, and accomplished many important things. But I came to realize that, indeed, my own worth was determined by G‑d and not by letters after my name, or anything else.
Should We Have a Second Child?
If not now, when?
Do You Have What to Smile About?
Watching my tiny baby receive high doses of oxygen just to keep him breathing definitely gave me a true appreciation for every breath.
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