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I Cried in the Supermarket With a Stranger
I wanted to comfort her, to give her hope and let her know that this is how it starts sometimes.
Why Perfectly Imperfect is Just Right
I thought perfection was the goal. I was young and naive.
20 Things I Want My Children to Know
Think for yourself; don’t rely on me; be aware of G-d; people are more important than things; don’t waste your precious energy on worry . . .
The Day I Pretended to Babysit My Own Kids
I knew that the way I was feeling was not the kind of parent I wanted to be. I wanted to rediscover the enjoyment in parenting.
My Liberating Though Somewhat Isolating Vacation
For the first time since my marriage almost five years ago, I embarked on an airplane journey alone.
‘Is This the Little Girl I Carried … ?’
A Mom Reflects on Change
What Happened to the Little Girl Who Made a Giant Mess with Mommy’s Makeup?
Gleeful, you’d pounce on the toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream—somehow you’d inevitably find the food coloring, too.
What I Can (and Cannot) Give My Daughter
I can relate to my daughter’s occasional all-or-nothing attitude.
A Paean to the Power of Dance
I watched him as he danced, admiring his strong sense of self and sweet inhibition, appreciating his spirit.
Addressing Mothers of Children With Learning Disabilities
The night I was driven to confront myself, I was standing in front of a room filled to capacity.
Seeing Your Treasures
I was the first Jew that she ever met. She was the first German that I ever met.
The Queen's Querulous Quest
“I have been searching for laughter and joy and happiness all day,” said the queen.
Who Keyed My Car?
People constantly ask me about what happened, and how I reacted when I saw it.
Fine, I'll Put Down My Phone
There is a lot of pressure, from within and from without, to be the perfect mother, or an excellent mother, when being even just a good mom seems elusive and confounding.
Israel: Where Kids Can Be Kids
How Israelis love kids, anyone’s kids. The country is a free-for-all for the youngest set, something I truly appreciated only once I started bringing my own children there.
When My Son's Stutter Became a Blessing
Five to ten minutes of stopping what I am doing and refocusing. Five to ten minutes a day of sitting or walking and listening, really listening. Five to ten minutes a day of connecting. How sweet, how nice! Is the stutter a problem, or is it a gift?
Why I Sweat the Small Stuff
How do I manage as the mother of a big family? You might think I ignore the little things, keep my composure, remain calm, overlook the small infractions, and always “let it go.” How else can a large family function?
Kiwis and Kids: Why They Both Need Time to Ripen
I bought two baskets of the hard kiwis, thinking that within a few days they would be ripe and ready to eat. I was wrong.
What I Learned at the Splash Park
I observe a mom next to me, looking over at her son caressing a dog. He is two; the dog is not his own.
Grinning at G-d: Thoughts on My Daughter's Heart Surgery
How do I express gratitude? How do I feel the appropriate amount? How do I make sense of the fact that two years later I don’t hold her close often enough, or feel sufficient thanks in her presence?
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