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Chasing Wildflowers
I gather snacks and drinks, and we set out to discover the wildflower frenzy that has so many in their grip.
Finding G-d in Some Packets of Cheese
“I hate meat!” he wailed. Soon, his sister and younger brother were crying hysterically, too. “We don’t like meat! We won’t eat meat!” they wailed. Picture a room full of crying kids all under the age of 8, and you’ll get the picture.
A Mother Confesses Her Vulnerability and Finds Blessing
The lightbulb went on, and it was blinding. For the first time, I had an inkling into my inability to express helplessness, which fueled my desire to armor up.
For Kids, Repentance Repeats Itself Every Day
The radio stations had gotten fuzzy in a stretch of the road dotted with farmland and so to make conversation, I asked: “OK, everyone. What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?”
The Rebbe’s Blessing Brought Music to My Ears
At the start of our marriage, my husband and I were optimistic that my hope to be blessed with a large family would be fulfilled.
Reassuring My Daughter About Her Three-Fingered Hand
Her left hand, abnormal in its growth of three fingers due to ABS (amniotic band syndrome), has come up in conversation now and then in the last two years.
Just a Baby on a Bench
I started questioning myself recently. I started questioning my purpose, my aspirations (or lack thereof) and where my life was headed.
I Wasn’t Ready to Give Birth, How Could This Be Happening?
Was it less than a week ago that she made her appearance in our world? The world of laughter and tears, triumphs and fears?
Yes, It's My Eighth Child!
A pregnant belly is always fodder for anyone and everyone’s input. Funny thing is, the comments are mostly predictable and almost always along the same lines.
I Cried in the Supermarket With a Stranger
I wanted to comfort her, to give her hope and let her know that this is how it starts sometimes.
Why Perfectly Imperfect is Just Right
I thought perfection was the goal. I was young and naive.
20 Things I Want My Children to Know
Think for yourself; don’t rely on me; be aware of G-d; people are more important than things; don’t waste your precious energy on worry . . .
The Day I Pretended to Babysit My Own Kids
I knew that the way I was feeling was not the kind of parent I wanted to be. I wanted to rediscover the enjoyment in parenting.
My Liberating Though Somewhat Isolating Vacation
For the first time since my marriage almost five years ago, I embarked on an airplane journey alone.
‘Is This the Little Girl I Carried … ?’
A Mom Reflects on Change
What Happened to the Little Girl Who Made a Giant Mess with Mommy’s Makeup?
Gleeful, you’d pounce on the toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream—somehow you’d inevitably find the food coloring, too.
What I Can (and Cannot) Give My Daughter
I can relate to my daughter’s occasional all-or-nothing attitude.
A Paean to the Power of Dance
I watched him as he danced, admiring his strong sense of self and sweet inhibition, appreciating his spirit.
Addressing Mothers of Children With Learning Disabilities
The night I was driven to confront myself, I was standing in front of a room filled to capacity.
Seeing Your Treasures
I was the first Jew that she ever met. She was the first German that I ever met.
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