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Song of the Soul

A column exploring deeper insights of prayer

Prayer: Becoming Attuned to G-d
I learned that if I needed life-saving dialysis, I would make time for it. And that is how I want to relate to you. Not like a chore. And not like a luxury. But like life-saving oxygen.
What You Need to Do Before You Pray
By joining forces, prayer won’t be fractured.
Eavesdrop and Listen to the Song of the Soul
The G‑dly soul intuitively feels the excitement and wants to sing with joy. What about the animal soul?
The Trickle-Down Effect
Who is pulling your soul with thick cords of love?
Undoing the Distortions of a Dream
Our feelings are generated as a direct result of our thoughts.
The Secret to True Love of... G-d
We may have knowledge of G‑d’s existence, a general theoretical awareness of it, but if the light is not on, we can stumble.
Seeing With Your Mind’s Eye
Prayer is an exercise of the imagination.
Attachment Theory 2.0
How can we be free from our deep enmeshment with physicality and its trappings, and the “highs” we experience from it?
What Humans Can Do Better Than Angels
It takes the human experience, where there is a void of G‑d’s absolute truth, to appreciate and recognize the absolute truth.
A Rooster Awakening: Praying for a Spiritual Wake-up Call
The spiritual rooster above knows not only the difference between darkness and light but between goodness and bad, revelation and concealment. We could all use some of that discernment in our lives.
What's the Point of Life on Earth?
How does the soul free itself from its desert state?
Holy Thirst Quencher
While G‑d’s light might be “hidden” in a tent-like fashion, He has given us an exact prescription for access to His great love by doing actual good deeds.
Counterpressure: What Is the Purpose of All My Struggles?
The soul is not here for itself, but to refine and elevate the animal soul.
Why Is the Contemporary Prayer Book So Long?
During the days of the First Temple, no formal prayer was needed.
The Daily Time to Escape This World (and Return With Greater Vigor)
After praying with such fervor, the soul feels able and determined to return to its daily tasks.
Prayer and Financial Success
No matter your industry, generating an income entails work. Is that compatible with deep spirituality?
Spiritual Physics
What do you do with this powerful love and desire for G‑d, awakened during prayer as a result of our challenges?
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