Healing, Wholeness and Transformation: Meditations on Redemption

Powerful Transformative Energy
When we feel stuck in our own lives at any moment—either from within or from external circumstances—we can take faith in knowing that this evolutionary process towards revealed good is on its way.
Find Your Mission
What is the key to the transformation, from darkness and constraint to light and freedom?
You Have a Unique Role
No soul in any body that ever was before, or ever will be again, has the particular mission of your soul, in your body, in what you must do towards the healing of the world.
Open Your Eyes to Miracles
Chassidic thought explains that the spiritual source of miracles couched in nature is higher than that of the more clearly miraculous ones.
Don’t Give Up Now!
If anything, rather than feeling discouraged, we should push on even harder, with certainty, knowing that we are on the right track.
Everything Counts!
We can achieve great things, even if they go completely unnoticed by others.
Recognize What Is True
We are getting to the point now, so close to the redemption, that what we may have believed to have been the whole truth about ourselves and our lives is really the outer shell of a much deeper reality.
I Believe In You!
One of the most powerful things we can do for another person, adult or child, is to hold a belief that they can reach their full potential, even if circumstances seem to portray that the opposite is true.
Forging on Together
Every day, aided by the Torah—G‑d’s blueprint for how we should live—we, together with the rest of the world, are meant to break out of our limitations until we will reach the final geulah, the full embodied experience of freedom, joy, expansiveness and wholeness of ourselves and our world.
A Redemptive Approach to Conflict Resolution
From G‑d’s perspective, conflict only exists to lead to a greater unity afterwards.
Be Prepared to Be Surprised!
Anything we think we know about another person is limited, filtered by our intellectual and emotional attributes and perception. It is nothing compared to the G‑dly potential inherent in every individual.
A Walk in the Rainforest
While walking in a beautiful rainforest, I noticed that my eyes were naturally drawn towards light, even the tiniest flash.
Absolute Unity
In a rainforest, there is nothing that is not rainforest. Everything is united in perfect unity.
Take My Hand!
Rather than focusing solely on the area of lack or uncertainty or darkness, let’s focus on the natural wonders in every aspect of our lives and of the myriad opportunities for meaningful connection with others.
Perfect Match!
Built into the nature of the world are two distinct, but interrelated ways of being.