You know what makes me cry when I’m pregnant? Unpacking the groceries.

Yep. Seeing all those bags in my kitchen releases a torrent of tears. I get totally overwhelmed at the prospect of leaning in and lifting up each item and putting it into its proper place with my growing belly in the way.

I was venting about this to a friend who cut me off mid-sentence. “Wait. You’re expecting, right? You realize your body is busy 24-7 actively creating a baby? An entire little being, with organs and muscles and bones and cute little features!”

It’s true. Some tasks have simply become more difficult. I need to cut my body some slack and show it some respect. Of course, I have limitations right now, but that’s not because I’m lazy or running on lack of sleep! In my womb lies a precious soul, and my body’s ability to create another life is nothing short of miraculous. It is indeed an expression of the infinite, a gift granted by G‑d himself. Just as G‑d created a world ex nihilo, he made the female body with the ability to replicate creation by giving birth to a new life.

The tears come when I don’t accept, when I don’t appreciate. Instead of feeling frustrated at my lack of ability to accomplish as much as I’m used to, I need to open the door to allow a gentle mantra into my consciousness: “It’s OK to slow down now if I need to; my body’s making a baby.”

Thoughtstream: Today, I will recognize the awesome and G‑dly miracle that pregnancy really is.

(Adapted from Ma’amad Ha’isha B’riiyah Yehudit, pg. 103.)