“I totally lost it! I deserve the Worst Mother of the Year award!”

That’s how I repeat my day to my husband, as I recount my reaction to my toddler’s umteenth tantrum. Of course, I neglect to mention the many hours of patient, loving playing. Of drawing purple trees, reading books, giggling and mindful eye contact. Because I just feel so awful.

Except that just like it’s not OK to gossip about someone else, it’s not OK to slander myself.

If anything, instead of looking to put myself down, I ought to be scouting out the good things I do.

According to the Talmud, before a baby is born, the soul is made to swear that it will be a tzaddik, someone very righteous. And it is my job while here on this earth to reveal that inner tzaddik, to catch myself in the act of doing things right. Of course, I still have to work on myself, but rather than focusing on my flaws, I can build on my strengths.

Thoughtstream: Today, I will choose to magnify my positive moments and accomplishments.

(Adapted from Me’Otzar HaMelech, vol. 1, pg. 66-67.)