Without intending to, we often turn a casual social get-together or a joyous family gathering into an opportunity to develop an inferiority complex. One person is a superb chef, the other’s kids behave like perfect angels, and so-and-so is more organized than we are. We can easily start to feel bad about our inherent differences.

When the Rebbe Maharash’s new daughter-in-law, Rebbetzin Shterna Sara, came to live in Lubavitch, she observed that people in her new town were considerably taller than her. Noticing how this made her uncomfortable, her father-in-law remarked, “Don’t feel so down about your height. It is evident that shorter trees are more ideal for planting fruit, and yield good produce.”

In other words, the Rebbe Maharash was telling her that G‑d created her with exactly the right appearance and characteristics needed for her to succeed in life.

Thoughtstream: Today, instead of comparing myself to others, I will focus on the positive qualities G‑d has blessed me with.

(Adapted from Ateret Malchut, pg. 126.)