Sometimes, we don’t see our own value. “I’m no one special,” we think. “I’m just a run-of-the-mill, sometimes harried, sometimes functional individual, running my home on top of all my other obligations.”

You gotta love the response the Rebbe gave to a mother who described herself as “just a regular housewife.”

The Rebbe wrote:

I have to disagree with your term “just a regular housewife.” To be a housewife, and specifically to be the Jewish foundation of the home, is not in any sense “regular.” A Jewish akeret habayit, “mainstay of the home,” was given a huge responsibility—to create a proper and warm environment in the home. It is she who ensures that her home is lit up with light of dynamic Jewish living, and she was blessed with the abilities and strength to fulfill that in the best possible manner.

How empowering to remember who we are and what we’re doing here.

Thoughtstream: Today, I will remember that I am anything but regular.

(Adapted from Moreh L’dor Navuch II, pg. 104.)