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Meditations for Jewish Women

Prioritizing Prayer
Did you ever try getting hungry children to cooperate?
Not About Me
Giving to others often comes with a fringe benefit, that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
True Value
Is my worth based on my socioeconomic status?
Body Before Soul
Before he fed their souls, he made sure that they were cared for physically.
Uniquely You
Without intending to, we often turn a casual social get-together or a joyous family gathering into an opportunity to develop an inferiority complex.
No Such Thing as Regular
Sometimes we don’t see our own value.
Asking for the Important Stuff
We all have our bucket list of things we would appreciate having in our lives, but let’s make sure the important ones are at the top.
Education Above All
The laws of supply and demand state that at any given moment I have five things in my life vying for the same time slot, but there is still one obligation that I must learn to place above all.
A Peaceful Obligation
We all want a great marriage. We all want to feel the love, experience the passion, and live happily ever after. But what about when things don’t go so smoothly?
G-d Doesn't Need You
As a mother, there are oh so many things to worry about. Does my son have friends? Is he being bullied? Is he bullying? Is he reading at grade level? Will he turn out alright? These small anxieties can really add up. . . . How do I process these thoughts so they don’t put me on edge?
Destructive Yelling
Yelling works, right? For about a minute. And then the long-term results are disastrous.
Fighting Loneliness
At the age of 22, I discovered a new emotion.
Physical Food
Whenever I have guests, I find myself spending hours peeling, chopping, frying, slicing, pouring and many more verbs. And sometimes it’s hard, and I need some motivation to keep me going in the kitchen.
Catalyst for Redemption
Why bring children into this mess of a world? Why build a family, only to experience hardship, challenge and strife?
Children don’t just forget about empty promises; to them, dishonesty is dishonesty.
Not Perfect—But Perfect for You
Until the coming of Moshiach, there exists no individual who can possibly be perfect, devoid of all flaws.
Baby Steps
My child is in the middle of the process.
Jewish Mother’s Guilt
Guilt is counterproductive.
Don't Despair
Sometimes, we just mess up. We fall short of our own idealistic aspirations.