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“You mean you don’t touch boys at all?” my niece Tracy exclaimed.
“Nope,” my daughter Sarah responded. “Not ever.”

by Michal Kay
Who hasn’t been thrown off balance by a difficult person? The perpetrator could be virtually anyone—a spouse, relative, friend, coworker or boss.

By Marcia Naomi Berger
Love & Relationships
Part of building successful marriages depends on learning to hear what our husbands are really trying to say.

By Sara Debbie Gutfreund
Celebrating Jewish Womanhood
If you look through a G‑dly lens, you can see the absolute beauty and divine brilliance of the human menstrual cycle.

By Rochel Holzkenner
Personal Stories
Even after Barbara went off to graduate school in Boston, we stayed in close touch. Until she intermarried.

By Michal Kay
We know way too much. Information from every corner of the world comes flooding in, and much of it is not good—tragedy, terror, trauma . . .

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe
Okay, so maybe I was looking a little harried that day in the supermarket . . .

By Rochel Leah Fuchs
Personal Growth
Strange things happen when we get hurt . . .

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe
Dealing with Challenge
My 11-year-old cousin is gone, and everything is the same … or is it?

By Chana Weisberg
Practical Parenting
Many of the actions we take to educate our youngsters have little or no positive impact.

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe

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The Higher Life
The Torah focuses on this world and not the next world because what we can accomplish here is so valuable. Nevertheless, our world is upside down and truth and clarity occurs only in the world to come.

by Shifra Sharfstein
Jewish Femininity
How do traditional ideas of Jewish femininity compare to modern feminist ideas about the role of women in society?

By Bronya Shaffer
Healing Relationships
The more you know someone the more you see his or her flaws. So why is loving our fellow so integral?

By Shifra Sharfstein

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Life Lessons
Was I really returning home, or just to the memories of what once was?

by Batya Schochet Liskier
Editorial & Commentary
How did the chassidic movement rejuvenate the Jewish spirit?

By Chana Weisberg
Okay, so maybe I was looking a little harried that day in the supermarket. . .

By Rochel Leah Fuchs
Pondering Jew
The cameras were flashing as he and his extended arm bounced rhythmically from one person to the next.

By Lieba Rudolph