I want to be more patient.

I want to feel more connected to G‑d.

I want to be better at judging others favorably.

My list goes on and on. Sound familiar?

My mind knows what it has to do when my toddler is tantruming at my feet for the umpteenth time that day. It knows good and well how to give the benefit of the doubt to a friend. And it has all the soul consciousness I need for meaningful prayer.

My mind gets it. But my heart—well, that’s another story. At times, the waters flow smoothly and freely between mind and heart. And at other times, they are choppy and disjointed.

Enter the power of visualization. A tool that harnesses the power of the mind while speaking the language of the heart.

To visualize is to use your mind’s eye to contemplate, understand and explore in a visceral way. Abstract ideas are experienced, theoretical concepts enlivened.

I have been trying to tap into the power of visualization for a few precious moments each morning after reciting the “Modeh Ani” prayer. I sit, about to begin a new day—one that will inevitably be filled with many ups and downs, meanderings through the beautiful and the challenging. I can already feel my body starting to tense up as I think about some of the more difficult issues that await me.

That’s when I say hello to Mr. Visualization. For a few minutes, I let my mind envision in full color what the elevated version of “me” looks and feels like:

When my toddler is tantruming.

When I am saying my morning prayers.

When I am the recipient of a hurtful comment.

I work to really see and feel in a most visceral way how I want my mind, body and heart to look and feel at any of these given moments. My body language; facial expressions; the thoughts swirling through my head; the feeling of being in G‑d’s intimate embrace; a heart that’s open to authentic connection; a heart that lets go of negative energy … These are some of the images I ponder and allow myself to experience.

My heart recognizes this language. Its inspiration and motivation are born from the experiential.

So as I pass through the various points along my day, I find myself working to relive my morning experiences. The heart and soul of who I am, and who I want to be.

Oh, it’s quite the journey, make no mistake about it! Can you guess when we’ll achieve our goal in the fullest measure? Yup, that is what the times of Moshiach will be. Imagine the 2.0 version of yourself—one that is completely in sync with your soul, the soul of others, and the soul of the world. Living life in perfect harmony with G‑d and the truth of Torah.

The Rebbe urged us to hasten Moshiach’s arrival by living a "Moshiach reality" here and now in exile. We can take small steps now to live that reality. One big way to do that is by visualizing what the soul-conscious version of yourself looks and feels like.

Let yourself sit, contemplate and experience what your interactions with others, yourself and G‑d look like from that soul-based reality.

Think of different scenarios and real-life situations. Prayer. Family time. Jewish holidays. Work. Marriage. What does that elevated version look and feel like? And then work to relive these experiences throughout the many scenarios that arise in daily living.

One baby step at a time.

Each step is one closer to your essence. And to the coming of Moshiach. May it happen speedily!