It could no longer be avoided. Despite my techno-phobia, the time had come for me to learn a new computer program for my work.

"Chana, I'll walk you through the tutorial first thing tomorrow morning," the technical director confirmed our cyber appointment. He couldn't have fathomed how his ominous words were raising my blood pressure by the minute, especially after I realized that at that hour my personal technical assistant wouldn't be nearby to help, but would be studiously studying in his fourth grade classroom.

And so, 9:15AM on Thursday morning, I was introduced to a hitherto unheard of desktop accessory called the "remote desktop connection." This remarkable accessory somehow connected me from my small computer desk in the family room of my suburban Toronto home to the many gizmos, programs, library and resources on the powerful computers located at our headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

With extreme patience and steel nerves, our technical director slowly (as in s-l-o-w-l-y) demonstrated the program and explained step-by-step how it works. And after enough time, I actually got it.

I now had so many new skills at my fingertips. With ease, I glided through the program and had access to a whole cyber world of programming aides, information and publishing wherewithal.

"Wow, this is amazing! Look at what I can accomplish!" I enthused, a tad too proud.

Sure enough, that moment, I encountered a glitch in the system, some problem that I had neither the expertise nor the know-how to overcome. But not to worry, our savvy technical director was still at hand to help. Expertly, he connected to my computer, and from his seat in Brooklyn directed my curser and mouse as if I was pressing the right buttons myself to deftly overcome this challenge. We were once again, back on track, sailing through the tutorial.

Though it was only a momentary glitch, that malfunction reminded me that this learning session wasn't about my newfound aptitude—or about me at all. On my own, on my little computer in suburban Toronto, there was little that I could accomplish. It was only once I was connected to this potent powerhouse of resources, information and programs, content and graphics, that I was given the tools to undertake so much more than the sum total of my own means.

That moment made me realize that no matter how much talent, proficiency, or resources we may think we possess, we are all limited.

It is only when we "connect" ourselves to something so much greater than ourselves that we become empowered to do so much more than we ever envisioned. When we tap into the vast storehouse of Divine wisdom and timeless teachings of our traditions, we enrich our lives with more than we could have ever learned on our own. When we feel connected to the infinite powers of our Creator, we can maximize our truly unlimited inner potential.

And when we palpably feel this real "connection" to something and Someone greater than ourselves, then even when we experience glitches and barriers along our system in life, we will be helped along, and the "right buttons" will be pressed to help us overcome our challenges.

It may not be instantly, but with the right connection, and with the savvy Programmer at our side, we are on the right path.

What makes you feel "connected" to something Higher than yourself?

What do you do when you feel this "connection" is becoming weaker?