Rabbi Moshe Homnick passed away on April 6 as a result of COVID-19 while sitting shiva for his wife, Miriam, who passed away on March 29 at age 82.

Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., young Moshe Homnick seemed destined to become a mentor. When his teachers would encourage his class to work even harder than they thought they already were and to strive harder for greatness, Homnick would come armed with a handkerchief, knowing he’d be inevitably moved to tears.

As his education continued, Homnick studied with renowned leaders of the day, where he was recognized for his incisive questions and love of Torah, and encouraged to grow even further in the famed yeshivahs in Israel.

Stints in Hebron and Jerusalem followed, before he arrived in Bnei Brak and developed a connection with Rabbi Avraham Yeshaya Karelitz, the Torah giant known by the name of his magnum opus, Chazon Ish.

When he returned to the United States, Homnick’s reputation began to spread as a caring, empathetic and relatable scholar, whose counsel was often sought. For many years, he delivered Talmudic lectures in Brooklyn synagogues and summer camps, notably at Camp Morris in Woodridge, N.Y.

His primary profession was as a therapist and marriage counselor, working for more than four decades.

Upon his retirement, the Homnicks relocated to Lakewood, N.J., where he now had the time to immerse himself full time in his passion: Torah study. Homnick could always be caught, book in hand, at the front of the local “Lutzk Bais Medrash” synagogue, where he was loved and respected by the community.

The Homnicks are survived by nine children and all of their children.

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