Rabbi Yitzchok Schwardon passed away on April 11, during the holiday of Passover, as a result of complications due to COVID-19.

His father, Rabbi Shalom Schwardon, immortalized in the series of Maggid books, was a revered figure in the Holy Land for more than half a century, known as the “Maggid of Yerushalayim” (“preacher of Jerusalem”) for his inspiring and stirring speeches that encouraged his brethren to increase and improve their Jewish practice.

As an only son in his parent’s home, Schwardon absorbed the lessons of tzaddikim of generations past, and was a diligent and conscientious student.

After his marriage, he became dean of Yeshivas Shaar Hashomayim. He and his wife, Miriam, opened their home to anyone in need of a meal, especially welcoming guests and students from other yeshivahs.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Schwardon would deliver a popular lecture in Jewish ethics (Mussar) every Shabbat in his synagogue.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by their 10 children and many grandchildren.

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