For the duration of their 67-year marriage, Stanley and Marilyn Moser doted on and cared for each other until they contracted COVID-19 while at their New Jersey residence. Marilyn succumbed to the disease on April 5. Stanley passed away nine days later on April 14.

Stanley was born in The Bronx on Dec. 12, 1931 to Isidore and Ceil Moser. He graduated from City College and became a certified public accountant.

He served in the U.S. Army, based in Japan, in the 1950s. Afterwards, he met and married Marilyn, and began working in an accounting firm.

In 1958, he left to work at the Standard Reference Works Publishing Company, which published the Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia. He started out in the accounting department and worked his way up to become an executive.

Innovative and daring, Stanley reformed the way the encyclopedia was sold and marketed, affecting a rise in its popularity to challenge the heavyweights in the business. He was part of a consortium that bought the rights to publish the 27-book series in 1984, enjoying his role as owner before forecasting the eventual rise of the Internet. He decided to move out of the encyclopedia industry early—a gambit that paid off.

In their later years, the Mosers spent much of their time in Southeast Florida at their residence in Palm Beach Gardens.

They are survived by their three children, Elena, Gail and Niles, and eight grandchildren.

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