Rabbi Nachum Dick, who passed away in April during the second days of Passover, dedicated his life to aiding the wave of refugees from the former Soviet Union who emigrated to the United States and the community they formed in New York. He also played a vital role in the establishment of the Sinai Academy in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dick had a close relationship with Rabbi Elya Svei, a noted halachic authority who championed efforts to make Judaism accessible to those who previously were denied learning about and practicing their traditions.

When Rabbi Aryeh Katzin established the Sinai Academy in 1987 with Svei’s encouragement, Dick was appointed chairman of the board. He was completely dedicated to the school and its students, encouraging them to grow in their Torah and English education.

He hosted hundreds of Russian guests at his Shabbat meals, a custom he maintained for decades. Dick would also invite his guests to stay after the meal to learn Torah with him, his genuine passion and enthusiasm inspiring all those who were privileged to witness it.

He is survived by his wife, Judy, and their children.

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