Rabbi Meyer Scheinberg passed away on April 3 after contracting COVID-19, leaving his community bereft of their beloved rabbi and teacher.

Scheinberg served as the leader of the Kehilas Orach Chaim and was the co-chairman of Agudath Israel’s Conference of Synagogue.

In earlier years, he was a high school principal, during which time an online mourner credited Scheinberg for “saving him” and having a tremendous influence on his students.

He was, in fact, so dedicated to his community that he gave up his lifelong dream to live in Israel to continue serving the public.

A prominent halachic authority whose decisions thousands relied on, Scheinberg was an expert in Talmud and Jewish law, noted for his ability to study for hours on end.

He is remembered for his endearing and kind demeanor, which only further enhanced his already sterling reputation.

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