Yisroel Moshe Baum’s passing at the onset of Passover devastated the Ger community, of which he was a prominent member.

Establishing his family in Brooklyn, N.Y., after a stint studying in Israel, Baum built a catering company from the ground up, becoming a familiar face at local celebrations.

Not allowing financial gain to define success, he remained a committed student of Torah throughout his life. Every morning, he had a set learning schedule in Talmud before he went to work, and after a grueling day, he learned for a further few hours with his brother, Rabbi Leizer Baum, the dean of the “Yagdil Torahyeshivah in Brooklyn.

Baum shared generously; he famously wouldn’t start a Shabbat meal if he didn’t have a guest at his table.

He is survived by his wife and eight children.

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