Cradled in the lap of Torah study from birth, Rabbi Aharon Walkin’s scholarship and affable personality saw him become a highly respected community rabbi and educator over the course of his all-too-brief lifetime. He passed away on April 2 as a result of COVID-19.

Walkin was privileged to have Rabbi Moshe Feinstein—widely regarded as the foremost halachic expert of the 20th century—participate in his brit, and he spent his formative years becoming close with and learning from some of the leading Torah teachers of the day.

A passionate people’s person and superb communicator, Walkin thrived in his multiple leadership roles as the head of yeshivahs for young men and as the leader of a community.

He lived in Lakewood, N.J., and was the rabbi of Khal Bais Aharon, commuting to Yeshiva Ohel Simcha in Queens N.Y., where he served as dean and delivered lectures to the students. He also led the Chazaq Bais Medrash Bais Nosson Meir and Kollel Zichron Moshe V’Leah institutions.

Walkin was known for his love of sharing a Torah thought with others, and his warmth and kindness, with never a bad word to say about anyone.

He leaves behind his wife, Dr. Yaffa Walkin, and their children.

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